Eliza: Here be Dragons

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021Eliza:  Here Be Dragons!

So I really did pick tomatoes today. I dislike seeing the last of my tomato vines going into the compost pile, as it means that soon I’ll be without fresh, really fresh tomatoes. Living in a northern state, we get most of our winter vegetables and fruits from cold storage, California and even Chile. Does not replace fresh tomatoes, etc., out of the garden such as it is.

On an entirely different note, one of my readers remarked how much he enjoys the messages from the Great Divine Director and asked when there would be another one. Simple fact, I don’t know. My writing and channeling is very organic and comes from deep within. While I have lots of constant companions, who are becoming more and more apparent to me everyday, I have had no formal announced guide, ever. I realize that this differs quite a…

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