How the Astral World Already Ascended

Healing and Love

images Hello everyone.  I wanted to share a beautiful twin flame healing story with you and the profound outcome of the healing for all the astral beings.  This selfless beautiful highly evolved soul brought all astral lower energies and beings to their rightful etheric ascension.

The astral world is basically a plane where beings that die from a physical death on Earth go to where they continue their soul and consciousness growth and evaluation.   These beings have an imbalance of karmic cause and effect from their own mis-creations based on the senses while living on Earth through hundreds, and sometimes thousands of lives in reincarnated bodies.

These include people that have committed suicide, treated themselves or others badly with their mis-creations, thoughts, emotions and feelings and have not yet balanced these cause and effect mis-creations causing the karma to be unbalanced.

Any unbalanced karma must be balanced based on Universal Law…

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