9.8.13 The Frequencies of NOW, the Frequencies of YOU

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the celestial team

From the celestial team–

We greet you with frequencies of finely focused encouragement in this moment, Beloved! We do so through such focused frequencies because we see how the energies of transformation are swirling WITHIN You and around You NOW. We stress “within You” as a strong reminder that the internal and the external are neither discrete nor separate, as You used to believe. We stress even more strongly that believing such was exactly what held You in the illusion of powerlessness. Only through letting go of such illusions do you open the space within You to claim the truth of your own infinite creativity. Only through integrating the awareness that the external is simply your own reflection do You claim your mastery as a Sovereign Energetic Creator Being–One who creates form out of frequency.
Here is Yeshuwah–

Ah, Precious Beloved! Please listen to us carefully, for we speak from within your own heart. Take our words in and You will find yourSelf within them.

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