SaLuSa about twin souls not recognizing one another – 28 May by Multidimensional Ocean

Multidimensional Ocean

spiritual-awakeningLaura: SaLuSa, I was wondering why do twin flames sometimes are unable to recognize one another at once. It was the case for me. I had no clue for 3 months who this person was for me, until he definitively made it clear that something was taking place for him.
SaLuSa: the topic of twin flame is a very interesting one, and in particular what you are asking. It is because you are in human form, covered by layers and layers of conditioning, mental blocks, and because your eyes are often closed, and caught up in a universe of doing, without being, if you know what I mean.
The twin flame connection is a very deep connection, that takes place at the core of you so to speak. The outer layers, including personality, and doing is not aware of what goes on deeply within the subconscious mind. It is…

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