SaLuSa – “Merkabah” – 07.31.2013 – by Gabriel Raio Lunar


A new way of seeing life is growing rapidly within all of you. This is the picture of how well you have well anchored the energies that have come to Mother Earth every day, in favor of your awakening. It has been gradual to some and accelerated for others, it is according to your ability to accept things as they are.
Many of you have shown  yourselves impatient with the results that you judge few to everything we have announced to you. You must realize that the cycle came to the end, indeed, but your necessity to always evolve did not come to an end and you continue learning every day and you are just at one more exercise: learn to be patient, giving time to time.
At the level of consciousness, you are already experiencing the 4D and rising. Realize your state of observe things in a different way and always on the good side. This is a sign that reached your goal for the current time and we invite everyone to look around you and to the subtle ways that you are involved as a witness to what we’re talking about.

As we always warn, evolution is at individual level and all souls are at their particular grade, which we must always respect is its elevation time, always trusting that each one will get where they need to come and, along the way to be traversed, many experiments you will inherit. You are the proof of how hard was the experience in the lower dimensions and at the same time, how wonderful was the learning opportunity. Consider that the souls who are choosing to stay a step backwards in the way, they do this by freewill choice and none of them should be judged for such a feat, as well as you, in the past, they still want to try a few more the lower dimensions.

Of course, along the way, they will become increasingly united by affinity feelings, will join together like you in a time of their development, and will have the opportunity to ascend as ye for higher dimensions as ye are now having this opportunity.
Yes, dear ones, all souls together now in this moment by the Light, in the past also made ​​choices to stay in duality by a little more time, and were understood and respected by their choices. They walked for a long time and now teamed up again for the big jump. The Universe is cyclical, dear ones, and everyone always meet forward again, always with new experiences to tell.
At this moment of your imminent awakening, give your hands together as well you walked together for all this time that brought you to this point, rise to the higher realms where you are lovingly expected by your loved ones. Also let the souls who still wish to remain in duality, join with those related to their experiences that they may have as planned, and as for you, remain in Faith, awaiting these dear and noble brave souls who wish to remain in the lower dimensions. They, like you, are beautiful beings and are not judged for their choices. In a not too distant future, the cyclical movement of the Universe, you will meet and exchange your wonderful experiences as everything of most beautiful and wise.
Now, dear ones, you are feeling a powerful force to enter your hearts to such proportions that in many cases don’t know how to deal with it.  Please, just give yourselves with love to God’s  will, that is giving you this powerful energy and through it, you will overtake your full  consciousness. The Universe as you know, is currently in a pumping motion of forces and will culminate in a huge explosion of Light that will affect all of Creation. You are already feeling the effects of this great energy that is being sent to you from Mother Earth, as well as for all other beings of Creation. Just like you, we are also experiencing this force and we are flattered by the Creator’s goodness to us all.
I am Thankful to all for the opportunity to bring to you the information that are up to me and I’m very happy to see your acceptance and understanding that we, like you, are following a flow and cannot act outside of what was planned.
Gabriel: Dear SaLuSa, a dear brother sent me an article about a pyramid that is being built or already built in the Area 51. Could you talk about that?
SaLuSa: Dear Ones, the time is now yours, which you must foccus only within you. We can say that anything that is being planned by the dark ones will no longer have its efficiency. Such pyramid, as you well know those in Egypt, has great capabilities of anchoring energies and that one which our friend mentioned was to the same end, and that force would be used as “Anti-clockwise …” We are already accustomed to their intentions to distort what humanity holds most sacred, as they know that nothing that directly interfere with the free will of the people will be allowed.
I Am SaLuSa from Sirius and your Merkabah is very active right now, ready to take you back home.
Be in Peace
Be in the Light!
Gabriel: Thank you, SaLuSa.
Translation: Carolina Barisch

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