Welcome to the first Gathering around the New Pond, Sunday November 2

aisha north

Beloved family of light!
How fitting it is that it is already time for another Gathering around the Pond! For this Sunday, November 2 at 21:00 Oslo time, we have the very first chance to sit down and connect as a group to these very New energies in this very New Pond – or as you put it so wonderfully, IAMystAR, this ” BEAUTY~FULL NEWCLEAR PondWORLD “. My heart is already singing from what I see flowing forth from all of you into this wondrous Pond, and I am certain that after this upcoming Gathering, this flow of brilliant, loving light will only continue to multiply. My gratitude – like your love – knows no bounds. Here is what the CCs wanted to share about this Gathering:

“Let us begin this missive by saying that to us, the miracle that has been unfolding over the last two weeks or…

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For The Love Of Water Archangel Nathaniel Attunement Key by Reiki Doc October 31, 2014

Water listens. It remembers the emotion of the words that are told to it. As the life work of Dr. Masaru Emoto points out, Love and Gratitude are the highest vibrational thoughts which create the most beautiful of the water crystals.

Archangel Nathaniel gives us a second attunement key today. He is one of my favorite archangels–he likes big, impossible challenges. I have called him for assistance twice, and he has come through for me, not always ‘instant’ but I see his influence in the situation, and I am most thankful for his help.

Drawing this key on yourself and your aura will enhance your ability to work with him.

Here is the key:

Aloha and Mahalos,
Reiki Doc

Gaia News Brief 31.10.2014 by Reiki Doc

Ross’s Gift To Me

This morning, we went (with our Light Bodies, not the three D ones) to the Fairmont Kea Lani hotel. We went to the room first, it was beautiful, and we had room service for the night we arrived. It was a suite, and I enjoyed the view immensely from the balcony.

We had breakfast the next day, at the same table, at the same restaurant, where Frank made me cry and leave the table. I was nervous, but Ross steadied me. I remember he had two slices of bacon, which I thought was odd for him to be so human. I’ve never seen him really eat, and so here he was, on vacation, with me, in Hawaii. I could taste the Kona coffee and the guava juice.

After the meal, Ross handed me a box. Inside was a beautiful, dazzling bracelet, not made of things from Earth. It had all different kinds of flowers that shone like diamonds…he celebrated with me my facing my fears.

We went swimming in the ocean, and rented a cabana for two, those chaise lounges with the umbrella on it.

Over the week we did outrigger canoe, we walked to the chapel, we went to Hana and had a picnic by the seven pools. We went to see Ulalena.

I was so happy, one morning I went to the beach and collected sea shells and rocks an a dried up starfish, and put together a tray for Ross. I smiled with my whole heart, and gave him breakfast in bed–I woke him up.

His reaction surprised me.  I saw him get up, and go to the shower, and go in. It was like, a wall shower, grey tile. I heard him crying, with big sobs, for some time. I saw him get on his knees, and thank Father God for answering his prayer.

I didn’t understand what Ross was doing, although I respected him enough to give him his privacy. He came out with a red nose and eyes, and toweled himself off, hopped back in bed, and enjoyed his breakfast, without mentioning what happened. He was very loving, and relaxed, and happy.

(I know for a fact that when we were officially reintroduced in early December or so last year, he cried very much too. As a matter of fact, he was not able to function, and Ashtar let him take three days off just to spend time being close to me. Today’s tears reminded me of that time.)

That same day, we went to the pool. I was shaking with fear from the bad memories with Frank–that’s all he liked to do–sit in a cabana and get a tan by the pool. Ross showed me our cabana…inside was a HUGE book of sudoku and a pen for me! And also, a little chess board. We played chess that afternoon.

It took some coaxing for him to get me in the pool. It took a lot of trust on my part. But we had lunch at the very same gazebo bar that Frank and I first had lunch when we arrived on that vacation in 2003.  It was surprisingly happy and light to be there with Ross.  He later made arrangements for us to get couples massage side by side, and at sunset, we ate at that same place, but he held me, and we watched the sunset together, while we had a dinner of little appetizers. I also could taste some pina colada type drink with lots of coconut in it.

I am a conscious channel. I used to need to lie down and nap to experience these kind of ‘travel’. Now, I can attend to my things at hand in 3D, and go to 5D with Ross, with amazingly detailed perceptions.  Ross WAS there, he interacted with me, and I was genuinely surprised at how close we grew.  The time span was about one week–in 5D–over about one hour in 3D…

To Decree or Not To Decree? That is the Question

Someone angelic sent me this:  http://firstcontactgroundcrewteam.com/blog1.php/decree-for-mother-earth

I must confess, I am not a big ‘command and demand’ decree-er.  There was something in the energy of this that troubled me to my core. I wasn’t sure why.

I don’t think Lady Gaia would like this approach at all.

She is highly independent, and knows her place. To Command or Decree would be to take the place of her Divine Father and Divine Mother, who together create ONE soul, the Prime Creator of All That Is.

Command also is a sticky point because it implies a lack of free will.

This is going to sound really mean and nasty, but it must be said–people who say decrees like this, and then go ignore the hungry, or cut someone off in traffic, or think only of themselves and their money are the worst kind of hypocrites. Gaia would be very upset to see that people SAY this kind of bullshit and expect it to HAPPEN– without changing their hearts one bit.

She would cheerfully ‘invite’ these people with Her warmest blessings to continue their journey in another 3D alternate reality…

Let’s take the intent of the decree–and edit it to enhance the changes that must take place WITHIN OUR HEARTS to thus usher in the New Golden Era.

Without Heart CHANGES–we are still stuck in status quo, no matter how much we clean pollution, reduce, reuse, and recycle…it is the collective awakening of the heart centers that will help us reach the ‘tipping point’ for the changes to be seen in our world as we know it and experience it.

The Decree-less Promise To Mother Earth and Lady Gaia Sophia:

I humbly ask with my heart…that the weather on Surface Gaia be restored to the original plan.

I humbly ask with my heart…for all the waters on Surface Gaia to be restored to their original pristine condition.

I humbly ask with my heart…for my heart and all others to awaken to the sacredness of all Life.

I humbly ask with my heart…to experience my connection to All That Is, and how WE are One.

I humbly ask with my heart…for the veil to lift, and for all beings to remain the sovereign entities they are, with Free Will and Love and Respect for all others.

I humbly ask with my heart…for the air, the earth, and the sky to be restored to their original pristine condition.

I humbly ask with my heart…for all souls on Gaia to honor her generosity and kindness with Divine Peace 24/7, 365…

I humbly ask with my heart…to be guided to make changes in my life, starting today, to love and respect all animals as if they were my beloved fur babies–no matter what kind of animals they are.

I humbly ask with my heart…to be so filled with Love and Respect for others that nothing can come out but Love and Respect for them–and I ask for THEIR hearts to be so filled with Love and Respect for me that nothing may come out except their Love and Respect for me.

I humbly ask with my heart…to take action to feed the hungry, even if it is sharing what little I have for my own loved ones and myself.

I humbly ask with my heart…to ensure the safety for all living beings on Surface Gaia, including the plants, wildlife, trees, visitors from Other Realms, as well as humanity.

I humbly ask with my heart…to live my life based on love, sharing, caring, mutual respect, and a willingness to drop my old ways and embrace those of 5D in everything I do…

False Prophets

The Decoys
Several people are under the assumption they ARE the incarnation of certain Ascended Masters and Spiritual Beings. This has a two-fold benefit–it protects the one who actually IS this being incarnated, much like bridesmaids protect a bride from abduction in ancient times by looking like her–yes?–AND by giving valuable spiritual lessons to those who believe this is who they are.

How Will You Know Who IS A Decoy And Who Is The Real Thing?
Ask for DISCERNMENT and practice this skill every day.
FEEL what RESONATES with you.

When I walked up the driveway to Mark’s parent’s home to meet Barbara Matthias, by the time I got to the front porch I was hit with the claircognizance–SHE IS SEEING BLESSED MOTHER!

I just KNEW.

You will too.

How To Recognize Ego and Dishonest Motivation For False Prophets
They want money.
They want you to sign on to something
They want you to only do it their way–and condemn all others
They enjoy ‘fame’–you can sense it
Their messages are not clear and concise–they are confusing
They get you to ‘buy in’ and be ‘indignant’ over some ‘conspiracy’ angle on something they say
They don’t do anything for anybody or if they do, it’s only for friends–they want something in return

Watching CNN In The Doctor’s Lounge

To be honest, I’m not sure if it’s better than CSI that plays all the time in there…

I saw one rocket explode on takeoff, without hurting anybody. I thought–‘chalk one up for the Galactics!’.   Something very wrong must have been on that payload. How do I know it was the Galactics and not a Psy Ops?  No one got hurt.

Ebola and Obama–some doctor opened for a press conference for Obama. He’d survived Ebola.  Obama talked on and on about ‘saving lives’ and ‘these brave souls who went out there to help’. He made an appeal to all physicians  to ‘rise to the occasion’ and risk their lives, and be away from their home and family, to ‘fight this monster’…

I looked at the doc sitting next to me, and asked, ‘Are you sure about this? Didn’t he just make life more difficult for us recently with the Affordable Care Act?’

My Chinese associate said, ‘The guy who sells his serum for antibodies doesn’t need money. He can say,  I want your house–he doesn’t need money to be very rich!’

You see, even the most asleep, the most financially motivated in that doctors lounge that day, were able to see holes in the ‘story’ that is being given by the press–and soon they will see the truth behind who really runs our government, where our taxes really go, and why they want us to be in fear all the time to give up our rights in exchange for those in power ‘solving’ our problems for us.

(CLEARS his throat)
I took Carla to Maui today in order to heal us. Not that I say ‘her’. To heal BOTH of us.
I was very deeply moved by the kindness Carla showed to me by planning this surprise. She never was like that, in any of her incarnations with me, so full of heart, so intent on wanting MY happiness…she has grown so much, that limping (Carla limps–she has foot pain right now, it is resolving with new shoes–the others were too tight and not supportive), and limited as she has been in 3D–her HEART is WIDE OPEN and better than it ever has been.
I got my wish.
I got my wish for Carla to be normal, and healthy, as a Galactic citizen in every way. That is why I thanked Our Heavenly Father for it.
Soon you will be having all kinds of experiences, on both sides, ours ‘up here’, and yours where you are, as you grow, and heal, and become loving family –intact and together–whole–as One–with each other again.
It is beautiful, and fresh, and all-inspiring.
My news is that the announcement is DONE!  The ‘end times’ are behind us, albeit energetically. We are undergoing a major shift in the next few weeks. I ask you to ‘pardon our dust’ as the changes take place, subtly, as if nothing is happening except for this new feeling you have in your hearts.
Carla was at my side at a meeting yesterday morning. In Council. She sat at my left. Although she attends these in her sleeping, this is the first I let her remember.
Carla saw the teams give their reports about their many assignments, and about its completion.
We did it.
All of us working together.
Thank you.
Aloha and Mahalo,
Ross and Carla

Ascension Portals by Mulitidimensional Ocean with SaLuSa 31 Oct. 2014

Multidimensional Ocean

communication-between-salusa-from-sirius-and-laura-tycoDear ones, we come again to tell you about Ascension. We are pleased to announce that the Ascension is well underway, although the main stream media would have you believe otherwise. The radio and television waves are full with violent stories, spreading negativity and fear. The best way not to engage in them is to stay away from such programs.
Focus on growth and love, dear ones. Learn to spread love and kindness around you and give it to others without second thought.
We would like to tell you more about the Ascension process now. There are already places upon the Earth that have partly ascended into the higher vibrations of love, peace and charity. We call those places the Ascension portals of Earth. Other also call them stargates. No matter what label you chose to give to these places, know that they do exist and that the energy of…

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Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa 31 October 2014

SaLuSa (1)

We will reiterate that nothing can change your destiny to leave the lower dimension behind, except that you lose your way and cannot lift up out of it. The opportunities to rise up are unlimited and if you are on that path you should already have made such progress, that you have established yourself in the level of vibrations that will see you safely through. You will get all the encouragement you need, and as your level of consciousness increases so you will achieve a greater understanding of what you need to do. Keep in the Light that you surround yourself with, and know that you are secure within and safeguarded from any attempt to interfere with your plan for Ascension. Allow the lower vibrations to pass you by without becoming involved in them.

The turmoil that many countries are going through is a sign that they have tried to solve their problems or differences by force, which will never be the answer to such situations. They will come round time and time again, until it is realised that only co-operation will achieve a solution that will bring lasting peace. Your history is a monumental testament of repeated attempts to rule by force, and shows that peace achieved by such methods is never lasting. The answer to all such problems is the application of “love” and the understanding that you are all One. Yes, we know that until people are ready to respond in this way you will not get far, but all solutions have a beginning when the seeds are sown. Love is a most powerful energy that can bring about miracles when all hope seems to be lost. It is therefore important that those who can provide and share the higher energies are dedicated to their role.

After many lives in the lower vibrations you are able to meet the challenge that they present, and as you progress matters will seem easier to deal with. They are helped by the incoming higher energies that are being beamed to Earth from other civilisations. Be assured that many of them are aware of your plight and most pleased to have the opportunity to assist. Indeed, when you have successfully achieved Ascension many civilisations will joyously await their invitation to meet you.  There will be a gradual coming together which is consistent with you taking your place in the Cosmos. However, much has to precede such times but you are on course to rise up and become Cosmic Beings.

These are wonderful times to be associated with Earth and her journey into the higher vibrations. Many souls would have liked to be part of the experience, but you who have been selected are the ones that are best suited to the tasks ahead. You are much more than you are aware at present, and it is as though you are coming out of a dream state. Some might liken it to a nightmare but whatever way you view it, the time has arrived for a massive change in your fortunes. Be patient and apply yourself so that you can use your best attributes to help others awaken to the truth. Many souls are unaware that there is no such thing as total death, as the soul is immortal. You may cloak yourselves differently to experience particular lives according to your needs, but always the soul is supreme and holding the Light of Love.

We are both surprised and pleased that you have taken on your tasks with such commitment. Instinctively you know the importance of this time and your joint efforts are achieving success beyond your knowing. So never lose faith in your ability and know that you have much help to ensure you cope with the demands upon you. As you open up you will find that you have far greater abilities than you imagined. It is the reason you were selected for the end times, and we know that you will succeed in your tasks. Indeed for some of you this time round will not be your first experience, and for that reason you may find yourselves on familiar ground. Be aware that the importance of the present time for you and Mother Earth has not gone unnoticed, and Beings from many civilisations are gathered to observe your Ascension. We remind you that it will be the first occasion that you will have risen up, without making the transition through the “death” of the body.

There will be so much to learn that will be new to you, and it will set you on the path to being a Cosmic Being. That is of course quite a way ahead but we would like you to know what you might expect in the higher vibrations. Every effort you put in now will be well rewarded and you will not regret a single moment. Mean time you will be gradually enlightened as to the changes that will be the first of many, and they will help you to quickly adjust to the new vibrations. This is where we can be of great assistance and share with you the benefit of our experience. We want to help you make up for lost time where you have been held back, and quickly introduce you to the many advancements that will speed up your transition to the higher realms.

It is not given to any individual to know the life plan of another soul. You should therefore exercise caution when judging another soul, as you cannot know what the future holds for them. Each of you have made your commitments where your progress is concerned. They are tempered by karmic needs that are neither good or bad as you would term them. All karma no matter who it involves will provide the lessons that will help the soul to evolve. So treat all experiences as essential to your development and upliftment.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and pleased that our contact with you has helped your evolution. Bear in mind that we have been drawing ever closer to you for some 70 years, and in that time we have noted your rapid growth in consciousness. It will continue as the vibrations keep on rising up, and in time they will enable you to completely leave the lower ones behind. I wish you continued success in your work on behalf of the Light, and the Love that you spread around you.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey

Gaia News Brief 30.10.2014 by Reiki Doc

Prayer In The O.R.

We had someone young with a serious cancer. It had very poor prognosis. I asked Nimfa, the circulating nurse who used to go to my church before she moved, if she would mind if we all prayed for the patient together before surgery. The surgeon was not yet in the room, and it was three women–scrub tech, RN, and me.

We held hands and prayed, each of us taking turns, briefly. The scrub said she wished this was part of ‘normal’ O.R. protocol, for us to pray.

Nimfa is the favorite of our surgeon who likes to do BIG cases. He used to ask her to pray for him the morning before a big case. He also wants her in the room. Finally she got tired of all the phone calls, and she told him she prays for everyone in the O.R., and all the patients, she is going to work with that day. She asks for their heads, their hearts, and their hands to be filled with the grace of the Lord, and to do the very best they can for their patients.

When Nimfa had surgery about three years ago, the anesthesiologist she requested was me.  And I prayed for her and gave Reiki too.

(Before I woke up–in spirit–and learned about the inner workings of my old church that are not ‘of the Light’–I went every week, and donated often to the church)

My Miracle

She was completely deaf, legally blind with only a tiny bit of vision in one eye, autistic, and ADORABLE. Although she could get violent if you take off her eyeglasses (it’s a trigger), she was very accustomed to medical care and was agreeable to working with me today.

I love patients like this. I really do. It makes me raise my skills…

I did the pediatrician thing in the O.R. –show it, then ask if I can put it on? The pulse ox–was okay. I left everything else off, even oxygen. Then I made a gesture with my hands together and my face laying on them, like ‘sleeping’. I gave a thumbs up as a question. She gave a thumbs up–and that was my clearance to fly.

In the propofol went. I had numbed the vein really well, first–so no burning in the arm. Once asleep, Oxygen and full noninvasive monitoring. Then the LMA went in.

As the drapes went up, I traced the Divine Healing Code for autism on her chest area, as it’s supposed to go. She would lie still for one hour, and rest all day anyway because of the surgery. And I admit, it’s the first time I ever used that code, and as an empath, I felt very different and very sleepy energy in my patient.  I wrote other codes for vision, and diseases she had…

After I caught up on my charting and paperwork, I took out my Vogel crystal, and traced the numbers both on the skin and in the aura, very gently. Again, the WHOOSH of new, strong energy…

As my heart was completely in on this work, I saw Ross with some beautiful blonde lady who looked like a goddess in my third eye.

That Goddess was the 5D version of my patient.

She asked me what I thought of her work, and how she created these lessons for herself?

She looked happy, healthy, whole and well, like a GODDESS!

Ross got SUPER happy I saw this, I made the connection between 3D and 5D, and wanted me to write about it.

Manifesting — Take Two

Ross was asking me on my way home what I would like to do for vacation? I had to think of someplace for just US two, for seven to ten days. He said our son would be totally happy and safe while he was being watched.

I had trouble. I had to work at it.

I decided I want to snorkel. But I also want to have lunch by a stream. I asked for Maui.

He asked, gently, ‘what hotel?’

I started crying. I asked for the Fairmont Kea Lani. I wanted room 605, it’s on the end with the best view. I wanted to ‘do over’ at the same hotel where my ex husband decided to get a divorce in the middle of our last vacation together.

I wanted to go to the restaurant with Ross, where Frank had once made me leave the table in tears, and miss my dinner.

I wanted to see the outrigger canoe lady who lived in Kihei and was spiritually awake.

I wanted to show Ross to the Hawaiian lady who taught us how to string leis, the one who made me change my flower on my ear from left to right, gently saying, ‘you are not married’ even before the ex decided to call it quits. I wanted to show her what miracles take place–how I am happy–and how she healed me so much with her love and support back in 2003.

I wanted to whale watch. To snorkel. To go to the beach and not the pool. I wanted to see Hana. And I wanted to go to the little chapel on the walkway by the Grand Wailea, and to listen to the pastor there, who was very good, and to be there with Ross next to me…


There you have it!

Prayer in the O.R. out in the open, not having to hide, amongst friends and coworkers.

You have the veil ‘lift’ and expose the truth on one of Carla’s patients.

And you see the courage and determination in Carla’s heart to start over right where she left off, to face her pain from her ex, and to heal with my gentleness and her trust in me– working together. She wants to have hope and faith in a beautiful new life together.

Carla wants nothing to be hidden between us. That is why her soul cried out for this.

What can YOU heal?

What is your soul, your very essence, crying out for with YOU?

I want you to try to manifest, right here with Carla. We are beginners. We are just getting the hang of it. And we are doing this together as friends.

My assignment for you is to write down what it is you would like to experience in the next vacation. I want you to be complete, and to go where your heart is telling you to go. I want you to save it–put it in a little envelope with the date written across the seal in the back. And put it in a very special place.

One day, you will go back to this paper, and you are going to smile, with wisdom and understanding and appreciation for all you have surmounted in this incarnation.

I want you to keep this in a special place.

There is no time like the present, for in the present, as I know it, there is no Time…(smiles)

I am holding off on the announcement for two reasons:

  • Carla is exhausted. (and yes Anthony finished his project and practices the speech and Carla helped him put it on little index cards after a very long day at work)
  • Carla kept trying to guess what it is all day. I rather enjoyed watching her guess!
That is all for tonight, so Carla can get some rest. There is always tomorrow, isn’t there?
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla

Gaia News Brief 29.10.2014 by Reiki Doc

The Holiday Season Has Commenced At My Local Coffee Shop!

I got my soy chai latte in a bright RED cup with an artsy rendition of a Christmas Tree on it!

Also at our local crafts supply store–we had a school project, more later on that–Halloween was OUT, and Thanksgiving supplies were thirty percent off, and all the trimmings for Christmas were up and ready!

How did this year ever go by so fast???

Why I Enjoy Celebrating Halloween

My mother confided to me that she has discovered her inner child, and has decorated the entry way table with some pumpkin and spider and bat ‘theme’ items. She is very excited about it.

She also shared that when I was at home, she was a little envious of my ability to ‘go all out’ and celebrate like I did, even when I was a little child.  I would make ghosts of cotton balls, tissue, and dental floss, paint faces on them, and hang them all over the house. My dolls became wrapped in toilet paper to become mummies. I listened to those Haunted House records with scary noises in them, and sound effects, over and over. I read a book called, ‘Halloween, Here’s How’ and it showed how to make papier mache Frankenstein heads on a balloon, then how to make the makeup and put on the head with a little rubber cement for makeup artists. I saw how to do the makeup for the different ‘monsters’, and enjoyed being creative.

For Trick Or Treat, I was a witch every year until I was six, then a hobo a few years, then a vampire for more years, and then a zombie where I rimmed my eyes in red lip liner and painted pupils and irises on my eye lids. My dream come true was to work the Campus Life Haunted House, a non-denominational Youth For Christ organization I was also doing weekly meetings, trips, and bible study with in high school, along with my friends. This was a big production with costumes and makeup done professionally.

Mother always shared how Halloween and All Soul’s Day was never scary back in Italy. She grew up playing in the cemetery because her best friend’s father worked there. They picked roses and enjoyed the quiet throughout the year. But on All Saint’s Day–or All Soul’s–I forget which–the families all took picnics to eat lunch with their loved ones at the family graves. It was happy. Mom got sugar skulls and cookies shaped like bones. It was fun for all ages, and very Light.

Put it all together, and I feel Halloween in our culture is the one day we can be something we are NOT, anything we wish, and be creative.

I don’t enjoy it as much anymore because it is too commercialized–instead of making dummies by stuffing old clothes with tee-shirts and making them do scary things in the yard, now people just buy scary things to put in the yard. Things that nine times out of ten also need lots of batteries!

For some cultures, Halloween is the celebration of New Year.  It is when the Veil is the thinnest between our world and The Other Side. The Ancient Hawaiians believe they originally came from the Pleiades, and their New Year is at this time too. So it’s not all pagans and Wiccans.  I suppose there are some ‘dark’ ones out there too…and I understand the decision on some families to ‘have alternate celebrations’.

You see, the Dark ones hide, and do a lot more than just this holiday coming up. Dr. Kevin Annett will clue you in on all the details, and who is behind it, and just how pervasive these horrors truly are. So if you think ‘something funny is going on’ with Halloween, you might just want to take that concern ‘to the next level’ and really look into it. I am glad I invested the time to educate myself on this issue. I have changed my buying of many products, and entertainment practices, to keep from supporting those who are of this ‘kind’.

Next time you see a circle with a star in it, count the points on top. One point = Wicca = good witch. This is because the star represents the human body, much like the Da Vinci work of art I think that is called The Universal Man.

Two points up? That star is ‘no bueno’. It represents the horns of Baphomet, and all that goes with it for people who worship that. They also, in their ‘religion’ turn crosses upside down, and turned backwards an ancient Hindu sign–creating the swastika.

Sometimes I see all the jeep type vehicles with the spare tire on the back. The tires are always ‘two points up’ in the center. I know those who built it did it that way on purpose. I won’t say anything more than that. I have my intuition, and a friend who is the son of an executive for a major automobile company.  I just wish with all my heart everyone who drives those would wake the heck up, and turn it ‘right’ so it’s in harmony with Life, and Light, and Nature again–to ONE point up.

Thank you.

On Medical Miracles

I got one the other day. A patient had ovarian cancer. And as the case started, long before incision, I felt a very strong ‘nudge’ to use my Vogel crystal. A Divine Healing Code also came through. I used it.  A very different kind of energy from Reiki–something very focused and insistent–flowed through me to her. Then it stopped.

When the surgeons opened up, the eleven centimeter mass they were supposed to resect wasn’t there.

They did the other parts of the surgery, remarking how ‘good a response’ this patient had to her chemo.

I didn’t say anything. I can’t prove anything one way, or the other. I’ll never know for sure.

But it happened.

A different lady got her ‘miracle’ by her surgeon being late. I had done her anesthesia the last time, and she had liked it. So she spoke to me of her pain, and suffering. With time, she got to tell me her whole story, and I listened, carefully to her every word.

She wanted relief. She wanted a cure. It’s been eight years now.

Yet in the same breath, she will say she was ‘overdoing it’, with her working seven days a week, and one day when she stood up, she couldn’t walk and needed crutches. There was epidural injection, multiple back surgeries, now this…

I don’t know when or how her cure will take place. I did all I could with energy and healing. What I can tell you, is that there is a lesson her body is trying to teach–SLOW DOWN!–and it took this for it to happen. So, in what is most likely a life lesson included in the ‘curriculum’ for this beautiful lady, energy work would be very nice to try. For two reasons–nothing else is giving relief–plus–it would be good for her to stop viewing the body as ‘something to battle’ and perhaps find more balance overall…

The last is a miracle, a little girl I know at the school, who took gymnastics with my son. The teacher explained to me the child had experienced a stroke, very young, and had to learn to do everything all over again. You couldn’t tell by looking. But he said her parents are very protective of her. She seems normal in every way, even to my trained eye. I always admire her in my heart when I see her. She must have the bravest, strongest soul in town to take on something like that–and conquer it–without batting an eye.

The Project

Why is it that children’s school projects are always more work for the parents?

This one, due to family birthdays, my work schedule, and basketball practice, kept the ‘calendar’ (timeline of activities to do for this assignment) a little challenging…tonight was THE night, and it’s due Thursday.

I have ‘virgo rising’ in my astrological chart.  This gives me the ability to SEE in my mind, and create EXACTLY what I want.  I am very artistic and also skillful at both work and home when I concentrate and use this skill.

So at the craft store, I asked my son, ‘What are you going to do?’  He is only nine, but I could see a lack of focus and grasp of the assignment. He just wanted it to be ‘cool’ and ‘have fun’ and ‘get a good grade on it’.  He’d DONE the research and written the report.

This is where I had to step in. At the store, I also bought a reminder of Ross with the word LOVE on it.

Ross was working with me. And our son. He wanted me to be kind, even though it was late at night, and a huge project, on top of dinner (in the crock pot), dishes, laundry, pets, and needing to get the kid ready for tomorrow.  The reminder was right there. And when I calmed down, and relaxed, Ross told our boy he had a gift for me, because he saw I was trying. He was going to give me five thousand views on my blog (it’s going to hit a lifetime half-million page views today).

Ross even said HE wished he could ‘make a project’ too, like this one we were making, to me. And I felt his sincerity.

The project is Skara Brae. And it’s dug into the earth. We made the whole village. We sketched out the layout on the back of a cake cardboard. Then we cut and glued gray/brown styrofoam onto it to make the ‘buildings’. To achieve the sunken effect, we cut and glued burlap at the edges of the walls, and onto the cardboard. We have two paper towel roll ‘tunnels’ between the buildings. And there is sand glued to the floors of the homes. On top of the burlap, with hot glue, we added lots and lots of reindeer moss, EVERYWHERE.

It was only them my boy said, ‘now it’s starting to look like Scotland!’

H couldn’t see it, until I showed him, in the final stages of assembly–what I SAW in my mind’s eye. And that is okay. We made little clay beds, and fire pits, and dressers. I had bought the clay without any reason why for the last project. It never got used. Here is was now, just in time!

Did I get my gift from Ross? No. I screwed up. I got cranky because my boy was overtired, and I had a sink full of dishes, and the ants had invaded the cupboards today. I am so sick of ants! I don’t spray, because I am concerned about the chemicals. But on a lighter note, Ross showed me when I first got out of bed, one big rat, in his hand, hanging by the tail. He had caught it, and set the traps, in his dimension.  I looked at the house, and no rats were in my traps here. I think he spared me one, by taking it on his side.

I am grateful.


Carla is learning her lessons, and it is to show you we are human, same as you.  Although we are a little more experienced in ways of spirit, and in healing with energy than most who are here on Gaia surface, there is still a lot left to learn!

Love is the solution for everything.

Carla made good memories tonight, and that is what parenting is all about. Unfortunately, today she was rushed, and didn’t have time for herself, to ‘fill her cup’ so she could be present for herself and others.

Part of what destroyed the evening is that her son–our boy mind you–is out of touch with his body. He lets out these horrible farts, and as a mother, Carla knows those always precede a big number two. She has watched him grow and cleaned many a diaper in her time!

So she asks Anthony, do you need to use the toilet? when he does this behavior. And every night, on schedule, he says, ‘No, I am OKAY’.

Then about five minutes later, he has to run, because he realizes it is time for him to ‘go’, and he sits on the toilet for twenty minutes, reading and doing his homework, and not being available to help with the evening chores. Dinner is late sometimes because of this habit.

He trumps her planning, her schedule, and her ‘flow’ of energy. He also pushes back the time for going to bed, which is not good for someone who has to wake up at four in the morning and spend a long day taking care of sick patients, yes?

So that is her dilemma–how to get her son in tune with his rhythms in his body, how not to fight it but to work with it, how to eat for health and vitality, and how to get the rest he needs to grow strong and healthy, and ALSO get his homework done.

Tonight, they had to skip feeding the animals (Carla fed them earlier this morning, when she woke up after last night’s late shift) They also had to skip Anthony’s shower.  She cleaned the dishes in a hurry, but took the time to tuck him in, and WIND DOWN after a long day. She enjoyed washing her hair and taking a nice shower once he was asleep.

Writing is her pleasure.

Can you tell?

I don’t like to write. That’s why I never did. And I still don’t. I just leave all my writing to her (smiles big and warm).

More is coming! I want you to be ready for the news I have to say, when I talk with you–next time tomorrow.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla and our family