Heavenletter #4757 Your Heart Is on the Ascendant, December 3, 2013


God said:

When you do not know where you are to be or what you are to do, let go of it for a while. To let go for a while is good advice. When you have struggled for answers and don’t get anywhere, let it go for a while. Just be where you are, doing what you do. When you are not trying so hard, the answer may come. The answer will come. Sooner or later, your quest will be answered.
Know right now that you are in the place you are meant to be in, geographically and quandary-wise as well.
Beloveds, sometimes not knowing is better than knowing. You are not a Diviner who sees the future. What fun is that? What fun would it be if you knew all the answers ahead of time? Take the view that life will take care of itself. Life is about finding out.
You have perhaps previously complained about when life shoves you by the shoulder, and gives you no choice about where you are and what is happening. Let’s say you were fired. Life told you where you are not to be! You don’t like that. You don’t like it when life jolts you.
To be undecided is not a terrible thing. It is a quietus. So, for a while, you are on what feels like a deserted island. Enjoy where you are while you are. This is an interim time. A ship will come, and it will take you to where you are going. You really do not need to know ahead of time.
Sometimes what you are rescued from, you may begin to miss.
Whether you know just what to do or are at a standstill, I am with you. I am yours regardless of anything else. In the valleys or on top of a mountain, I am with you. Whether you feel secure or insecure, I am with you.
Beloveds, if you happen to know your next step definitively, good. If you happen to not know your next step definitively, also good.
We are talking about what resembles breathing. You take a breath in, and there is a gap until you breathe out. This gap is powerful.
When a seed is planted in the ground, it takes its time to grow. And so do you. And so do you.
Sometimes life has been too fast for you. Sometimes life seems too slow for you. Regardless, life is what it is, and there you are.
It’s not so bad to be between engagements.
A movie star may have a hiatus between movies. A movie star has to wait for the next movie. He or she doesn’t know ahead of time what the next will be. No one knows. Of course, you are ultimately the director of your own life. And yet directors pause as well.
“They also serve who only stand and wait.”
And, so, you want to know an answer that is not yet yours to know.
“All in its good time, beloveds.”  
“Haste makes waste.”
The answer comes not from the intellect. The answer comes from the heart. Heart is on a ascendant. It may well take a while before the mind grasps what the heart knows.
It takes time for a cake to bake in the oven. It takes time for the cake to cool.
Know this: You may not know your next step as a sure thing. You may wander. Of course, you have been wandering in your thoughts. You do not have to make a decision just yet.
You are lucky when the answer appears. Meanwhile, now you are in the right place at the right time, regardless of how it may seem to you.

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