Eliza: At Play in the Fields of Divine Mother Father God

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Eliza: At Play in the Fields of Divine Mother Father God

Between receiving love pats from an affectionate cat and being disturbed by rising Kundalini energies within my own body, I woke up out of a pleasant dream and lay awake in the dark before dawn. What to do? Realizing that I wasn’t going to sleep, I started to call on the rays of God and go into what I call an active meditation.

Most light-workers know the basic Seven Rays: 1) golden-yellow for crown; 2) deep blue or indigo (3rd eye; 3) light blue or turquoise (throat chakra); 4) gold, green and white (heart); red and gold (solar); deep purple / violet (sacral; and crystalline (root or base). No, these are not the traditional colors seen on a chakra chart; they are higher vibrational color rays that overlay the red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple (base to…

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