Heavenletter #4754 What Is the Hurry?, November 30, 2013


God said:

Beloveds, it is not for you to pontificate. It is not your place. Know the difference between what is your opinion and what is Truth. Opinions change. Truth is not variable. You are not the decider of what is true and what is not.

The more awareness you have, the more humble you are.

Street knowledge is one thing. Truth is another.

Be Truth. Live Truth. Love, and know that you do not have the final word. Others must come to their discovery of God themselves. Be not a forecaster. Do not be a know-it-all when it comes to Me. Although We, you and I, are ultimately One, be wary of absolutism. Be wary of what you think you must teach others. Everybody comes to Me. That is inevitable. Who are you to demand from others?

I am not an enforcer. I do not force anyone to come to My way of thinking. Nor must you line up others to your way of thinking.

You believe what you believe. Others are also free to believe as they believe. Everyone has free will concerning himself. Your free will does not extend to others. It is not for you to corral others or to pin them down to think as you think.

Everyone is coming to My way of thinking. Some by leaps and bounds. Some by and by.

It is not for you to tell others what they are to feel and what they are to think. You have choice for yourself but not for others. It is not for you to make assumptions for others. You are not a soothsayer.

Even if you should have complete knowledge, it is not for you to pour it upon others. Everyone finds Me for himself or herself. Let Me speak for Myself. If you want to teach, teach then by example. Teach without words. If I can give free will, you can give free will, and so you must.

Be silent. Keep your tongue still. I lead you and everyone to green pastures. I do not lock you anywhere. I do not insist that today you think this or that.

If it is urgent for you that others come to your way of thinking, what is the hurry? What is the emergency? What is the necessity of speeding?  Where is your trust in Me? Cannot everyone come to Me without your insistence?

No matter how well-meaning you may be, it is not for you to countermand others. You do not take My place, beloveds. You do not interrupt Me. You do not steal the show.

If you feel the need to tell another what to think, from where is your Authority?

You don’t want to come out from left field. It is not for you to harp on others what they must believe. Belief is not a forced event. Belief comes from inside, not outside. It is not for you to hit people over the head. It is not for you to be authoritative. Dear Ones, think a moment of what is your will, and what is Mine.

The Great Spiritual Ones were humble, and now I tell you that you are not to have your head swell with all you think you know or do know. Be an example. Silence is powerful, beloveds.

I love you regardless of anything. What I say today is not to pan you. It is to lead you to silence. It is not for you to self-appoint yourself. You do not take over. You do not usurp. It is not for you to diminish anyone’s free will.

If someone wants your advice, let them come to you. Everyone is free to come to you or not.

Ego comes under many guises.

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