Journal Entry 03.19.2014

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Baring Journal Entry 03.19.2014

Once Spring arrives, it advances quite quickly. The crocuses are already beginning to fade, the daffodils are coming on and there are violets in the grass. The lawn is REALLY old, so in places it is mostly moss and violets. Smells good.

I actually got outside to do some early garden clean-up before digging out plants that I don’t want and planting new perennials and/or herbs, as well as prepping the tiny vegetable garden that I have. It’s still way too cold for hot weather plants. We have another heavy frost this morning, and 31 degree (0 degrees C) temperatures. Still nice to be outside in sunny weather for a change.

Monday was a complete contrast, cloudy and windy all day, with rain showers in town and snow in the mountains. Really bi-polar weather. Hot, cold, and then hot again.

Woke up this morning to a visit…

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