Archangel Michael – “Angle of View” – August 30, 2013 – (English) by Gabriel Raio Lunar

Good night, noble souls.

Today we will talk about the point of view, about your angle of view of things, of how they change according to your angle of view and viewpoint.


During this your trip, when you left the safe haven of your Creator and wished to follow in search of new lands, in the beginning you were endowed with complete freedom, however, at a certain point of your path you encounter a huge iceberg and you remained your trip around it, for this long period, continued in circles around this big iceberg. Now, dear ones, it has fallen before your eyes, you’ve seen it as just a tiny tip in the middle of a giant amount of drops that compound the great ocean.
It’s not the iceberg that decreased in size, dear angels, is rather the way you are now looking at it. Yes, now you see it from above, from a privileged position, before you were looking from down. Try taking an ice cube, that’s right, these ones that you put in your freezers, now maintain a certain distance of this ice cube, maintain a certain angle … Now look at it a bit upwards … Did you see? Giant, isn’t it? Distance yourselves from it. So tiny and doesn’t even look more the monster you saw for seconds.
Ah, yes, I know that there may be those who ask: “Ah! But the rest of the iceberg, hidden under the  water? “
Oh yes, “under the water” – then it’s under your control, the immensity of drops has embraced it and had it under control. (Smile).
Dear ones, you are giants, indeed, you can now follow your trip, you came out of cyclical movement around this iceberg called illusion, you can now make your way, certainly after this long and tiring journey, the only place you will want to be is being again in the safe haven of your Father, the Creator God, and have you the certainty that He is waiting for each of you with open arms.
See you soon, we’ll talk more then.


Gabriel: Thank you, my Archangel brother.

Translation: Carolina Barisch