Archangel Raphael – “Dear ones, I am talking to you that now is your moment” – August 30, 2013 – (English) by Gabriel Raio Lunar

Dear ones, before you start reading the message that I received from Raphael, he asked me to put the link of this music so you can listen while reading or when you wish.
I also love you.
A beautiful day on Earth, perfect to talk of the love, of your self-love, of caring for yourselves. My sweet angels, how long you don’t do that? How long you don’t hug yourselves, don’t make a kindness on your own face? Much of your time is to your job today, is to take care of your kids, husband, wife … Yes I know, as I know that internally you have a ravishing desire to care over you, but in many cases you say: “I don’t have time to take care , I only have time for my chores, and even less to … . “
Dear ones, I’m talking to you that now is your moment, the time to take care of yourselves. To reassess yourselves, seeing what you do for your own all this time. Now answer me: are you doing what I asked you at the beginning of my communication with this dear channel ? Remember when I asked you to look  to you in the mirror? Please, dear Gabriel, add the respective part.
“Have you already been in front of the mirror today and talked to yourselves how beautiful and perfect you are? Already embraced you today? Already talked to yourselves, “Hey, I’m here, always with you!” – Try to do it every day. Soon, I will come to know how has been the experience of taking care of yourself..”  (08.12.2013)
My beloved ones, it makes a tremendous difference in your lives, this connects you directly with the Source, with all the currents of sublime life , it brightens your spirit, it slows down your heart, it makes you more calm and confident. The love to yourselves, taking care of your own does this – gives strength to you.
Realize that the more you are connected to your tasks, in your day to day, more distant from yourselves you stay, do you think this is it, my lovely angels, that Your Creator desires? No, my noble angels, he wants to see you happy, smiling, glad in your tasks, and this is only possible with self-love.
When you take this time for yourselves, you open up a range of possibilities for every possible problem that may happen in the course of your day, do you know why? Because when you love yourselves, you radiate the purest love and this love opens doors, this love softten what seems to be impossible to be slowed down, this love changes you and your environment. Believe me, my dear ones, it is so, so it IS.
My dear ones, I am again asking Gabriel to bring you here a song … Sing it to yourselves, tell yourselves how much you love your own …
I love you unconditionally, I bring you to me right now and snuggle you in my heart … Come close to me now, dear ones, filled with this love you now feel it to yourselves and join with me, as a single source of love, let’s radiate it into the entire Universe.
Your friend, your brother,
Gabriel: Thank you by this, my Sweet brother, thank you very much.

Translation: Carolina Barisch


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