Archangel Michael – “The Schedule” – 08.03.2013 by Gabriel Raio Lunar

Today we will talk about the schedule of each of you.
This, each of you has a schedule, a pre-established plan of how you should act as the days pass. Now this may not be very clear to you, because you are still in a certain inner conflict that you have been taken to one side to the other as you were on a seesaw.
In this schedule, each of you are linked, in it, you can realize that what one makes, it reflects on the other, an action of you affects action of other and so on. Realize how you are interconnected? Realize that when you act in a way that is not in accordance with the schedule, everything seems to fall apart? Realize that when you are doing well and your brother, who is also on schedule, acts in a contradictory manner to what had been agreed, you become sadden.
Dear ones, it is an evidence of how you are interconnected and how important your complete union is, in every way. There is no other way, you are just one and the collective is what makes the difference. Ah yes, we can talk about that when you, as an individual, raise your frequencies, naturally it makes those around you enter in this frequency and they pay attention to the schedule.
All embodied souls are aware of this schedule, all of them without exception. The question is, when you see some beings coming out of the schedule, do not go with them! Yes, you are interconnected in every way, even when it comes to pain and suffering, one suffers, the other suffers, one turns blue and the other comes sad, at first that wasn’t the idea, but  you  jumped headlong in the duality idea, making this intense bond into you, to the point of sharing pain and suffering.
Now we are in a new stage, you no longer need to feel another’s pain, and yes, raise your frequency when you see their pain, so you can help your brother to get out of that state. When someone comes to talk to you about painful subjects, sad affairs, you need not descend together into the abyss that vibration. You may well raise your vibration to the maximum, connecting to higher beings, your own Higher Self, and by raising this frequency, you bring back that soul to the schedule – that is the plan of the Unity, that together is that you could raise the Earth from the lower frequencies to the higher ones, this is the SCHEDULE and this will only work being all united in a common sentiment.
The union of all beings, or a portion that makes all others are immersed in frequency light of the other, will cause the plan to manifest more quickly because their collective power due to the larger amount of souls vibrating with schedule will manifest the plan.
This plan has already been expressed, although not very noticeable to your external world, but this doesn’t matter because the “heart of the matter” is your Inner Self. When you become fully connected with the interior, where truly the schedule is, will be all too clear.
Now I want to talk to you about some things that will naturally arise as the weeks pass. Some young scientists will bring the truth about what is happening in your space, with the stars,… And what really is this energy that has affected all of Creation. These young scientists from various parts of the Universe are here with a indigo personality, ready to report you what have been hidden from you for a long time. I mightily ask that you give full support to these young people by sending them all Love and Light. Sure they will have our support, but for the success is complete, it is necessary the human collective support.
Do not worry if your neighbor, friend or relative aren’t resonating with the schedule. Your function is not to judge this or that, your function is to raise your vibration to bring them into it, into the purest love and understanding. Remember, all souls are well aware of their tasks, without exception.
We’ll talk more soon,
Have a nice day,
Gabriel: Thank you, Lord Michael.
Translation: Carolina Barisch