Heavenletter #5001 What Is Beautiful before You?, August 4, 2014


God said:

The good you do. Think of the good you do. Recount the good you do rather than recount the offenses done to you. Look favorably upon yourself and less askance at the world.

Do not belie yourself. Your life does not depend upon the eyes of the world, yet the world does depend upon how you look upon it.

When you look upon a muddy sea, you feel one way about it. When you look at a clear sea, you feel another way about it. You can be selective about what you see. You can see the sun shining. You can see clouds forming. You can see grace. You can see disgrace. I am saying that you are always selective about what you see. You can look to see differently.

If you are feeling unhappy, that is a good sign that you want to take another look.

What is beautiful before you? No longer single out the untoward. Let go of plaints.

There is a tendency, even a habit, to see what you saw in the past. If you saw love in the past, you are likely to continue to see it. If you saw what could be called unlove in the past, that is what you likely tend to see now. You are used to it. It is familiar to you. You may even watch out for it.

You can consciously turn your head in another direction. You can decide what you will look for. The odds are good that you will see what you look for. There is nothing wrong with gaining a different outlook. Consider it like putting on new glasses. Throw out the old ones. See through new glasses, and you will see better.

This is a big thing We are talking about here. This is a great secret to life. Do not shrug it off.

If you have been wearing widow’s weeds, now is a good time to put on enlivening colors.

There is something to the idea that how you perceive is how you are perceived. If you see glumness, how will you be seen? More importantly, how will you see yourself?

A lot of what I gear to in these letters is to point you in another direction, to present to you, not the possibility of your having a higher picture of yourself, but the certainty that you are far more than you presently think and give yourself credit for. Unless you think well of yourself, you do not give yourself or others enough credit. You short-change yourself, and you short-change the world.

According to your vision, the world presents itself to you. To have a higher view of the world, something within you, a pattern within you, an expectation within you has to change. You project a picture of the world, and the world complies. This is not to blame yourself. This is not about blame whatsoever. Nevertheless, you are responsible for the world, and you are responsible for how you see it.

Refresh your eyes, beloveds. All the goodness of the world is right here before you. Choose what you look at. This is not blindness that I am encouraging. This is better eyesight I am evoking.

There are many angles you can see from. You can see from above. You can see from the left side or the right side. You can see through a glass darkly. You can look in a mirror. You can see a part, and you can see the whole.

You are the one who sees. In that sense, you are a Seer. Just as you choose the sounds you make, you contribute to the sights you see. You have some say about the thoughts you have. You are the one who thinks. Your thoughts can change. By your thoughts, the world is as you think. Extend your thinking. Forget limitation. Expansion is thy name.

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