Gaia News Brief 30.1.2015 by Reiki Doc

Update From Work

The days are long. For two days now, my dinner has been eaten in the car, with ‘backpacking food’–nothing like a real meal. Just energy bars and whatever I could grab on the go.

Ross had me purchase a Zen Relaxation CD from Target the night before last.  Here it is if you are interested:

I listened to that both ways to and from work in the car.  It helps. My car is my sanctuary. In the last three days I have had two serious ‘near-misses’ where I had to swerve to avoid an accident. The last one was someone who did a right hand turn into oncoming traffic that was into a MIDDLE lane, not the right one at the corner, and I was the oncoming traffic.  So everywhere I go, it’s something.

But the mean surgeon who is meaner than broken glass, was just as mean as ever. He accused me–rightly so–of the blood pressure being too high on his patient. I take measurements every three minutes, and once in a while, depending on what a surgeon does, it can change suddenly from the pattern it had. It takes me another three minutes to correct it. This is my work, my job.

What I found helpful in working with him I will share:

  • I envisioned him as teaching me the lesson of Joseph–that of the skilled craftsman who does really hard work. This one isn’t nice, but at least he has skills.
  • I changed my energy to one of someone who is just fed up. And ‘in your face’ to let you know it. Conversation–HIM–‘our patient would appreciate an inter scalene block on the next case’  (this isn’t my strong point)  — ME — ‘It’s ALREADY PLANNED’.   (I did the block in record time and it worked) at the end of the case –HIM– ‘if the block works the patient is going home, otherwise he spends the night at the hospital for pain control.’ (this is a threat to me, an expensive and inconvenient outcome for patient and surgeon due to my skills)  — ME– ‘THE PATIENT IS GOING HOME.’
All the time my heart was open to him. My vibration was high. But it was a stretch for me to communicate with him on his natural vibration. It was too LOW.
So for the rest of the day, although I had my favorite surgeon, and easy cases, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, I was spent.
On a lighter note:
  • I have shaken the dust off my feet for OB. I wish the department well. They are not my concern–in any way–even the most important ones, the spiritual. They are DONE.
  • Dr. Bret’s vibration is coming way up. He is the orthopedic surgeon with pancreatic cancer. He is just starting to be able to connect soul-to-soul, and understand things on a higher level. I’m not sure if he has made the connection yet that this Dr. Carla is also the one who supports his blog and his healing journey…one day he will and that will be fun.
  • A colleague approached me with an ‘experience’–I will paraphrase it–from the message someone sent to me:  It was a normal night. I was ready to go to bed. I was in the bedroom with my partner just about ready to hop in bed, when the dog started looking at the ceiling and barking like crazy. Then the dog laid down, as if following a command from an unseen visitor. A wave of calm hit me, like I’ve never experienced before, and I felt this warm energy. I am not a calm person (is a veteran from military service). I couldn’t see or understand what was happening and I don’t have words to describe it. My partner–I kept looking at her to see if she was experiencing it too and she wasn’t. Was I crazy? What do you think it was that just happened? I’m sorry to bother you and I know you are busy. I also know you will know and are the right person to ask.   It was a deceased loved one congratulating her on her becoming a nurse–someone the dog recognized from life. And Archangel Raphael was present behind them too.
It is speeding up. I spoke with my sister, who is feeling the ‘squeeze’ too. Remember, as the vibrations speed up, so does the perception of the passing of Time.
Write things down you need to get done, and you will find you have enough time to accomplish them.
Even in this.
Time will speed up until it stops, and we are in the NOW moment, just like the rest of the Higher Realms.
The family wishes to thank you for the love and support of my mom, Nicki, who had three dental extractions yesterday. They are on the top right side of her mouth. She is eating soft foods, and in pain but the vicodin is covering it. The pain is much less than the torture she used to experience when I was young and she had root canals and similar dental work.
On Life With Ross
Our pattern this week at home with Anthony was Monday he was at a sitter, Tuesday home, Wednesday at his dad, Thursday home, and Friday to weekend with his father.
He asked me to lie in bed with him as he fell asleep–something we do because I work such long hours. And Ross showed up.
We talked and laughed as only a family can laugh. The only thing that was missing is that Ross never farted! But the conversation and the laughter were that close–nine year old boys going on ten have a certain repertoire in their humor–and both of us enjoyed our son’s sense of comedy very much.
Ross even said, ‘Hey! I got you that mattress yesterday! Show me some respect!’ in a joking tone, and we laughed all together some more.
On Bliss
Increasingly, I find myself rejecting 3D.  There is a situation, it’s not good, and I think to myself–this is ILLUSION. In Heaven we are one, in JOY, and all of our needs are met.
The way my sister confided is that she had to switch jobs, her new assignment at her work is ‘receptionist’ and it feels like ‘Cinderella’. She is like, ‘I have college DEGREES and I am ordering supplies and putting out platters of cookies?’  She chose to disassociate in order to cope; she said, for a short time it was like I ‘wasn’t there’.
I did the same thing during surgery. Part of me was actively taking care of the patient, and my heart o f hearts was crying out to God–Please God? I am sure you didn’t make me for this! (being cooped up in a dark room for twelve hours a day with no breaks.)
Honestly, when I drove home last night, I realized my current work-life situation is actually WORSE than when I was in residency. I had twenty-four hour shifts on first call, but I got a morning break for fifteen minutes, a lunch break for half hour, and a dinner break too. Guaranteed!
When I was an attending, I came in for first call at three in the afternoon. So I had a morning to myself, as well as the guaranteed post-call day off after.
And I only took call perhaps three times a month!
So I decide in my opportunity, to think HAPPY THOUGHTS. Just because life is horrible, doesn’t mean I can’t have joy. I reflect on Ross. How handsome he is. How smart. How loving. How lucky I am.
Increasingly there is need to ‘change the channel’ in my life experience to one of nurturing, warmth, love and compassion. And I do!
I still get all the 3D stuff ‘done’. But I don’t have to be immersed in the energies of 3D. I am like ‘teflon’ or more aptly, ‘non-stick ceramic coating’ and I refuse to permit that ‘stuff’ of lower vibration to ‘stick’ on me.
That being said, I have to get ready for work…and start my day….it’s getting late….
Turtles can go on land. They breathe air. Although they are perfectly content to live life in the water, sometimes they like to haul out on the sand and enjoy the warmth of the sun.
The ocean is right there, and they are never far from it. They can always return to the sea when the need exists.
Carla and her sister are discovering that it is truly possible to reach for the ‘sunlight’–the nurturing, warmth, love and compassion, when their energy is running low.
To ‘step out for a break’ emotionally.
This is how you nurture yourself in your spirit life.
This is how Anthony asks his mother, ‘Will you please lie in my bed for a while?’ because he misses her. He craves her presence, her nurturing, her stability, her warmth, and her comfort that she IS THERE for him, no matter what their days are like.
A long time ago, Anthony fed at the breast. Carla fed him for three years, four months, and a few days.
For the longest time, he nourished himself just fine on regular food!
It was only at night that he needed his ‘mama milky’ to help him fall asleep. And he was NOT a good sleeper–he is not like Carla! Who falls asleep in a second! He takes after his dad’s side of the family, his physical father. (Once Carla reached Reiki three, and practiced her Reiki he would quickly fall asleep during the treatment)  So from about two, until the end, Carla’s nurturing was his anchor in his life…the last thing he wanted to experience before he relaxed into sleep.
It is okay to ask for this.
For those of you in spiritual journeys, it is OKAY to ask for a little love and tenderness from your guides. A ‘gentle love squeeze’ to help you on your tasks.
Just as Anthony no longer takes the milk from his mother’s breast, he can still ASK for the emotional nurturing and comfort of his mother’s embrace. It is there for it. It is the relationship between a parent and child, a mother and son, for her to be the ‘anchor’ in his life experience.
My beautiful mother was the anchor in mine, until I met Carla, when I was incarnate. And then I had BOTH to love and support me with their hearts, their smiles, their cooking, and their tending to my soul.
Any time you need a ‘lift’.
And I am there for you (gestures to a crowd of Ascended Masters). All of us are. And we are happy to ‘right’ you when you are ‘unsettled’, just like Carla has been of late. The energies are rapidly shifting–and you are just ‘little ones’ in your growth compared to us.
WE are happy to serve you on your journey.
Here is an example of one who is committed in service to you:
This one made Carla cry. Why? Because she knows him. She is related to him, his daughter, in our star family.
She bravely told him stories like a child would send a letter home from camp–fighting the tears because she misses home–and she told him of her spiritual accomplishments on her mission, and even as a gesture that moved us all–deeply–here in the higher realms–Carla sent him her ‘art work projects’ that she ‘imagined’ she has made ‘here at camp’ (incarnate on Earth).
I also talked to Carla in the midst of her stress, while she was eating a microwaved Samosa wrap and waiting for the sitter and her son to arrive.
I asked her to play the piano for me, just like I had played the guitar for her (yes I play!). I asked for something classical, Paderwerski.  I assured her I would be present as she played. And that her playing makes the vibrations EASIER for me to be around, because she is happy, and her vibrations go UP.
Let me tell you, for that short piece, Carla was transfixed and not in 3D at all. She was looking at the notes from her piano teacher, Laverne Howard, back at Al Kalie music center at the Lakewood Mall. She was back in time, and remembering music that she hasn’t played in over forty years…and it surprised her how difficult the piece was in complexity, as she noticed how the music was, even though her hands could easily play it.
And you know what Carla did after this?
She played to me. Eddie Rabbit. Just You And I.
And Carla sang it out loud. Only to me.
That was the single most important moment of her day, her practice, for about, twenty-minutes.
If there is something to you, that is meaningful–be sure to go do it.
It will help you go UP. (points)
It will also stabilize the energy as you experience Ascension.
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla the Reiki Doc Couple
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