A Vision for the Ley Lines

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A Vision for the Ley Lines . . . plus . . . Andrew Bartzis Revocations. . . Veronica Keen suggests this information . . . ~J

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A Vision for the Ley Lines 

We see a world where the sacred meridian points – the places where the lines of electromagnetic energy converge and connect upon the Earth – are healed and retuned to a higher frequency.

We see people remembering that memories are stored in stone, and that by approaching certain areas with positive intent, they can pray and infuse the rocks and surrounding areas with their light and love.

Thus, we envision all dissonant towers and structures removed from the mountaintops, mounds, and thoroughfares of Earth and replaced by…

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I am not only a single mom but also a sirian starseed and a lightwarrior, incarnated on Earth for this time to help Gaia and Humankind during Ascension. I know my true origins, that I am the true incarnations of Lady Maria and Archangel Gabrielle. As my beloved Twin Flame said in his message, the time for me to be hidden is over.