Heavenletter #4867 Why Are You Here on Earth?, March 23, 2014


God said:

It is not a little thing that you are alive on Earth. This is not a random happening. You are here on Earth for something. There is a purpose in your being here. Speaking in general, you are here to be a blessing. You are here to bless. You are here to serve. You have a blessing to give. You may well not know what exactly it may be. Therefore, I suggest that you bless right and left and cover all the bases.

A hundred years on Earth is no more than the blink of an eye. It is a minute. The time will come when you are no longer on Earth in your human body. And all those you have known and loved or not loved, will no longer be on Earth either. What was it about? What mattered and what did not matter yet absorbed your life? It would seem that everything was hit or miss, yet it is not.

Beloveds, miss not even one opportunity to bless the world. And, if you feel you cannot bless, then soothe. And if you cannot soothe, soothe anyway. You were sent to the world to fulfill something. You were sent to the world for more than yourself.

There are waves of people on Earth and waves of generations. That you are here on Earth at this time is significant. Not one soul is wasted. Not one soul is purposeless.

You may lead what seems an ordinary life, and yet you have a great purpose. It may be one word, one act, even what seems as a little act, a smile you gave. Your little smile may have saved someone’s heart, changed the circumference of the world, turned it on its axis.

No one has to know your special gift to the world. You don’t have to know it, yet you are to give it.

Be glad you walk the Earth. Be glad you are a human being. Be glad you are on Earth in this moment of Eternity. You are here for a reason.

Open your heart to yourself. Have a heart that is open to encompassing the Universe. Perhaps you have a key that turns the tide of life on Earth.

Let your footfall serve. Perhaps you serve in silence. Perhaps you serve with your eyes. As a matter of fact, everyone serves with his eyes. What do your eyes see, and upon whom do your eyes rest and what do your eyes recognize? You serve.

Perhaps you serve by listening to what is truly being said. Perhaps you serve by listening to what is not said. You serve.

You have a place to fill that no one else can fill. One whose heart you have filled may not know that it is you who made a great difference in his life. Perhaps your blessing is served by your accepting a blessing from another. Perhaps another held a key that opened your heart, and your blessing is to accept a blessing bestowed.

Are you not in life actors on the stage who do not know all the script and all its ramifications? You may even think you play one part when you really play another. There are more than words, and there are more than roles to play. Anyone can be a hero, yet no one has to be acclaimed a hero.

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