Archangel Adrigon

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Blue Dragon Journal


Archangel Adrigon: On Unconditional Love

Channeler: Tazjima Amariah Kumara

Greetings, again, dear ones; I am the Lord of the Pleiades, Lord and Archangel Adrigon. And yet, I tell you that these titles mean little to me except as indication of my spiritual attainment, my duty and my commitment to the Ascension of GAIA and the collective of humanity.

We are your brothers and sisters. We love you. It is as simple and as complex as that. Our love for all humanity is unconditional. We can observe what you do to each other without judgment and understand that it is the outworking of karma and the experience of the extremities of polarity that drive some of humanity to do what is termed “evil” in most of your societies. Yet, we see only those who have lost their way temporarily, before they will be gathered to the bosom of the Lord of…

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