Saint Germain and the Cosmic Master Speech

Wonderful! Thank you for sharing with us young man ❤

Healing and Love

This information comes from the etheric ethers and Unveiled Mysteries regarding Saint Germain and his past.  It is not a channeling.  It something that resonated so deeply with me that I was driven to share it with all of you.

Seventy thousand years ago lived a civilization in the Sahara desert where Saint Germain was the king.  The capital was known as the “City of the Sun.”

As the king, Saint Germain was a master of ancient wisdom and a cupbearer of the light that ruled by the light and the kingdom was the living example of perfection.

People back then remembered their Source within, their Divine presence within.  This continued for hundreds of years.  This was a Golden Age.  We are in the middle of another Golden Age being created as we speak.

Gold was a common commodity in that age, as in all Golden Ages, because its natural…

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