SaLuSa – “Torpedoes of Love” – May 17, 2014 – (English) by Gabriel Raio Lunar


Gabriel – Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o inglês da mensagem original do SaLuSa, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui



In response to the opening of a great portal, recently, an immense amount of Light outpoured over the Earth, triggering a series of small events still not perceived by humanity due to the particularity of them. These small events were triggered within your media that were invaded by the Light and the representatives of these large corporations are now in a great dilemma: to continue with the censorship imposed by the dark ones, who no longer has the authority of before any more or start in small steps, transmissions that will begin to alert the public about what is happening on Mother Earth and on the Solar System.


It is known by many that Earth’s ascension will bring other great effects on the entire Universe. You, the souls that are there, were conducted by armies of warring angels that led you to show you what you would have to develop on Earth. So, you have landed 26,000 years driven by this Legion of blessed beings. Now, my dear ones, that the task is being completed with great merits, you will have all your memories established, little by little and you’ll see and recognize as indeed you are.


Allow, in this moment, that this Light anchor into your heart, thus causing the expansion of consciousness in order to lead you to the Akashic records hall. Amidst this storm of light, storms that are just the beginning of the great wave of light and love that will bathe the entire Earth in the very near future, this will raise the veil completely and it will give you the key to time and space. Before all this imminent, focus even more your energies of Light to the mainstream media which is at a standstill due to the fear of exposing the truth that was kept from the people for thousands of years.


Send your torpedoes of Light, dear ones, trust that they will achieve in full the great communicators. From the Queen’s House the first information can comes, in domino effect. It will begin to bring in concrete and tangible way, as say those who are the neediest of material evidence, the scrolls that will be rolled before mankind. Dear ones, also consider that these beings, most of them, who are responsible by media communications are just puppets that were used in extremely inhumane manner when they had their programmed minds so they couldn’t waver in settled planes from the dark ones. Allow your hearts to be filled with love and send your light torpedoes them all in order to break all psychics barriers that imprison them, preventing them from coming with the truth about the facts on Mother Earth and on the Universe.


The Solar System is expanding and there are many portals opening now in all parts of the Earth to carry powerful beings from other Universes that by free choice wanted to come to Earth and give their contributions in love at this point that all Cosmos is going by. It is a time of expansion, expansion of love in all levels of existence. You, dear beings, blessed by this moment and by allowing yourselves to be the drivers of this wonderful light that is bathing the Earth at this time. Remember that only love can bring you back home, only love will lead you in the enlightened way and without hesitation. Also remember the forgiveness. Remember that being of pure love when he was in your midst was a great example of that (Jesus). He, in his loving majesty, taught you forgiveness and love by all, leading you to redemption by the noble and powerful gesture of love and forgiveness. Allow the old energies go, let forgiveness comes to your hearts. Oh, dear ones, you are such powerful beings and your concentration on the Divine Power would take you away from any uncomfortable situation, even that ones by thinking that you can not forgive others for some offense.


Dear ones, I am very grateful by once again talk to you and give you my love and gratitude for the work done by all. Do not feel incapable, do not feel inferior, do not feel different from us in any way or feel that it’s difficult to contact us. You were recently informed by Ashtar that you’d be contacted and this is happening, although many may doubt this, know that it’s true because you can feel our presence around to hug you constantly. By opening your hearts to it, indeed, you’ll be able to experience things even greater, worthy of what you really are and deserve.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius and among the Pleiadian fleet that assists Mother Earth and sends love and light to allied friends that are on her, I also send my blessings on behalf of the whole body of beings who wish to see the ascension of Gaia and of all Universe in peaceful and harmonious way.


Be in Peace,


Be in the Light.


Gabriel – Gratitude, dear SaLuSa!



Translation: Sementes das Estrelas / Carolina Barisch.