The Spiritual Workout by Reiki Doc January 28, 2015

This is a transcript from a message I had yesterday:

My favorite crystal store
I am post-call
My appointment earlier, with my boy’s therapist elsewhere, cancelled because she planned for the wrong day.

Ross:  Hi honey. Hi Honey Bunch. How is your day?

Carla:  Kind of messed up. No appointment with Marc on Skype. No sleep.  No blog. My last patient on OB was SO technically hard…

Ross:  I strongly love and admire you.

Carla:  (I breathe in and out thanks and gratitude to him for his kindness)

Ross:  Where are you?

Carla:  Safe at (my favorite crystal store). By the crystals in the chair.

Ross:  Release. Release all your cares and concerns to us.  Ask Archangel Michael to cut the ties.

Carla:  (I do).  Am I a free spirit now Michael?

Michael:  You are.

Ashtar:  Hi Carla.

Carla:  Hi Ashtar. Why am I so lucky (to hear you?)

Ashtar:  It’s been a while–a long time.

Carla:  Since here? (he used to speak to me when I was there, with messages) Or just us?

Ashtar:  Everything.

Carla:  Ashtar, you could say anything you wish — I am so sleepy!

Ashtar:  How sleepy tired are you?

Carla:  More than I’ve ever been in my life!

Ashtar:    And your soul?

Carla:  Like I had a good workout!

Ashtar:  I want you to write about this. You won’t forget?

Carla:  Marc stood me up!

Ashtar:  Both of us are ‘flighty’, isn’t it what you are trying to say?

Carla:  You both are DIFFERENT! In the same way.

Ashtar:  (guides me to look at a candle, immediately to my right)

Yellow Reiki Pillar called ‘Laughter’

Let me see the brighter side of life.
Let the joy of laughter enter my life every day, bringing happiness and healing to my heart.’

I want you to buy it. That is a gift from me.

Ross:  (nods)  Honey? I am with you. Now close your eyes–let go and rest.

I am like a child, and I am on my Father’s shoulders. He is my Divine Father. We are looking towards the horizon. In the darkness, like the dawn, is a new sun–or at least, a light I have never experienced that is BRIGHT like the sun.

Through claircognizance I realize it is the Mesime, the largest in the entire fleet of the Universe, coming toward Earth! And nothing can harm it  

I get so happy my feet turn into ‘happy feet’ while I am up on the shoulders of my father. I do not mean to but I kick him softly in the chest at the axillary lines–in my unbridled JOY at the recognition!

I catch myself, and stop, and apologize to him profusely. He is kind, and doesn’t get upset.

I wake up.

Carla:  Thank you my love.

Ross:  ❤  Now GO!

I have written this exactly as it took place yesterday afternoon.

Aloha and mahalos,

Reiki Doc
Carla ❤

Gaia News Brief 27.1.2015 by Reiki Doc

Mahalo Nui Loa

Many thanks and so very much love to everyone who assisted me energetically on my last OB call for the next three months, possibly forever. I was able to complete the last of four assigned shifts with full knowledge I was one of the three who were asked not to return–based on perception, politics, and essentially, vibration.

As a high vibration person, putting a long needle into the base of the spine on pregnant women in labor–guess what type of attachment likes to hang out in the root chakra? Yes, the DE’s and the NE’s. And for the last five years, they have given me a run for my money! They don’t want me and my needle coming anyway near them, and if the mother has a difficult epidural placement that is more ‘low vibration nutrition’ for them…

As the years have progressed, it’s become technically easier, although the challenges posed by body size (BMI 50 in one recently) and the long shifts (twenty-four hours in a row) and the nights away from my son were getting to me.

Everything went as well as can be expected. There are no hard feelings, only love, and with excitement I look forward to my next assignment.

For now, it is taking lots more weekend calls, and shifts nobody in the group wants, and extra days off.

Book Review:  Understanding Reiki , From Self-Care to Energy Medicine, by Chyna Honey

On January 12 I was contacted by Tiffany Hunter, PhD, with a request to read and write a review on the book. She said, ‘you don’t have to say it’s great or anything, just say what you think about it’.

I was offered my choice of Kindle or paperback, and I chose the latter.

I read it with interest.

I also smiled inwardly…I went to school in the Bay Area, and married into a Northern California family.  This book is written by what I lovingly call  ‘Earth Mama’–like the women in Berkeley I knew, who aged gracefully, had their own style, and wore very strong convictions and causes on their belief that were more dear to them than the most meaningful tattoo art.

These are the women who helped make me who I am–by their nurturing their children in my presence–by their bringing breastfeeding back from obscurity and shame by running La Leche League meetings…these were the wives of my professors, the women at the grocery store, even my beloved Ballet Teacher Patricia Cloud at the Berkeley Conservatory.

I say this to help you prepare and adjust for the tone of this book. It holds no punches. ‘Humans are THIS’ and ‘Reiki is THAT’ with full confidence. Some of the parts, particularly the explanation of how Reiki energy hits two of the five energy body systems, are incredible. One part further, how mental acceptance and thoughts can basically ‘reverse’ the benefit of Reiki in some people, answered a question I had been pondering for some time. A close friend and associate I have had cleared of attachments twice, and she is clean as a whistle, but she keeps ‘feeling’ that ‘something is THERE’…so Chyna, I thank you.

I finished the book three days ago, and had to think about it, my feelings for this book. I believe there is a place for it in the Reiki body of literature. It breaks tradition, and doesn’t mention the history of Reiki discovery, hand positions, or symbols. It’s different. I think you will find it refreshing.

I also like how it will make you examine your own perception of Reiki, and come up with your ‘take’ on it too.

The last thing to bring up, before I share my opinion, is how my teacher, Anne Reith, PhD, is unique in that she is a psychologist/counselor by training, and also a lesbian. Like most gays and lesbians I know, she is extremely careful to encourage and respect everyone’s experience of Reiki. It doesn’t have to be like her. And if you want to copy ‘her’, she will gently redirect you to go explore your own perception of Reiki. There is no ONE way to do it.  She will mention how one student can’t remember a single symbol, but her Reiki is powerful and my teacher goes to her for treatments. Another has the Reiki shoot out the tips of her fingers, not her palms, and it still works!

In essence, the book Understanding Reiki is the careful observation and discussion of the Reiki Experience of Chyna Honey, and her colleagues and students. It is very ‘nuts and bolts’, and is excellent for the newly awakened who would like more ‘structure’ in their Reiki experience.  I believe the clinic does excellent energy healing work, and is of value to the community and humanity too. click here for more on Healing For People organization/offices/services

When it comes right down to it, what I read comes to me like this–a Rose Window at Notre Dame, at seen from this view:

It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

For comparison, to me, and this is my only perception–the experience of Reiki for me–and only me–is like this:

Chyna Honey, the author and teacher, never once gives credit to her Reiki guides.  I was taught by my teacher, that Reiki isn’t ‘out there’. When I request to my Reiki guides, ‘Reiki ON!’–they actually direct the beam of energy to me, to come through me, and to those I wish to heal.

What I am saying is that I am not in this alone. And by Karuna Reiki Master, you are part of a team, with amazing wonderful teachers and guides who work in partnership with you in your healing efforts.

For now, I take a little pause in silence, and give credit and love and gratitude to my incredible Reiki Healing team. Whenever I send a healing–it is all of us, our energy, that is combined and given to you for healing purposes…here they are:

  • Reiki One–Mikao Usui-Sensei
  • Reiki Two–Mother Mary, or as I prefer to call her, Blessed Mother
  • Reiki Three–Eric from Sirius, ex-husband of Anne when she was incarnate on Sirius
  • Reiki Master–King Kamehameha
  • Karuna Reiki–Master Jesus Christ–the Yeshua and Master Buddha
Thank you for all you do us, with all humility, gratitude, joy, and love…Reiki Doc
Carla has said enough. She must go soon and pick up Anthony from school. Tonight’s dinner is hot dogs, and as she misses him (tomorrow night he goes to his father’s overnight), she plans to make a special dessert of his choice–baked from scratch–while he does his homework.
This is Carla’s dream–to have cookies and milk ready to receive her children when they come home from school, just like her mother did for her.
Carla’s life is different, but just for tonight, she would like to make the effort and enjoy her relationship with her boy.
They are little for such a short time…
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla the Reiki Doc Twins

Sheldan Nidle Update~1-27-15~ Much is now ready to occur!

Be ready to leap into the new realm when Heaven gives the proper signals. The signs are prosperity, new governance and the return of your God-given sovereignty.

from PAO ~ Planetary Activation Organization


1 Manik, 5 Yax, 11 Ik

Dratzo! We come with more good news on the process of delivering the blessings to you. This past week saw a grand series of checkpoints reached. Some amazing events are fated to occur in the coming week. You are actually now on the verge of the beginnings of the various blessings arriving. We are ecstatic that this is indeed the case. When we arrived nearly two and a half decades ago, we were at first surprised at the utter arrogance of the dark forces that were in charge of your many global societies. These individuals seemed totally unwilling to obey the sacred decrees of Heaven. We were informed as well by your Ascended Masters that this lack of concern was the norm for this dark cabal. Our many elders had told us about this and warned us to be ready to enforce the heavenly edicts only when our earthly allies permitted this to happen. This led us into a series of long discussions with our many allies as to why this insanity was still present. We were given a number of talks on what was occurring here. We decided to help our allies only after proper permission was truly given us. This is only changing due to the positive feedback we are presently receiving.

Over the years, we discovered just how upside-down this global society truly was. Your societies are based on wealth, and especially on power. Money, a very primitive means of exchange for goods, was the growing kingpin of this very odd realm. We immediately asked our earthly allies why the technology to put an end to this nonsense was so suppressed. Our allies provided us with a complete history of power and how the minions were still a vital force here. Our allies told us that the means to transform this was in process. The dark cabal had easily suppressed not only this advanced technology, but as well awareness of our existence. We were told just how these power-mad cabals had made a number of special treaties that permitted the Ancharians to abduct, defile and experiment on their fellows. This planet was a special dark experiment. Over the last 13 millennia, the dark and its chosen minions had convinced the surface humans to believe in their horrible nonsense. This arrangement was ending as chosen star seeds and other Light Beings incarnated into this world.


The ancient families and the Ascended Masters gradually ameliorated this process. Our part in your vast transformation was to act as the suppliers of needed technologies, and as the special envoys needed to convince the cabal that its days were truly numbered. It took a long time to finally convince the cabal that its power was fading. The past few years have seen our earthly allies slowly gain the upper hand. This is why any such deliveries can now happen. We continue to limit the things the dark cabal wishes to do, either in very near orbital Earth space or near your Moon. In spite of this, the dark continues to hope that a way out of their predicament is still possible. This is why a number of delays have happened over the past few months. Our dedication to our slightly revised mission has finally permitted the dark to relent and allow various prosperity deliveries to occur. Our liaisons are therefore apprising us of many deliveries that are very close to occurring. Hence, we are most happy to advise you that you are indeed on the verge of receiving your blessings!

Heaven continues to move forward with the special proceedings that are preparing for your final transformation into fully conscious beings. The next set of transformations is to involve a number of important adjustments to your many head chakras. The most vital are additional increases to your Well of Dreams in the back of your head, as well as pineal and pituitary glands. These are to cause some degree of headaches, blurry vision, sleeplessness and even some accumulating fatigue. Your head may at times seem quite heavy. At the same time, you are to become more aware of our medical teams. When you start to barely apply this new head system, you can begin to feel us easily, even when you are asleep. To those who are in a more advanced state, we have instructed our teams to make a very preliminary contact. This mild interaction is to let you know that we are working with your guardian angels, to ready you for contact and for receiving a higher degree of consciousness. The creation by all of us of a new realm has only just begun!

18963 539150262596 120503432 31539966 8177532 n

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! A pattern of grudging compliance has appeared. The dark cabal realizes that Heaven is winning. Victory over the next time period is readily assured. AEON’s decrees are finally starting to prevail. We are most happy to report that the final tests and necessary proceedings are preparing you to receive a vast array of blessings. We ask you to remain positive and to bless with us these glorious outcomes. Gaia is likewise preparing means to step up her transformation of her surface. Even the Sun is singing! The dark cabal is seeing that its time as the master of this realm is ending. We can state that our numerous daily prayers and sacred intentions are altering this reality only because of your great help. This realm is dancing as you daily use your focus to multiply what we do. Be ever aware of this and continue to assist us in this noble task. Heaven blesses us and uses this immense energy to transform this realm. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

As the dark begins to fade, its bluff is that nothing is happening. Yet around you many vital events are taking place. Gaia is increasing the level by which the seabed rises. The coastal planes are slowly bringing sea life back to a higher level of well-being. You are experiencing the next set of physical transformations. The energy, which keeps this realm together, is increasing in vibration and strength. In whole, this realm is readying itself for the great transformation that is to return all living things to their full potential. This complexity is yet another series of subtle signs. Gaia is, on command by Heaven, ready to move upward and unite both its inner and outer realms again. The division, which lasted for millennium, is to end. Gaia’s changes are to be mirrored on the other living worlds that make up this solar system. The very makeup of this sector of physicality is to be radically altered.

background angels announcing 2nd coming

As Ascended Masters, we look over this magnificent realm and bless this wondrous work. Heaven and the Creator are completing a great prophecy issued eons ago when physicality was first permitted to emerge. Since that time, a series of creations have emerged, one upon the other. We now sit in the sixth of these and divinely watch as each set of events merge with the others. This natural process is something of a wondrous miracle, not only to watch, but also to participate in. Soon you are to join us as this operation molds you properly into physical angels. You are off the wheel of karma and poised to re-enter your old sacred Being. We rejoice at this set of wonders and know that you are being readied for our many instructions. Be patient and accepting of the numerous changes happening to your world and to yourselves. Hosanna! Hosanna! Hossanna!

Today, we continued our messages. Much is now ready to occur! You stand on the grand precipice created by Heaven. Be ready to leap into the new realm when Heaven gives the proper signals. The signs are prosperity, new governance and the return of your God-given sovereignty. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

The power of your loving intentions is tremendous.

Johnsmallman's Blog

Saul Audio Blog for Wednesday January 28th

Humanity is on a roll towards the moment of awakening!  As you read the mainstream news media reports of conflict, wars, crime, and corruption all over the world that may not seem to you to be a valid assessment, but I assure you it is.  Yes, there is much going on that is unloving and causing suffering in the world today, but it is for the most part  the result of an enormous clearing and releasing of the old energies of fear that have maintained and supported the illusion and those who would suppress and control you through it.

The unloving energies, mostly of fear, that have been predominant on Earth for eons are dissolving as more and more of you turn towards love in your relationships, and make the intent to be loving in every situation.  The power of your loving intentions…

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A short update on the energies

aisha north

By now, much has been set into motion that will once again necessitate a period of incubation before it can take fully hold, and what we mean by that is simply this: you have once again completed one of many cycles whereby your energetic environment, both on the inside and on the outside, has been reset to such a degree, the overall effect it has on your physical and mental vehicle is so great, it needs to be incrementally digested. In other words, look upon this as a period of more quiet reflection, and when we use the word reflection, we use it on purpose. For now is the time to not only cast your eyes about in ways that will be better suited to take in the inner workings of your own physical vehicle, but also in a manner that will enable you to entrain yourself with what is…

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Gaia News Brief 26.1.2015 by Reiki Doc

Island Treasures

This morning we both slept in very late. My son was so kind to allow me the extra time to sleep and to write.

We went to breakfast at our favorite Hawaiian breakfast place. The music was magical, and being with him was time well-spent.

I laugh because at the table next to us were two obviously frazzled parents with three small boys. One was a baby, and the other two were having a fight over the water brought in the little thermoses. The younger, the middle boy, was crying because the older had taken his favorite thermos.

The father was trying to work with them. And the older was deny-deny-deny. The father, in exasperation said, ‘If it really DOESN’T matter which cup, then you could have taken the other and let him have his way.’

He even started to say, the white man ‘threat’, ‘I am getting a little pissed off!’

I spoke to Anthony under my breath, as the family was at the table next to us, and said, ‘I am SO glad you are older! And SEE what kind of hell you were spared because you are an only child? All brothers and sisters have moments like this. When your father has his own family, now that you are old enough, it won’t really bother you what the child wants or does or says because you won’t be affected by the jealousy like these kids over here.’

My son, without skipping a beat, said, ‘I wish this restaurant was a drama-free zone!’.

I have to comment on this because in 5D, none of this would happen. I KNEW the intention of the eldest son. He was doing this on purpose. Plus, he was jealous of the lack of attention and the favoritism shown by his parents to the middle boy, his brother. The parents had no insight to the dynamic, and were ineffective in their dealing with it. Basically the crying one was the barometer of the family unit, and there was an imbalance to heal. That’s what goes on when you have your ‘antennae’ up.

Today I cleaned up my work station at the computer where I write.

I washed the keyboard to take all the fingerprints off. My boy was startled when he saw how nice the area looks. ‘Mom! You CLEANED up your area on the desk!’.  Many things I don’t want to forget, I place here, and they do pile up.

As an extra treat, the instrumental group, Kohala, who play excellent Hawaiian music, somehow got lined up on my iTunes to play ‘Ne Kali Kei Au’, the Hawaiian Wedding Song. I strongly encourage you to buy their album, ‘Island Treasures’, and you will greatly enjoy it for relaxation at home. I discovered this group the last time I was in Oahu.

For now, here is their only song available on YouTube, Flying:


This morning I awoke with the strong feeling to go to Sea World. So did my boy. We have spent many happy times there.

I do not support dolphins and whales and other sea creatures in captivity.

I DO wish to support the dolphins and whales who unfortunately ARE in captivity, they need to eat, and I communicate with the orcas and thank them and bless them when I am there.

As a result, we have gotten to know some of the trainers, who are very nice, and have a great deal of LOVE for their whales and dolphins, almost to the point of truly feeling like they are family with them.

If you are into Blackfish, go ahead, and be negative about this.

The fact of the matter is that Keiko, the REAL ‘Free Willy’ died miserably after release to the wild because without a pod, an orca is not going to do well. They hunt together, they have companionship, and family.

I don’t see how people can be so short sighted as to focus on ‘the problem’ of aquatic parks and not realize that a pod is a pod, and a ‘language’ barrier between captive and free whales certainly exists. Even now the ‘vegetarian’ resident orcas who do not eat mammals have so few fish to eat that in the Salish Sea they are learning how to eat marine mammals, which is a skill that is taught to the transient orcas from their mothers and takes some time to master…

All whales need our love and support, no matter where they are.

And if you like to hold up picket signs, go right ahead, it’s your free will, I lived in Berkeley, and if that’s what matters to you, go ahead and do your thing…

Well, anyhow, we only would have had two hours there, so we didn’t go.

So I was torn–why the call to go, to both of us, and why stay at home?

Ross explained it to me–Anthony was happy on his xbox, and he needs some ‘down time’ too.

I was able to cook dinner (it’s in the oven!), clean my desk, and do three loads of laundry! We both read a while, I have a book someone asked me to review–and I’m really enjoying it.

I realize today, that just like the whales in their pod, my family is also ‘interconnected’.  From the clothes from Jared, Anthony’s father, I just washed and need to send back, to the photos I finally hung up after two years today in the family room, to the little cable for the camera I have misplaced, to the bracelet Spirit guided me to make that is named, ‘Endearment’…a HUGE part of life is going with the group, with the flow, and adapting moment by moment to WHAT IS…

It was a very powerful lesson, and gentle too.

I like that.

Spirit sometimes thinks that we don’t ‘learn’ if there isn’t any pain. I challenge this often with my guides. My homework and lessons at school were not painful to me. Time consuming, tedious, but never painful to my heart…

So all in all, today was a good day. We have citrus chicken , sweet potatoes, and butternut squash in the oven. It’s my favorite kind of meal, the ones that cook in the oven all day. And Ross wants me to use the cabbage to make ‘Granny’s Slaw’, a recipe from the Aunt Bee’s Mayberry Cookbook:

  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon dry mustard
  • 1/2 teaspoon celery seed
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 1/4 cup chopped green pepper (I skip this)
  • 1 tablespoon pimento (I skip this)
  • 1/2 teaspoon grated onion
  • 3 tablespoons oil
  • 1/3 cup vinegar
  • 3 cups chopped or grated cabbage
In a large bowl combine all of the ingredients. Chill thoroughly.  Serves 6.  Nellie Fich, Springfield Missouri is the author of this recipe


Everything happens for the best.

I want you to quote me on that one! (smiles and laughs)

And I am not kidding!

The importance of flexibility, especially in these times, is important to state.

Just go with whatever happens, and you will begin to understand how your feelings and thinking are going to help you to co-create.

Carla has her last call on Obstetric Anesthesia coming up in a short time. This is the reason she has made the ‘Endearment’ bracelet, as an amulet, a medicine to her. In it are lozenge-shaped beads of black tourmaline, with natural turquoise, ammonite, quartz the color of aquamarine and crystalline cut, and Lemurian quartz.  It is powerful, and I ask for your loving support, and Reiki to Carla at this difficult time, as she is going to need to face the hostility and unpredictability of the workplace.

There are three who have been asked to step down. Both of the others have excused themselves and given there call away.

The last call was so awful, that Carla wanted to never come back, and just give up.

Her teams said, ‘not’–and she has been asked to show her courage and take the very last call with a stiff upper lip, shoulders back, and a smile.

By the way, the last mother, the ‘Kwan Yin’ as she called her, never got a single headache.

That was from me.

I am giving Carla my full love and support as well.

Will you join me?

Thank you.

I appreciate your love and Reiki to this effect–that everything may happen for the best and for the Highest Good–no matter what–even in this.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla

You are this close… this close. – The Council

Oracles and Healers


The Council

More than one hundred years ago a handful of men, physicists, made discoveries and advanced theories which turned their view of reality on its ear. Now, after all this time, many of those ideas have percolated through your societies far enough to be accepted and at least partially understood by a majority of you.

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