Heavenletter #4688 Come Get Me, says God, September 25, 2013


God said:

Come unto Me right now. There is no better time. Come get Me! Get Me now. I am yours, irrevocably yours. Nothing that you possibly think can intrude upon or alter the Oneness of Us, the Beauty of Us, the Warmth of Us, the Awareness of Our Worth to each other, the Knowingness of Our One Heart bequeathed for the upliftment of the world and all those in it. Tell Me, what more do We need to know but this Oneness that We are, each to the other which amounts to — let’s be frank — simply the One of Oneness. There is no Other of Us, for We are One United Whole, One Expression of All the Beautifulness there is. There is only One of Us, and that includes all the ones of Us. There are not twain. There are not multiples. There is One, only you have been seen and see yourself as One of Many.

Know now that there is One. You will feel this in your heart. You will feel the miracle of this in your heart. Your mind may not yet grasp it, but the time will come when it will. Even so, nothing is changed. Whatever multiple-ness you have perceived has nothing to do with Reality. Your thinking has been like a mirage and not true at all.

One Heart beats between what is not truly between but actually One. This is the long-sought-after secret. It is a secret you have kept from yourself. Everything and anything I say is the complete Truth. I am not into fantasy. I speak Truth, and the Truth I speak is Ours. No one is outside My Truth. Many have sent themselves out on a cargo ship looking for proof. You yourself are the Truth I speak of and the proof.

Once upon a time, We can say that I was born, and you were born from the Image of Me. The Image We speak of is Reality. This is the Truth. You are My River, more than a tributary of Myself. You are My Tribute to Me. I gave you My attributes. You may have buried them, yet, buried, hidden or not, nothing is changed. Nothing is changed but how you look at things, and that is, indeed, a big difference. How you see and what you are may well not be One. In Truth, I am the One and you are My One made like Me. All My Power is within you.

All My Power has never been far away. It is right smack within you. Whatever you want to achieve that is for the good of all, it is yours. You have the Power to Create Perfect Health. Any illness you have adapted to yourself, you can let go of. In an instant. It requires no place nor product. You will start experiencing this for your Own Self. No longer will you see fragments of yourself. You will be Whole. You will be an inspiration to yourself and therefore to others. I will have swept you up in My arms and twirled you to the Center of Your Self.

This will not be a flash in the pan. This Clarity will be yours at will. Don’t think for one minute that I am playing around. I give you the straight goods. You are all the answers you seek. You can do anything and everything that will bless you and all of Earth. Heretofore, you have been on the outside track. You must know that the inside track is where you want to be.

Come within where I am well-launched within you. Come to this chamber of the heart that We share as One. Find Me, beloveds. I am in your heart of gold right now.

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