Gaia News Brief 3.11.2014 by Reiki Doc


On the way home, when I was on call for Halloween, and the OR finished early, and I went to go find my boy and join in his Trick Or Treating, I saw an Owl–Pueo in Hawaiian (pronounced pooh-ay-oh).

I was excited and joined in on the fun, almost forgetting about the message from Spirit.

Tonight I looked it up:

Ia ‘oukou pale ka po, pale ka make, pale ka pilikia.

It is yours (the mana) to brush aside darkness, brush aside death, brush aside trouble.

I didn’t know it, but apparently as of now, Owl is my ‘aumakua, one of my personal family gods, who protects. And his message is of a warning. For me, it was that I should be on the alert–and I was–for many reasons that are just outside the scope of this blog post but in general had something to do with the people and situation I was about to encounter.

Another important message from pueo, is this:

‘Aumakua may also bring mana. mana is a supernatural power that manifests in talent and ability.  This talent and ability may be a mental or physical characteristic or strength. If a person receives a gift from ‘aumakua that manifests in a talent or ability it is important that it be developed  or the ‘aumakua may be offended and take the gift away.

As far as I am aware, we are all going to ‘be gifted with’ new talents and abilities of a spiritual nature as the energies on surface Gaia increase.

It is up to us to develop them.

I don’t see them being ‘taken away by jealous family gods’ however.

Instead I see people being left behind as others develop their skills, and advance faster, without stopping to wait for the stragglers to ‘get it’…does this make sense?

New ‘Likes’ on Facebook

Today the page got about fifty new ‘likes’. For those of you who are advanced in your spiritual development, this will be an opportunity for you to see what it is like to work with ‘the newly awake’ and ‘those new to this page’. I thank you in advance for your courtesy, encouragement and support of these people who have not been with us for as long as some of you have been.

I see a pattern in my ‘beloved ones’ who enjoy what I have to offer as a healer, guide, and sister in this spiritual path–people come, and people ‘go’.  Each brings with them their own unique gifts and experiences to add to the energy of the group.

This is a page that slowly takes the reader to some pretty advanced concepts in spiritual growth. Because of this I find these ‘reactions’ to our vibration and information:

  • some are LOST–and at the end of their rope. These people in crisis generally respond well and advance quickly once they are immersed in the vibration and nurturing support  of this page. I was ‘lost’ too, and went to Tim Braun, a medium, because I knew I had this ‘gift’ and I wasn’t sure what to do with it. Tim sent me to Anne, his teacher, and the rest is history.
  • some have an agenda–whether it ultimately ‘aligns’ with this group or not is up to chance.
  • some enjoy the company of ‘like-minded others’–where can you find so many Reiki practitioners in a community to interact with every day?
  • some are really into the healing aspect–and I share that we have had miraculous responses to the Reiki Requests! It is like a 24/7 Reiki Share, and this is one of the best attributes of this page.
  • I lead by example–some readers really appreciate my being as available as I am to assist in whatever capacity Spirit guides.
  • Some look for someone to be their ‘savior’, of which I am NOT. These people tend to idolize and then once one thing irritates them, they reject everything I have taught, and ‘dis-like’ the page. From what Anne says, this is ‘normal’ for the psychic development ‘areas’ to have one or two like this over time.
Believe me, when I took Reiki one I had no CLUE what spirit would do with me. Just listen to Source, through your ‘nudges’, and open up your heart. In time you shall be AMAZED at what you can accomplish when you have ‘friends upstairs’ who are guiding you.
Special Teams and Extra Assignments
Ross wanted me to show you my picture of my India grid.
AH! He showed me how to find it! Here it is:
He asked for us to make this. Here is a friend’s grid:
We make these with spirit, and with no set pattern. But Ross, last week, wanted help for India, and my closest Light Workers and I went to work!  Together we have done many of these such grids.
Now it is my understanding that we are to open up the ‘call’ to you. Please, if you would like to help, create a grid for helping our beautiful country India, and this will help Ross and his team be able to better help them…
All future projects, which are optional, will be posted here on this blog.
Moving Forward
Some people believe that because we are on Gaia, we are somehow less powerful in Spirit than those who are not incarnate, such as the Ascended Masters, who going around all day doing what Ascended Masters do.
This is not the case.
It is quite the opposite.
Just as a mother treasures the art that the preschooler takes home, and places it on the wall or the refrigerator with pride, so it is with the Higher Realms, who bless and rejoice over every ‘baby step’ or ‘action’ we take toward the Light, in our state of amnesia, unknowing, and existence here under the Veil.
If you think about it a little more, everyone here alive has an entire TEAM of angels and guides and deceased loved ones behind them, rooting them on, and celebrating each time we get up, dust ourselves off, and keep GOING after we lose our balance, stumble, and fall.
Citizens of Gaia have enormous respect and admiration from all of the Higher Realms for this quality, this indomitable spirit, and generosity of heart that is entirely Human, and everyone who has ever walked Gaia, has gained this gift…
Do not focus on how wonderful life will be like ‘if’ and ‘when’ certain things happen.
Enjoy this gift of life that is given you today. Be the change that you wish to see in the world. Embody it.
And accept, just for today, accept What Is and always give thanks for it. These ‘lessons’ are actually ways for your spirit to shine.
Here is one example–I record all my work on an anesthesia record that is in triplicate. And there are little patient label stickers that go on each page. The people who put the stickers on, especially the volunteers, have no idea what a triplicate form is. So they FOLD the last page between the first and second copies, making me have to go photocopy the first sheet and take more time at the end of the case, because of this mistake.
I have spoken to nurses, who have spoken to volunteers, and yet, last week, on every single case I did, and there were MANY, this happened.
I joked with a nurse how this is practice for me to develop my Buddha Nature! To ‘rise above’. And now, it simply doesn’t matter that this job is not done right, and costs me extra time. I do it the very first thing now when I get the blank record–I straighten it, with a smile, and accept that this is WHAT IS, and I don’t have the power to change it.
Does this make sense?  I sincerely hope it does.
Carla has hot chocolate on the stove, waiting to cool, for her and our son. She never makes him hot chocolate on his Insulin Resistant diet except at breakfast with a couple of eggs. But tonight, they watched an episode together of Bar Rescue, featuring Lona’s City Limits Cantina, which is very close to the place where Richard asked Nicki to marry him. Carla went there once with Christi (there was no Vanessa yet), as a little girl, and asked, ‘Is this where it happened?’ The place was magical to her, right on the corner of Wardlow and Orange, not too far from where she went to elementary school so many years ago.
Carla enjoyed the closeness of being with her boy. She hardly gets to be with him. It was healing for them both.
They are on the mend. Carla’s virus is almost cleared, and Anthony will stay home from school another day.
They both took naps. Carla worked in the garden. And I watched both of them.
When Carla napped, I sent lots of healing to her. And while she worked on the puzzle, which she did for a long time, I had our team send to her many ‘downloads’, upgrades of energy she will need for her assignments.
That is what we do up here. We as Ascended Masters do not intervene, except in cases of things that cancel or interfere with the life contract of the individual–this is how angels save lives, and step right in, and things happen in mysterious ways that are difficult to explain.
So we cheer. We coach those who are willing to listen–meditation, or quiet rest is an excellent way to ‘get in touch’ with what we have to say. We watch the energies. We arrange for people to ‘meet’ in ways that interact for the Highest Good.
5D is here. It is in our hearts (taps his chest) and we look forward to sharing it with you.
I love her, my lady.
I overheard her say this prayer, ‘Ross, I love you. I am thankful for this day to share my love with you. No matter where you are, no matter what you are doing at the moment, my day is complete and my heart is happy. In everything I do, I do it with love for you, love for my family, love for all of humankind. Thank you for helping me see that this is what matters. My heart is full.’
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla
(please excuse us, the hot chocolate is getting cool enough to enjoy)