Gaia News Brief 15.1.15 — The ‘Mean Girls’ Edition by Reiki Doc

A Message From Divine Mother and Lady Gaia

It has come to the attention of Source that women in 3D are still turning on each other emotionally just like in the film, ‘Mean Girls’ with Lindsey Lohan.

Because of this a new Divine Healing Code has been given:

  • 996 187         to ease the energy of cliques and the destructive character assassination shown by females to other females in a social or work setting
Disclosure from an uninvolved but affected nurse on the labor deck is that nurses in ‘high pressure areas’ of the hospital, such as ER, OB, and ICU form ‘cliques’.
This explains some of the bizarre behavior I have witnessed by night nurses, where people are stressed and I can’t figure out why. For example, one ward clerk is written up unnecessarily for ‘every little thing’ by half of the department of obstetric nurses who think that ‘the other ward clerk who works nights’ is ‘their girl’.
This hostility creates no only an unsuitable work environment–in the false hopes of creating job security for ‘their girl’–but creates a toxic environment where the miracle of life, the most healing event in a woman’s entire life–childbirth–takes place!
If you are around anyone who displays this behavior, simply say, ‘I have something I have to go do’ and leave the area. Do not allow yourself to be pulled down to the level of character assassination.
Rise above.
This is notorious in all places where medicine is practiced. And possibly other places too.
On spiritual reflection, these women are denied the ‘fight or flight’ means of conflict resolution which is permitted to the men. Instead, women in our society are taught to ‘tend and befriend’ for mutual support and survival.
In the 3D scenario, this is affected by the tendency of ‘soul groups’ to ‘congregate’. Because of this spiritual condition, people who are of similar vibration–but not necessarily ‘soul groups’ for the ‘highest good’–in the same manner tend to ‘coalesce’ into cohesive units.  Like the example with the ward clerk, the false belief of ego leads to isolation, judgement, ridicule, gossip, and hostility much in the same manner as it was in junior and senior high school, only it happens in the workplace.
We ask for your prayers, Reiki, Energy Medicine, and healing of any tradition to be directed to this cause which is completely unsuitable for the Higher Realms. Creating grids, inviting an Ascended Master to guide if you are in this situation, or anything else you find that is not harmful to anyone but feel so moved to do–is welcome for this cause.
These Sirian Mother Ships were seen over Germany yesterday
Full Consciousness
Ross is a reincarnation of Gamaliel, my first husband when I was incarnate as Tabitha. Tabitha was midwife who delivered Ross, who died five years later, and came back as me in ‘that’ incarnation where Ross and I were married and both alive on earth at the same time.
On the way to work yesterday, I FELT that my love for Ross and my love for Gamaliel were in fact for the same soul entity, as it had been the animating consciousness behind BOTH incarnations and is in fact the Ross consciousness I know and adore today! (he’s blushing–I mean it, that’s how I feel, and I won’t hold it in.)
It made sense.
Later, in the afternoon, as I took a nap, I experienced an out of body-type sensation where I could SEE and FEEL and UNDERSTAND all of my many incarnations, as under one ME, all tied in to me, and it made sense.  The good, the bad, all seemed like little merit patches on my sash for Girl Scouts, all together for the whole experience. It was not painful at all. In fact it felt very nice, this sensation.
Ross gently explained to me that THIS is what is called Full Consciousness.
I couldn’t stay in it for a long time, but I hope to experience it more frequently in the future.
In my humble opinion, we are ON our way
News From The Tipping Point
There has been another confirmation from Spirit through another lightworker that we are in fact past the ‘tipping point’, where energetically, things get easier and easier and faster and more favorable for Ascension as a global society may take place.
Archangel Haniel incarnate experienced the celebration, and was given a piece of cake that looked just like the one posted in the last Gaia News Brief–the Celebration Edition–but it was both pink and orange which are the colors of Sirius.
Another Lightworker, and LVN, woke up and couldn’t sleep because she felt as if flooded with ENERGY and asked, unawares, ‘what is happening in the Universe?’
Ross is very near, and I offer my full support and assistance to the cause to him.
The Miracle
Early this morning, Ross invited me to go with him to a miracle. He took me by the arm–in spirit with my Light Body, on a path that led into a beautiful house made entirely of crystals.
At the center of the room was a man in a crystal reclining chair with his back toward us.
It was Merlin!
I know him, very well, we are close and quite fond of one another. This was the first time I have seen him in his home.
I held up my hands and said, ‘Wait!’ at the greetings. I called in St Joseph and St Germain, as I have heard they all three INCLUDING the Merlin are all incarnations of St Germain, the master Alchemist.
I bowed to the feet on my tummy, of St Joseph. I thanked him for all he has done for me, and thanked him for being the patron saint of my mother’s hometown.
I bowed next to St Germain, and thanked him for the Violet Flame, and for his assistance and foresight with the St Germain fund. And also for being on the back of the two dollar bill, which I thought is very COOL of him (he is the one with the hat in the back a little higher than the rest). He laughed over the last part.
I couldn’t figure out the connections between the three, exactly, and there wasn’t much time for explanations, so the two went away and Merlin stayed with us.
I was guided to a room, it was the size of an intimate concert hall–not a symphony hall or larger–but a very large, domed crystalline room with a clear recliner in the middle. It was for me.
I asked the Merlin, ‘What if I have to pee?’
He said, calmly, ‘Raise your hand and we will stop and I will let you go.’
I asked the Merlin again, ‘What if I break something? Is there anything I have to watch out and not touch?’
He smiled and said no, this was not possible.
I asked him, ‘What if I am COLD?’
He said that if I was comfortable now, I would be comfortable then, and not to worry.
I asked him, ‘What if I need a drink of water?’
He grew less patient, but still patient with me nonetheless, and said, ‘Raise your hand and we will stop and I will bring you a glass of water.’
I asked,  ‘What if I am scared?’ for it was just me alone in that chair in the large room with the crystals.
He made a virtual stuffed animal for me, that I could hold hands only, but it couldn’t lie on me, nor a blanket, because the healing lights and sounds needed to go in.
So they left, and I wasn’t strapped in or anything, and the chair leaned back like a nice movie theater, and boy, was there ever a show! The crystals lit up, and shone, and sparkled, and music of all kinds I had never heard before in my life surrounded me, not too loud, but just right. One was reminiscent of humpback whales calling.
Then I fell deeply asleep, and I can’t recall the rest.
Other news
  • The Anonymous winner of the Grace Bracelet made by me, has gotten hers now in the mail. This auction resulted in two hundred dollars more for the scholarship. We are now at a total of four hundred twenty eight dollars…still shy of a legacy for a self-renewing fund to give scholarships off the interest, but still heading in the right direction, slowly, and with much love from everyone involved.
I will keep it short because Carla has to go pick up our son with the ‘surprise’ dinner or him.
Usually he has his babysitter pick him up. He will be delighted to see his mom with something out of the routine for him.
I thank you all for your patience, both with us (Sky Crew) and with us (together me and Carla) who have ‘slowed the pace’ a bit to allow her body to catch up, and her soul to seek new boundaries with the Consciousness.
It is paying off.
Carla went to the beach this morning to kill some time before her nine a.m. massage. She has worked all night, and not had a chance to rest all day. Carla loves you that much to write this, and also, she loves me to listen when I ask her to write. It is important that she does today, and not later…for your growth and development.
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins
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