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The Creator Writings


Wrapped in an imperfect shell is a perfect reflection of The Universe; you. A certain balanced was needed and attained

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The path will begin to level out now. – channeled by Ron Head

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Oracles and Healers




We return now to discuss what is happening for many of you at this time.


Your purposes, your abilities, and your perceptions of opportunity are coalescing into something which seems more possible to you than before.  What was once not even thought of is coming into focus for you.

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Smoothing and Harmonizing of Incoming Higher Vibrationals Now Occurs…

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gaia_energy1Smoothing and harmonizing of incoming Higher Vibrationals now occurs to minimize local energetic disruptions and responses.

Hue-Beings as well as hu-beings perceive this as a “resting mode”, although overall Gaia vibrationals increase continues.

Reference to “peaks” is always related to a temporal issue, and not related to a “finality”.*

Assertion of Higher D Individuality continues, as all connection among Gaia Beings is assured.

“Resting mode” allows further joining of so-named “shadow seekers”.**

Cosmic Alignments will shortly allow for so-called “mass” movement of Hue-Beings.

* [ÈirePort note: reference to this post.]

** [ÈirePort note: reference to this post.]

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Dissolve the illusion – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn September 30, 2013


(translated from original language german)

My child, send your love and light to where you currently are, or to a place that you specifically choose. Most effective it is there where you just are, just by your presence. With your high vibrational energies you solve negative or low energies from the ground or inside buildings. This is done unconsciously through your higher self or consciously through you. You help so even more to convert more quickly or to liquidate completely the energies that no longer serve you, humanity and Gaia, and to dissolve thereby the illusion itself. The faster you will find yourself consciously in the 5th Dimension or higher, my child. ~

Your Divine Mother

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Löse die Illusion auf – Die Göttliche Mutter durch Isabel Henn 30.September 2013


Mein Kind, sende deine Liebe und dein Licht dorthin, wo Du dich gerade befindest oder einen Ort, den Du dir speziell aussuchst. Am wirkungsvollsten ist es dort, wo Du gerade bist, alleine durch deine Anwesenheit. Mit deinen hochschwingenden Energien löst Du negative oder niedrige Energien aus dem Boden oder in Gebäuden. Dies geschieht unbewußt durch dein Höheres Selbst oder bewußt durch dich. Du hilfst damit noch mehr, die Energien, die dir, der Menschheit und auch Gaia nicht mehr dienen, noch schneller umzuwandeln oder ganz aufzulösen und damit die Illusion selbst aufzulösen. Umso schneller wirst Du dich bewußt in der 5. Dimension oder höher wiederfinden, mein Kind. ~

Deine Göttliche Mutter

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Natalie Glasson – Era Of Love Pioneer By Master Lanto – 30 September 2013

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Lucas 2012 Infos

natalie glassonDear and gentle souls of the light I greet you with honour and truth. I am Master Lanto, an ascended master and Chohan of the sixth ray of light replacing Master Jesus in overseeing this sacred expression of the Creator. I come to you with the purpose of encouraging you to enhance and discover the light of your being while also intensifying your inner devotion.

Upon the Earth you are moving from fear into love, from darkness into light, from duality into oneness, this is such an amazing  transformational process that is occurring within your being and projecting into your reality. Such transformations require you to be gentle, loving and patient with yourself. You will see aspects of yourself emerging from within your being and from within others, you may dislike that which you recognise as emerging but there is a need to not take the tremendous releasing process occurring…

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Karen Doonan – Archangeloi of the Elohim: The Birth of the “New” Human

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Openhearted Rebellion


Greetings beloved ones we are the Archangeloi of the ELOHIM and we come to further guide and to explain that which was never explained to the human race. For in creating a history FOR you those who sought to contain and suppress you were able to blind you to your own power and your own origins. As many of you are now undergoing the transition process that will move you energetically into the higher dimensional timeline frequencies what you find there may be rejected by your human logical mind. So we come to prepare, to highlight the distortions that were created in he FREQUENCIES that allowed the lower dimensional timeline races to interfere with something that was created for ALL, the human race.

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Marilyn Raffaele: The Arcturian Group – 9/28/13

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Openhearted Rebellion

Greetings dear ones. We bring you hope and comfort for we know many are suffering in these times of great change. You are in the process of releasing old energy from your physical, emotional, and mental levels which can be and often is uncomfortable and stressful. Understand that clearing and releasing has levels to it. You may think you have cleared experiences or emotions, and then suddenly there they are again. Much of this deeper clearing has to do with ancient lives lived within the structure of rites and rituals. The clearing process moves at whatever pace your Higher Self knows you are ready for. The more profound experiences of your past lives often have deeper levels which up to now you have buried within and are only recently ready to clear.

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