Journal Entry 02.02.2014 – Leaving the Warrior Behind

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Eliza – On Leaving the Warrior Behind

Yesterday I had a Timeline Clearing with Master Thoth. I love it when I can express such things with a matter-the-fact kind of air. Master Thoth was channeled by Christine Meleriessee or Mel as she is called, of Walking Terra Christa, a spiritual teacher based out of Mt. Shasta, CA ( A timeline clearing passes through all 144 levels of your multidimensionality. It is a powerful process that takes but a half hour or so to accomplish, considerably shorter than it took me to get to the place where I could face the revelations.

With what I learned or had verified confirmed much of what I have connected with through recent years of inner clearing work. I have been a warrior, both female and male, in many lifetimes upon this planet. And since a short difficult life spent in Lemuria, I have carried…

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