You are each a part of this awakening. You are a driving force. – The Council

Oracles and Healers


The Council

More than a few of you have commented upon the seeming difference in the tone, the vibration, of the channelings that are coming through to you now, as opposed to those of just weeks ago. We would spend this one message in commenting upon that, if you will allow us. It will be a rather short post as the explanation is quite simple. But we want to make it clear enough for you to accept it in its entirety, since that acceptance alone will raise you to quite another level of self-understanding.

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A short update on the energies

aisha north

As the days continue to shift in length and the darkness seems to linger on a little bit more each day in one half of your planet, know that there is indeed another kind of rebalancing going on, one that is far more profound than the regular shifts of the seasons. You see, this incoming light has once again managed to break through another line of defense, and when we say defense it is actually one that is found within you all. Or rather, one that used to be there, but is now being dismantled even as we speak. For this defense or perhaps we should dub it self defence is one of these innate mechanisms that mankind have relied upon for such a long time in order to safeguard themselves from any profound changes, changes that would entail for them to literally step away from all they hold true…

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Gaia News Brief 30.9.2014 by Reiki Doc

My Happiness

I got to sleep in. I traded calls so I could take care of some medical appointments.

My son didn’t complain about fasting before his labs. Instead, he watched the show he missed seeing yesterday–something with The Simpsons and Family Guy together in one episode, while waiting for the office to open.

The blood draw went smoothly–there was resolve that he had never shown in his two earlier blood tests. I actually shared how I know how the equipment works, and if you think about it, being able to test the blood is a pretty cool thing.

We had Hawaiian breakfast at a local grill. And off to school about two hours late he went.

My Healing

Thinking about the four tubes of blood, and the needle, and the suffering our boy so bravely endured, got me crying. I cried to Ross, and I said I am so sorry for what happened to him when he died so many years ago the last time we were both incarnate!!! I remembered how brutal it was, and how I witnessed it. I asked him to forgive me for never saying ‘I am sorry’ to him for what he went through.

I asked with my heart to have a future for all of life here on Gaia where there is no illness, no suffering, no death. Even if this means that karma takes forever–we have forever in the higher realms. I want all the dying to stop. All the killing to stop. All of it.

And a warm consolation from Ross came through. I stopped crying–I cry a lot in the car–and I was so thankful I got that off my heart and discussed it with him.

My Lost Project

For one year, I have wanted to compile together all of the blog posts from the ebook, Messages From My Patients. I worked on it. I did ten chapters today. I hit my goal. Wow!

My Surprise 

I have been cleaning out the china storage that had been in that awful corner of the dining room. Originally what had been stored long-term in the garage came in the house with the next to last burst copper pipe two years ago.

Today I opened my Lenox Monroe wine glasses out of their original plastic wrap, noted the Lenox sticker, and placed them tenderly in the hutch I inherited from my Nana Angelina. I didn’t see any champagne glasses, but there were matching water ones too.

I opened my chateaux dessert plates, and put them in my cupboard for the first time since my marriage in 1988. Amboise, Chambord, Cheverny, Blois, Chenonceau and Azay Le Rideau. I love those castles! I felt the energy of the Loire Valley surge in my heart, and my family there who I love, the ones whom I named my boy after, and that they named their granddaughter after me.

Imagine my surprise when I found something hard inside a ton of bubble wrap–and it was the lid to my sugar bowl! This is NOT the ‘sugar bowl’ that big Shirley the urology nurse told me I needed to offer my husband to have a ‘happy marriage’! LOL. This is a family blog post! ((( Big Smile ))) I looked around but for the life of me, I couldn’t find my sugar bowl.  So I gave thanks for the gravy boat and creamer I haven’t seen in twenty years, and put them in the cupboard in the kitchen where I can use them.

Ross said I should take two things out of the china cabinet from Nana. There was one thing on top, a photo of us with Aulani Mickey–I decided to put that away because it wasn’t a happy memory. And lo and behold–on the bottom shelf was my Sugar BOWL!!!

I smiled and picked it up, went to the kitchen, and it was a perfect match with the lid! I gave away the metal sugar bowl and creamer, for the donations pile, and put my best raw sugar cubes–the Parrot brand–inside.

I felt Ross’ love and sharing of my joy, that he could help me with that ‘hint’, and I was so happy for this surprise!

Just Like Nana

As I was getting ready for my own appointment, an ultrasound of my thyroid–just a check up–I sensed, ‘bring a butternut squash to the imaging center for the person who works with you’.

I was like, WHAT?! To be honest, I have about fourteen butternut squashes from my summer all sitting in my kitchen. They keep. I found the perfect one–the ‘nudge’ said–‘good sized and good shape’.  But it had a line on it, a blemish. So I found one similar, washed it, and put it in my purse.

As the technician Sabrina took me back, I stopped in the hall, pulled out the butternut squash, and said, ‘I grew this in my garden and would like you to have it. My grandparents always brought their fresh produce to their doctor visits. I am keeping the family tradition right now with you.’

Sabrina was flabbergasted and filled with delight! Her favorite vegetable IS Butternut Squash! She eats them nearly every day, and also she is fond of beets, and even eats the tops, the leaves from the plant. She makes turkey wraps out of them.

She couldn’t believe her good fortune, and was very excited to get a present from a patient, who happens to be, well, your sister in the Light, Reiki Doc!

Surprise Number 2

While rushing back to pick up our boy in time for basketball practice and dinner, Ross casually suggested I listen to the Jazz station 88.1 FM because nothing else was that good on the rest of the dial and I had been changing the stations a lot looking for something I like.

So I did. I didn’t really like this song. But I listened. Then I noticed some familiar notes of a tune dancing in and out of the music.

This is the song I had never heard before, and today, I heard for the very first time, courtesy of my Twin, and incredibly awesome man–Ross…

It was a beautiful day, and I am so glad I had the opportunity to share it with you.
(big bright smile)   I got a lot of ‘husband points’ today with Carla, didn’t I? (blushes)
I know how to work it!  (more big smile)
I like my lady HAPPY.
Such is the same for all Twins, when they awaken. Keep doing the work, and soon you will appreciate the finer things like Carla did on this day, too.
(he tousles my hair on my head and puts his arm around me and draws me close)
I will sign off for us…
‘And may all your heartfelt wishes come true’
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and that lady who is going to type the little letters off of her keyboard with her fingers, she writes so much! Carla our beloved and most sincere of heart, Reiki Doc

Expect and Accept – The Living is Easy

Welcome to Brenda's Blog

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Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Summary of Brenda’s September 27, 2014 free, 15-minute, channeled “Creation Energies” show at  You’ve transitioned from an AM to FM frequency. So you feel as if you know where you want to be, but have no idea how to get there. Your physical body is adjusting to the new you. Self-love is the key. Try being of earth for 24 hours without belittling yourself in some way. If you feel joyful radiating peace to those of earth, that is one of your roles. But if you don’t, please don’t allow guilt or narcissism to enter your thought processes.

The title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her free, weekly, channeled blog for “You Are a Belief and Creation Maverick”

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

Perhaps new earth appears to be a magical tale…

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The Archangel Sophia Attunement Key by Reiki Doc September 29, 2014

There is a very special bond I have always shared with Archangel Sophia. It is a blessing and with much joy do I now share the Attunement Key of Archangel Sophia with you.

When I was about fourteen, I read the bible every night, and was very active in my local Christian Campus Life group.

I enjoyed everything about it.

And when I read about Wisdom (of which Sophia is also a goddess of wisdom) I asked God in my heart to give me this jewel through my life experience. I looked at life as a huge pile of things I know, and another even larger pile of things I DIDN’T know! And I wished to make at least a small dent in the bigger pile, with all of my hope to be pleasing and good to the Lord.

I know a great deal. I have degrees–a Bachelor of Science, a Doctor of Medicine, even a post-graduate Fellowship, additional training, to be able to safely give anesthetic to patients who undergo surgery for the heart.

That isn’t wisdom.

I had the love of my life, my high-school boyfriend, leave me only to marry another woman who looked just like me. I have been ‘the one before the One’ for many a person I was romantically involved with. Married twice, divorced two times, and having had a huge custody battle over a son who was born out of wedlock opened my heart to compassion like I never knew.

That isn’t wisdom either.

Wisdom is always there, in your heart. It is the quiet knowing that everything is beautiful, right and perfect, just the way it is. That we are not alone. That we are guided with love by our angels, guides, and deceased loved ones.

Wisdom is knowing the quiet voice in the stillness is your connection to Source.

And wisdom is trusting in your path to reunite with your Illuminated Twin, and always taking the chance to put your Twin at ease and just a little off-balance, with a smile, a request, something silly, and a romantic gaze that only you have for your Other…every time you meet–in an entirely unpredictable yet charming way. Your open heart is the most attractive thing to everyone around you–twin, student, teacher, family, friend, patient, coworker…clerk at the store…so always be in your heart.

That is wisdom.

Without delay, here now for you is the Archangel Sophia Attunement Key:

I hope you enjoy it!

Aloha and mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Gaia News Brief 29.9.2014 by Reiki Doc


Super Productive Day

For all my doing nothing yesterday, it paid off. Not only did I publish to the world two Archangel Healing Attunement Keys and one Archangel Healing Key, I attuned someone to Reiki 1 (distance), created a ‘page’ to go with this blog–look a little below this area for a link to ‘services and products I reccommend’–and updated both the Divine Healing Codes (adding one) and the summary of the Archangel Healing Keys.

Plus Spirit brought in new things to me!

I also got a little bonus–one corner of my dining room has had stuff in it I’ve never really liked. The problem is that I like to write letters and send cards, but my desk is upstairs. And so I made a little ‘office supply corner’ that quickly de-evolved into a mess. I threw out a lot of unneeded items, and organized.

I only saw one black widow, and it was a baby one at that. I was super thankful.

Love Stays

I opened my ‘time capsule’ for the first time in nine years. In that same corner is the trunk where I kept all of my son’s favorite baby things. I opened it with excitement, to see what he would say.

The magic of all his baby-ness was still there! Some of the toys, some of the tiny clothes…I was happy to share it with him.

He wasn’t so happy–LOL–he was upset he couldn’t remember!

I went through some old birthday cards from his first birthday. I was surprised at how with time I was able to decide what cards to keep, and what to let go. Ones from my father and my aunt who have since passed away I kept. Along with a handful of choice ones, for various reasons.

The energy signature in each card was just the same as the day I opened it.

The love stays, no matter how long it has been since the card or the letter or the photo was first sent.

Ross’ Secret Surprise For My Soul

My boy came back from his dad’s weekend. It’s not far, just a fifteen minute drive away. He caught his first fish. And for the first time, his dad is looking to buy him something nicer than the air bed he got for Christmas as an answer to my prayer two years ago. The new girlfriend is willing to pay half for it. I was so thankful.

The best part is that Ross talks to our son–Ross is the spiritual father, and the other is the biological one–in a galactic way it makes ‘sense’ but I can see how to most well, it just doesn’t…

When he came back home, our little one who is not so little, said he asked Ross to help him. He asked Ross to make his uncle nicer because he was getting mean over a football game when his team was losing. And it WORKED!

There was another favor our son asked, and it worked too. It’s so cute to hear him speak of Ross like that. It warms my heart and soul to hear of it.

Cut Your Losses

On Thursday, the pediatrician told me to show the elevated lab values in our son’s bloodwork to his father, furthermore to explain why the food changes need to be the same in both homes.

(side note–we go vegetarian here, then it’s all meat and low carb there. We go insulin resistance diet here, and it’s all pizza and pasta and mexican food there.)

My mom, who is intuitive, said, ‘don’t do it.’ She said a reason why that makes sense.

I thought perhaps to discuss the best approach with the counselor first? (the birth father is very obstinate, and will do the opposite just to spite me)

Then I realized, just get NEW labs, and see how they are. Then there is more information to act on it.

Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do, and it is difficult. In these situations I face a struggle, pick an approach, and reassure myself with ‘we do the best we can’.

Canada’s Residential Schools

A friend I know up in Canada is First Nations. She confirms what Kevin Annett says about the treatment of First Nations Schoolchildren who were taken from their families is true.

She says the incest was so bad that people in the area set up ‘Safe Houses’ for the children who had no place to go, and couldn’t return home to their families. Alcohol and drug abuse, as well as sexual abuse, was rampant through the communities. Also the teachers, priests and others who were supposed to care for the young people were sexually abusing the children too. She was part of this movement, the hidden movement to provide escape and safety to the children who could get away.

She also says that there is information from the Red Cross on how medical experiments were done on these children without their consent–against the Geneva Convention and all medical ethics protocols for modern medical research.  She has seen the papers with the facts on them, first hand, at the meetings with the chiefs.

I have heard too, from Kevin, that the death rate from tuberculosis was about fifty percent inside the residential homes for these First Nations ‘students’, where medical help was not given at the same rate as in the outside community.

Here is another story in the news she just posted up on her page:

Enjoy What Is

When the news gets you down, step outside for a minute. Chances are there is a breeze. Birds are singing and the sun is shining. There is a hum of activity, of life…

Nothing is happening to you in that moment.

Why not take a break–take off your shoes, and just sit on the grass on a blanket and catch ten minutes of sunshine? Or sit on a swing or a lawn chair and have a nice tall glass of water.

This is your world too.

The one you can change, your ‘circle of influence’.

Enjoy this, and don’t let what is going on somewhere else on surface Gaia make you miss out on all the blessings you have right at your fingertips where you live.


I was really quiet today. I hardly talked to Carla. I saw her working, and working, and at one point I shared with her how excited I was that things were going to well on her projects.

I come and go. I come and go a lot when it comes to our relationship.

Try to remember this when it comes to your Twin Soul. They have stuff to do sometimes. So do you. Your hearts are always together, in loving connection, forever!

The Twin Flame reunion is not a ‘one and done’ scenario.  It is a dance. A connection through the energies of both of you. There are good days, where you are close and ‘highly domestic’. There is adventure when one or the both of you experiences something new, and exciting! And then there are the quiet times, where there doesn’t seem to be ‘much going on’.

(he raises one finger, and moves it from side to side)

Everything has a purpose. Everything moves you ahead, in your own spiritual development…even when the twin is quiet, or moving backward in some way.

Life is a circle. It will come round for you. I know it.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and that woman of my life that I call ‘Reiki Doc’, Carla, my wife in the Higher Realms.

I can’t wait to come back to her and hold her in my arms…one last time. This time, I am not letting go. Ever ❤

Elementals of Light precess to Higher Vibrational levels as completion of Ascension protocols for Gaia collective takes place


gaia_energy1Elementals of Light precess to Higher Vibrational levels as completion of Ascension protocols for Gaia collective takes place.

Masters of Illusion cannot exist in the current energetic structure of Gaia. That term is meaningless.

Freedom of perception now is experienced in all hu-mans and leads to engrandizing of individual energetics.

Precession completes as Gaia Light grids solidify.

Portals of BEingness open rapidly for all.

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Éireport Group 9-28-14 Message to GaiaPortal Blog Readers…


eireport_logo_green_thumb_1We of Éireport Group wish to clarify some points about the GaiaPortal blog messages.

The Essence of the GaiaPortal blog is communication on multiple levels. Those who receive a message on one level of awareness, will perhaps receive it differently from those at a different level of awareness.

There is no level which is “better” than another. Each is simply unique unto itself.

GaiaPortal messages may appear “cryptic” to some. However, each message communicates to multiple hu-man and Hue-man levels simultaneously. Each BEing receives the messages in their own way, from their own level.

We of Éireport Group encourage the practice of “Awareness Expansion” as these messages appear. In particular, those who view a message as “indecipherable”, will find, as “Awareness Expansion” is practiced (namely, “allowed” to occur, from within), Higher Levels of awareness will be experienced.

Intellect-only analysis of these messages is impossible, as the intellect operates on a…

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