Heavenletter #5002 From Where Does Love Come?, August 5, 2014


God said:

When life seems to be hurting your heart, bearing down hard on you, when others’ hearts seem to drift away from you, and your own heart doesn’t feel so connected to what it once was deeply connected to, then just be. Let it go. This is not the first time that you have felt let down, that your heart wants to close, and openness no longer is. Shrug your shoulders and remember: In God we trust.

You can’t put all your eggs in one basket, beloveds. You cannot narrow your heart either. Be open to life as it comes. The tide comes in, and the tide goes out.

To thine own self, be true.

Keep your heart open. When love has changed its colors, keep your heart open. Do not close your heart. Even when you are sadder but wiser, keep your heart open.

Life moves on regardless of everything. There is no end to life. Nothing is so serious as it seems to be. With or without whatever you counted on and which may no longer be within you or outside you, you are My blessed child.

Even when your heart aches, something wonderful is on its way to you. I am not placating you, dear ones. I speak the Truth. In any case, rise higher. Transcend the limitations of the world. Do not let yourself down. Don’t be dismayed. Do not go up and down by the shenanigans of the world. Faith in yourself is not dependent upon others. It has to come from you.

Oh, yes, it is lovely to be buoyed by the world, yet to be buoyed by the world just isn’t the heart of the matter.

You and I are the heart of the matter. Stay connected with Me. Ride the waves. Paddle your own canoe. When all is said and done, from where does love come? It comes from Me. I do not withdraw My heart from you. Keep your heart open. The world is not the making of you. Learn from the world. The lesson is not to feel let down because of anything no matter how overpowering it may seem. Do not let yourself down.

It is brave to live on Earth. Come what may, your life is greater than you and the world know. The world does not have to wrap you around its little finger. The world is not the extent of you. I am the extent of you. Allow Me to be the prow of your ship. Let Me lead you to green pastures.

Whatever the world may see, I see the beauty and goodness of you. Let that be enough. The world is not a blight upon you. Enjoy life in the world regardless of disappointment. Don’t be hard on yourself, and don’t be hard on others. Life in the world is unpredictable.

I am sorry when friends leave you. I understand this is heartbreaking to you. Nevertheless, there is gold over the rainbow. Be true to yourself, beloveds. The world may let you down. Do not let yourself down. Keep a spring in your step. Keep looking up. The world may be mistaken, yet you are not to make mistakes about your own value. Be glad for what was, and let it go. I set your value, and I set it high. You are the gold of My heart. The gold of My heart is not hit or miss.

And those who may be unaware of their own value will catch up as well. Their love will not be withdrawn forever. Their love will shine as brightly as the sun. Lightness of heart will return to you. Don’t take so much to heart about what other people do and say. They may be floundering in the water, yet you can stand tall. The world will right itself, and you will not take up’s and down’s so hard. Nothing is to hold you back. You are learning how to move forward now.

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