SaLuSa 3. 12. 2013 by MADAD

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Do you feel our call Dear Ones, the call that we are sending out within our energy to help you finish your transformation and reach the higher reality of your choice. You might feel as being physically lifted, especially when falling asleep when you are fully relaxed and your mind is completely quiet, that means that you, as consciousness within your current form, are ready for the movement, but your bodies need the change to be fully completed as you will be returning to them with much higher frequencies. Feel how the energy of your higher reality is intensifying within you and your body is able to receive more and more as the change is being finished. Intensity of this feeling is in great alignment with your choice and desire to be connected with us, as your family and all that you perceive as your higher reality, and you might be surprised of the power of your own intention and wish.

These moments are here for you to perfectly align with all higher energies that flowing within and around you, and the Angelic Realm is so very close to you now as never before, because they are helping to all of you, according your wish, to reach the door that are already open for you to step into the next experience. You can see their signs everywhere and you can feel their energy gently surrounding you all the time, leaving the usual worries behind and giving you more energy to focus on all that is now important. Importance of some things is clearly visible to you, and all of you that chose to move further are not able to ignore them, as the energy that you all now immersed in is very powerful and literally pushing you into the perfect point from where you can complete all that is necessary to complete prior your final upliftment.

You all will be amazed by the power that the final phase of your transformation will carry, and we know that you already sense something great and never before experienced is “in the air”. Accept and surrender into this knowing and feel the movement higher, on the wings that your own energy have created for you to be able to exist again within pure Love and Light. Even your physical body starts to feel lighter with no evidence of weight loss and that is because you do not have to carry all the previously unresolved issues anymore within your being. You are truly being uplifted and sometimes might get the feeling of your feet not touching the ground. Enjoy every single experience that you are now getting through because you will remember them for very long time.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and we all are enjoying the feeling that your fulfillment of your wishes is creating, and we are endlessly happy to be part of them. Together we are creating powerful alliance of Love and Light to be spread into the whole Universe and helping to uplift every single Soul within.

Channeller: MADAD



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