Gaia News Brief 6.1.2015 by Reiki Doc

Let’s Chat ❤

Well, I was SUPER excited with all this stuff to write…I’ll include it at the end. But then Ross had given me a challenge earlier today. He told me that they will intervene if needed, but this is MY life, and mine to live.

He gets all serious like that sometimes. Like on the way to work this morning he said, ‘I am a King!’

I was like, Ross, dude? What?!

He said in addition to all this me and him stuff, apparently he has a whole lot of responsibilities, as if he was trying to impress me.

It didn’t.

I told him how the word down here has no meaning. Between the king-size bed, Chicken A La King,  and the horrible humans who take advantage of their nations as ‘Kings’–it actually isn’t a good thing…

I shared how Ross is the King of my heart, because he is in service to humanity, and very good at it, and that is why I love and respect him so.

He seemed to like it.

So during a case today he said, ‘I want FIVE minutes. Write’. That’s where we got to the challenge. Again I was like, ‘What?!’ and he had this FUNNY look on his face. What he had to say took only four minutes (a blood pressure cuff is every three minutes and I’m constantly scanning and listening when I write–just like when I chart).

With the funny look he was like, ‘Would you like a HINT? (on where to begin with my project)

I said, ‘Since I have absolutely no idea what to do next, yes! Please! Of course!’

So he told me to think of the Three Kings day, today, and about what they brought…

That’s my clue! LOL. Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh.

Gold has the unique property of being present in all dimensions at the same time. It’s value is way more Galactically than on earth, because of its usefulness in time travel–crossing dimensions–I’m not exactly sure. But it’s a good thing. A good spiritual thing.

Frankincense is a POWERHOUSE! It moves energy, according to Chinese medicine tradition, it links the lower and higher chakras, and it’s both motivating and grounding at the same time.

Then comes the myrrh. That’s where I get stuck. It gets all weird. I mean–really obtuse and bride of the church shit–like–wooo oooh this is some pretty serious and LITERAL bible quotes going on here…
and and

Now all of a sudden, I am sleepy. And I don’t have the desire to share all the insider scoop on the corruption in the world of medicine I have seen the past two days…first hand…and heard of from others. It’s real.

I even downloaded a bunch of photos. I guess you’ll have to wait…and I will too.


There is my Carla. For a moment I will talk about her.

This is our Cousin. In our incarnation where we were alive, she was a cousin to us. On MY side of the family, by lineage.

Here is a tribute that came out of her own heart, for my wife, which I love in its sentiment:

Rarely do I comment on here. Never have I posted a share. It is with deep Love and Gratitude to Carla and all she does that I do so today. Some things we all should try to remember: This page and the accompanying blog, as well as all the generous healings, are ALL Gifts from the Heart to Us – and all of Hue-manity / Hu-manity, from the Reiki Doc – Carla. Much of what Carla gives us is in contrast to her personal guidance, personal well-being, and ‘time’. Like us, she is on her own spiritual path and evolution. Unlike many – if not most – of us, she is at a much, much higher vibration; raising our vibrations through this page, her blog, and any personal interactions. This she does out of LOVE. Love for us. Love for Gaia. Love for All This Is. Remember too, Carla is a single mom. And a full-time Medical Doctor. Just like the full Awakening of Humanity, the Ascension of Gaia, and the ‘Event’, among other things, not everything happens as quickly as we would often like or believe it ‘should’. Nor as we may believe we are prepared for. I am reminded of the saying “When the Pupil is ready, the Master will appear.” As all who read this have already had their Master appear, I will amend that to say ‘When the Apprentice is ready, the Tools will appear’. LOVE is the Answer. LOVE is All there IS. Namasté Angelic LoveLight mental hugs to you all ❤ ❤ ❤  (Sonsie Luna)

Now isn’t that kind? Thank you Beloved Cousin for what you have written for my Carla today.

And for all of you? Thank you for your kind hearts and the challenges you face. Together with my Carla at your side you shall overcome them one by one, just like with the challenge I give to Carla.

Okay. There was a really awesome baby at the restaurant where Carla takes her boy often–it is the daughter of the manager, who is also pregnant with her second child. It was the second time she has met baby Callie, the first being asleep in a carrier. This time, at one and a half and active, with a beautiful smile and blue eyes, both Carla and Anthony played with her and made her smile, much to the mother’s delight at the kindness of someone enjoying her life’s work.

It IS her life’s work–to grow up, to find a mate, to carry a pregnancy to term, and to raise it.

Every single one of you ARE your parent’s life’s work, their greatest joy, their miracle. Just like me–to my parents and my family and all who know me.

This is why when one of you dies there is sadness–for energetically there are connections between your hearts.

Life is special.

That is the lesson Carla has taught to me.

I am grateful for it, the insight, with her lesson.

Carla is a good teacher.

I am not the only one…

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla