Ashtar Command – “Parallel Realities” – March 26, 2014 – (English) by Gabriel Raio Lunar


Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o inglês da mensagem original do Comando Ashtar, postada anteriormente em português, Aqui

Gabriel: Dear Family from the Stars! I make a sincere request. I really want to talk about the incident with the plane (MH -370 Malaysia Airlines flight), I want to write about the truth of the events. I have seen many posts and channellers talking about what really would happened …
Ashtar Command: Continue followig your heart ! This is what we always say, Gabriel. There is no right and wrong, what is there is what is there and as you know, there are anomalies and such situation is something like that… Do not be discouraged or discredit that we are in contact with you. The work must continue and evidences already are more than clear about what indeed happened. Feel it in your heart: the answer is there.
We do not choose the channels that work with us ! You are who choose us by a sincere desire to serve the Light. You, my dear, like many others that collaborates, they chose themselves and gave the green light so we could get in touch with you to the work.
We are, rather, by your side, as you allow us to. And do not get flustered or enter the waiting game of “what will it happen ” or ” I wonder what is going to happen ” …
A question and posture like these preclude, naturally, you to receive the true reality corresponding to your frequency. We do not feel offended when you get mad at us, quite the contrary ! We come happy because this shows, somehow, you have real and genuine interest in communicating with us.
And as we know about your heart, this leads to open the door wider. Yes, the plane is in Agartha, as it exploded. Both are real, into what you want it to be. What you choose for yourself ?
The point of the question is, my dear Gabriel, that you are afraid to expose yourself, dear. Fear of attacks … Dear, if you are where you are, you are very subject to this.
Let them judge and do whatever they want. Just like those people who judge you have the right to be as they are and to express what they feel like true or not, you have the same right. You will be surprised with what is, indeed, happening in your world, you will literally get “mouth open”. You still don’t have a clue …
We mean that what your heart decides, will be decided. But we want to be well clear: We are with you as your team is and we are with your team as you are. You, together, form a Momentum of hope and are taking it with lots of love and strength. What wait from us, but applause?
Proceed, dear ! Do your work and don’t you worry with critical. Your heart says now that it’s in Agartha; then so be it.
We are from Ashtar Command and we are under the ocean, watching the wreckage of the plane, as in Agartha, in festivities with survivors … Where you want to be?
Peace and Light.

Translation: Sementes das Estrelas / Carolina Barisch

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