Mother Mary: On Nurturance and Changes

Thank you my dear Eliza and Mother Mary for this wonderful lovely message. ❤ ❤ ❤

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Mother Mary: On Nurturance and Changes

Not all women are mothers; some have chosen a single life, especially in this transitional period upon your planet. Being single means one has more time for self-improvement, looking within and taking the long journey inward. This does not mean that one has abandoned the ability to nurture others through sharing of one’s energies and presence. Indeed, it often allows the ability to expand as the focus moves to the self through the Heart Center and then outward to touch the collective.

Women are not the only ones who carry the “mothering” energy. This is not the kind of smothering, over-concerned and controlling energy that is often found in women overly attached to their progeny, but an expansive compassionate regard for the sacred qualities that reside within all humans whether or not they are aware of containing them.

A male can be as nurturing…

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