Gaia News Brief 28.2.2015 by Reiki Doc

Disclaimer:  this post is only for those most advanced who have ‘kept up’ with me on their Ascension Path…it might not ‘sit well’ with others who are ‘casual readers’…
Update on Team Doctors With Reiki
It’s perfect. The group of Healers has ‘figured things out’ and is working with focus–and huge success!–as a closed group which handles only Reiki Requests/Healing Requests and feedback from those requests.
Here is an example:
Today, a very bright, happy, even giddy gal called me. Dottie reports that she has sought out a 2nd opinion. She is postponing her surgical option for at least another 30 days and has found a new doctor in her hometown. Mom was chatty, silly, joking and in a place she hasn’t visited for many months. She is getting around the house without assistance. I was in awe of this person who was reaching out to me, such a transformation! She uttered words that were music to my soul when she shared… ‘you know, my sore wing… it doesn’t hurt AT ALL today!’ Dottie added that ‘there just might be something to this… maybe I might not need surgery after all’ and then she asked me to come and share Reiki with her for breakfast Sunday morning. Miracles. This group works in Miracles! 6 days from ER to now… Thank you for your kindness and compassion in helping us take this giant healing leap – together. Bless you, you are all forever in my prayers. Namaste
To join simply request to be added to the group on Facebook, Team Doctors With Reiki. And you will be let in.
Please note that our team has been instructed to gently detach any postings that might ‘distract’ and ‘get off on a tangent’ their focus as healers…they wish to really work on their skills…
Hello! Doctors with Reiki on Facebook has launched an entirely new ‘venture’–at this time only, a prototype, a closed group–to help develop our sense of intuition.
Here is the mission statement from the group:
Team Mati मति is a group that is dedicated to the concept of reawakening our natural ability to send and receive information from one soul to the next, without having to say ANYTHING! It is a skill that can be developed with a little practice, a willingness to learn something new, and FUN with support from one another. There is no financial interest in this group, and all participation is free.
This was a suggestion by Ashtar and Ross, and had the input of Divine Mother in the selection of the name. Mati is a Sanskrit word for ‘Intuition’.
Our first eight players are working through to the second round.
Here is more on how it works, if you are interested:   I will also make this a tab at the top of the page.
Last Night’s Lesson
After launching Team Mati, it was time to relax. Ross invited me to enjoy a glass of red wine, and have some crackers, cheese, and proscuitto while I relaxed and read this:
For some of you this makes sense.
For some of you it doesn’t, and that’s OKAY.
Then Ross and I decided it was time for me to sleep.  You see, I disagreed with the article, just a little.  Going without sleep is uncomfortable. I’ve spent many a night on call. Your body goes haywire. Your emotional reserve is shot and you cry and get upset over the least little thing.  People can die from lack of sleep; further this is used as a technique in ‘breaking people’ in order to brainwash them.
I also thought it was funny that the Love Squeeze concept would be published about five or six hours AFTER I published this:
Ross asked me to take off all my jewelry. Everything. Except my rings and the one bracelet that doesn’t come off, my Kuuipo Hawaiian Gold.
I didn’t want to take off my Chef Ito Oil. It’s a dragon holder, and it’s very protective energy for me.
But I did.
The wine hit.
And I remembered as I was making my earrings yesterday, I had taken off the first pair Ross had ever given to me, rainbow moonstone and white topaz.
I didn’t know where they were.
Sleepy, tired, feeling the wine, the tears started to flow.
Then I started to berate myself…I can’t take care of anything! first I lose the baby and I lose you and now I lose the only thing I can touch and feel and KNOW in 3D is from YOU!!!
Ross was shocked that all this was coming out. My soul felt GUILTY for the losses I had experienced when we were both incarnate.
Ross reminded me how in meditation, he had GIVEN BACK to me every item of jewelry I had lost and always punished myself for losing–the eighteen karat gold cross and chain from Italy with mom’s number 13 charm she had gotten from work–that Glenda Varney and her sister tricked me into taking off when I went swimming at their house ‘because it would get stuck in the filter’…, my Italian gold bracelet that was lost on the sports field at Hamilton Junior High in the ninth grade (I had been on my knees combing the whole field to look for it)…there were others too but you get the picture…he could ‘give it back’, not to worry, just relax…
But NO!
In tears, I went to my beading supplies. I went through every packet, every tray, every sack, dumping everything on the floor and being unkind to myself for losing something of value. I even added how my own CHILD is ‘lost’ and is co-parented every other weekend. I can’t take care of my own son enough to keep that too!
I saw in my mind’s eye Ross’ concern and his making comments to our team. I went upstairs and downstairs twice, even crawling on the floor under the table where I make the bracelets! I was sobbing.
I got angry at myself for not being able to remember–you see, when I put something away ‘very safe’ I never remember where I put it. And also, Anthony came home from the sitter when all my beading stuff was out on the table. He had the homework crisis that night, and after trying to work on the couch and the desk he finally needed me to clear the table for him to work. I was afraid I had thrown away the earrings in my haste, and cried all the harder!
I looked everywhere, telling Ross I would leave no stone unturned until I found those gifts from him, because I LOVE him and I CAN take care of nice things…one day…I hope…
But I couldn’t.
Defeated, I let my shoulders droop. I told my team, ‘you win’ and ‘I guess this is another lesson’ and I gave up.
For some reason Heaven REALLY seems to like it when we give up. That’s when the miracles happen…
As I readied myself to go to bed–I had spent an hour looking–something caught my eye.  It was a polish wooden box that had a tarot card design on it–The Lovers. I remembered I had bought it that same day…I opened it. Inside were the two natural  stones I had found that were shaped like hearts Ross had sent, that I had put in there for safekeeping…and MY EARRINGS!!!
This is how they seem for me…beyond price…
Ross couldn’t understand my distress. Why it was important to me to have something in 3D that was from him. I had other jewelry! But this was the FIRST…
As I drifted off to sleep, I felt my team discussing and making plans…for my next lesson…
This Is Where It Gets Weird Okay?
I have had one high school sweetheart, Tom R, and married my college sweetheart, Mark S.  We divorced, I went to medical school, and had no serious relationships. In residency, I married Frank H. We divorced, and in the pain of this divorce, I fell in love with Jared H, the father of Anthony.
In 3D, with linear passing of time, my romantic past has been–in THIS incarnation only– Tom, Mark, Frank, and Jared.
In 5D, where there is an Eternal Now moment, how would this be?
I would have FOUR significant relationships–but who can say if they were in sequence or not since there is no linear time?
All I would know is I had FOUR really amazing people who were in my life, but they aren’t in my life at all now, not any of them, in that same way.
Although I am Ross’ Twin Soul, I have had more than one husband in Spirit…and somehow, between these men–it works.
Back home, I LIVE with Ross. We have a house. We have a family.
This is where it gets a little fuzzy. I know that in preparation for this incarnation, I needed extensive one-on-one apprenticeship from others, to the point where I lived with them and was their ‘wife’ too.
Therefore, I have a heart connection to Archangel Michael, Merlin, and Archangel Raphael, in addition to Ross, and everyone is okay with it, except I’m a little weirded-out by it because I don’t want to hurt any of these dear sweet men…who mean so much to me.
Guess who showed up this morning?
My team! Yes, they, and two more, are on it.
They wanted to give me their full love and support, that I could lose MANY earrings and nothing with them would ever change, they would not judge me, and there is no LIMIT to the love they have for me…
To cheer up.
As you may know, my Bliss bracelet led to the creation of my Dark Bracelet–my ‘Yin’ bracelet if you will…
So my team wanted me to make something to remind me of them entirely in Grey–not white, not black, but BOTH…at the same time…get it?  (they also jokingly referred to it as my Fifty Shades of Gray bracelet and earrings…they have wonderful sense of humor, don’t they? Delightful…)
So that is my bracelet. And on my left arm right now is Waterfall, from Divine Mother through Isabel Henn–I ALWAYS reach for her jewelry when I need a little ‘support’ in the Ascension journey! It really helps…
I hope this explains it to you, a little. For in the Higher Realms, ‘monogamy is a CAN but not a MUST’…it’s kind of hard to figure out for me.
And Ross–dear sweet Ross–because of my pain in this department, he has not ‘married’ anyone else but me.  He doesn’t want me to hurt, and is very careful about this. I touched his picture, and said, ‘In this my beloved, you really ARE a saint!’ and he laughed and appreciated my letting him know how I feel about his actions.
These are entirely random beads–or so I thought. But if you look them up in the crystal book, you will be amazed at just how accurate they are for the gifts I have received from each of my husbands ‘back home’:
Ross = citrine (big one)
Raphael = jasper
Michael and Merlin = quartz
me = agate
There has been a lot today. I will just show you some pictures.
This is my family
This is a new form of healing bracelet for those who are in long-term care facilities.
Carla made it with love, and with the softest materials she could find, braiding them together
Here are two rose quartz angel wings, flanking a filigree angel wing
And ice quartz crystals, too…
with coral
This is for her student, the one who made her the bracelet..the ‘tiger cub’.  It has the energy of heaven.
This is from Tea, in San Juan Capistrano, where Carla took her friend Heather for the afternoon to ‘get away from her daily routine’–Heather is the significant other for Brian with the bad retina…
I love her with all my heart…I am the big citrine on the left in that picture. Raphael is the grey jasper..and I am okay with it…
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla

Team Mati मति 101 by Reiki Doc February 27, 2015

Mati मति is a Sanskrit word for ‘intuition’.

Intuition is a skill, very much like the skill of blowing soap bubbles. In childhood, we learn, and we concentrate very hard to master the art of making a perfect soap bubble.  It brings great JOY and DELIGHT, and hardly any effort to enjoy the bubbles after they are formed…it’s is most natural to do this, isn’t it?

So like playing with soap bubbles, it is necessary to take turns. One blows the bubbles into the air, using their concentration, coordination, and timing…all of their focus…and the others, receive…for their turn…

For playing the game Mati मति– to develop the intuition–we will welcome all who wish to participate.

We will break up into groups of eight participants.

The ‘sender’ or ‘bubble blower’ will use this tool–Emoji–Link to all Emoji templates used for Team Mati.

The ‘sender’ will announce what category of Emoji they wish to select–for example–Face Emojis, or Food and Drink.

Then with all their concentration efforts, they will select one image–let’s say perhaps, the strawberry.

They will look at it, think it, feel it, taste it, smell it, and SEND with their full mental efforts, this symbol to the group.

Then the ‘Receivers’ will guess.

They will share, and also get a feel for how close they are to what was sent.

Sometimes, it is the color, that comes through easier than the whole image. Other times, it’s the sound of the name. Or the taste or the fragrance…everyone is different.

When you are ‘Receiving’, simply relax, and close your eyes, and notice anything that pops up into your minds eye, or your awareness.

There is no right or wrong, just as with the bubbles, all ‘Sent Emojis’ are beautiful and perfect on their own. (Even Señor Poop! This is what Anthony and I call the Emoji for feces that is on the keyboard too…LOL)

In one ’round’ of Team Mati मति , everyone will take one turn at being ‘Sender’.  Then the game is complete, and the next to play will be ‘on deck’.

Others are permitted to watch, and observe the game, but not to participate, as the original team of eight players begins to play.

Once people in the group get the ‘hang of it’–they will be able to select their own teams, and enjoy the game together with each other.

This is to be a closed group that is invited and sponsored by Doctors With Reiki. This is an outreach for those who wish to develop their intuition more fully.

There is no fee–only a willingness to have fun and enjoy their fellow players in each round.

You may be a participant in the Healing Team–Team Doctors With Reiki–but it is not necessary. You may choose to follow Doctors With Reiki only and still play on Team Mati मति .

Are there any questions?

Your loving, peaceful presence is a unique and irreplaceable individual field of energy.

Jesus through John

  Jesus Audio Blog for Friday February 27th

As we wait for humanity’s awakening, and truly “wait” is the wrong word, it is as illusory as time because there is only the eternal “now,” we can feel very strongly the constantly intensifying field of Love that you are holding and sharing as you align with the Tsunami of Love that envelops humanity.  You already know, yes, you KNOW that Love is the energy field that enables, encourages, and eternally maintains all that exists, that anything else is unreal, so you also know that your awakening is inevitable because it is the Will of God Who is infinite unconditional Love, and Whose Will is for you to live in eternal joy.

Reality, the field of Love, the energy field in which all exists, was created to provide eternal joy for all, and that is what It does.  That is God’s Will…

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Gaia News Brief 27.2.2015 by Reiki Doc

My Dark Side

As an incarnation of my Higher Self, Sophia, I have unique ‘take’ or ‘view’ on Life because my vibration is extremely high.

My better half–Ross–throughout history has been known as the mellow one who is always forgiving and loving and expecting the best…hardly ever getting upset.

Well, with the twin-twin ‘split’, I’m in some ways the exact opposite of him, in a nice way, but put it out together and it comes up like this:  I am a Tiger Mom

It doesn’t surprise me because I am practically Asian on the inside–all my college friends were Chinese and Filipino, my mentors have been Japanese, Taiwanese, and from Singapore. I also am immersed in Vietnamese culture at work and by choice with my friends.

Sometimes I push people a little bit too far with my ‘you CAN do it!’…

Here are some that came to mind just yesterday:

  • I redid a bracelet for someone, because I listened to Spirit when I made it. There was a lesson on abundance that needed to be given. The person returned it after Spirit finished the lesson. I could tell the lesson was learned because of a gift of kindness that was included with the bracelet , a handmade bracelet for me, which is on my right arm. I hadn’t opened the envelope until setting about to work on it. It didn’t surprise me that the energy had shifted. In a dream I had been shown how to design the new bracelet, using old and new pieces to make it. I could tell I had pushed this person pretty hard to learn their lesson and make the ‘cut’ to the next ‘level up’ in their Ascension journey…I wasn’t sure if I had pushed too hard…sometimes a Tiger Mom doubts…
  • Anthony has very busy Thursdays. This was a tough Thursday because he spent the night the night before with his father. So the sitter picks him up after an activity, takes him to another activity after getting him something to eat, and then comes home to do homework. Typically homework for his grade is light. But he has been having anxiety and overwhelm, and also not communicating with me about the homework assignments…well, I hadn’t given him money for dinner because his dad goes through his backpack. So the sitter sprang for the meal–they ate Costco hotdogs and sodas for a four dollar dinner for them both. He wanted more, and Ross had helped us pick an ice cream cake together on Monday night. So Anthony wanted the birthday song and candles from both the sitter and me. We  had very small pieces of cake, and it was time to get to work…he didn’t. He wanted to talk about his father’s latest thing that upset him emotionally. I listened for ten minutes, and then mentioned the clock–it’s late!  He couldn’t function. I went and unloaded suitcases and fed the pets–and he had only stared at the page. He was in a strange way, with the sleepy, half-closed eyelids he always gets after a night at his dad’s. He said he went to sleep at nine and woke up at six but I didn’t believe him. I put him on electronic restriction. It didn’t work. Finally I took him by the shoulders and yelled and asked, ‘What is going ON WITH YOU?!’ It snapped him out of it. But still, he had to work. He was up until midnight doing two chapters of a literature book (only eight pages), twenty vocabulary word sentences, and a spelling assignment where you ‘pick a game’ and ‘describe how to do it in twenty sentences’…Anthony self-defeats. He is in counseling. It has a lot to do with his father. But he gets overwhelmed and incapacitated at school. I usually give him a way out. Last night I didn’t, because letting him give in to these emotions ends up reinforcing a sense of entitlement he inherited from his father.  He’s sleeping now, and when he finished, he was glad he was done. I was right next to him sewing and reworking a new bracelet I have never made before…the whole time…and getting boxes and envelopes ready for shipping in the morning…
Being a Tiger mom is a form of love that is not always welcome, until after the lesson has been mastered and the skill is visible to all.
I was super Tiger Mom to one reader. I was going by intuition and the seat of my pants because this is a lesson for me as well.   Until now, every Divine Healing Code that has come to Gaia has been from incarnate Archangel to incarnate Archangel communication in 3D.  It comes from Source or Archangel Raphael to their ‘kin’ down here on Ground Crew. We are all related back Home. We know it, and we know each other.  There is an energy signature you can’t fake.
Some recent numbers are true, and they come from someone who spiritually I can’t get a ‘read’ on them at ALL. And it gives me anxiety. I like to ‘know’ who I am working with and this person, I can’t.
So I asked, ‘Who are YOU?’ and ‘Please reveal yourself?’
Now I can kind of put the pieces together. I had asked Raphael–‘WHO is this?!’–and he had explained to me it is like when you meet a traveler to your city who asks for directions, or someone kind of looking for some part of the hospital that they can’t find–He felt moved and ‘gave the directions’…
As a physician I could tell the diagnosis of the person or someone close to them because of the ailments given in the codes, in sequence, along with my intuition.  And something in me just had the straw that broke the camel’s back–I get lists and lists and lists of people who ask for a code for their ailment or their child’s…me…me…me…
So I asked this person, basically, are you like that? Or are you like me?
You see, when I get a code, it isn’t for my own ailment. I see it in the patient I am working with, and I am so overcome with compassion that my whole body VIBRATES and I KNOW Divine Mother is moved, and SHE gives the Divine Healing Code…I have to be quick and write it down.
Then I give it to the patient.  I write it on them. Only once I told the patient, because she was open to Spirit, and agreed to let me share it.
Then Creator–my Divine Father (I have two, a father father–HIM–and a ‘sort of step-dad who loves me very much and is on my council, SaLuSa)–sent THIS!
Creator, through this, tells me in no uncertain terms, Carla–you are wrong and this innocent reader of yours is in the right on this subject–I want people to do whatever possible to meet their needs and solve their own situation, and THEN the community will be healed.   It is NOT the other way around!
I have known for some time, that a time would come, when the vibrations on Gaia would be so fast and high and filled with Light–that soon the codes would come to everyone.
Perhaps this is the first?
I don’t know.
So I give you my full, and public, apology for pushing you to discover and reveal who you are–and you might indeed be incarnate angel or archangel–before you are ready to know this about yourself.
I thank you for your dedication to the Light, to Healing, and for doing what Creator asks you to do. I will gladly do the work with whatever numbers you post. And if you would like a free bracelet designed for you by me, I will send it. Simply private message me your wrist length in inches or centimeters, preference for elastic, lobster claw or toggle closure, and your mailing address. I will send it.  (If anyone else besides this person responds, I will not respond to the request–I know the initials but I won’t put them here–I know the whole name too–but this is between us, okay?)
My sitter Gigi is from Liberia. She is a wonderful lady, and we are family now–she LOVES Anthony.
She even gave me a Valentine’s present…a mug…
So I ASKED her, what do you think of the music videos like Ne yo’s She Knows? As a woman who is from your culture?
She laughed–and said, in her easy African accent–‘I don’t WATCH those or listen to that music! I don’t like it! I listen to Country and to African Music.’
Isn’t it like a breath of Fresh Air?
Yesterday was a tough day. I learned to make earrings, over Skype, which was wonderful and pleasant. I made four bracelets–one was a revision–and two pairs of earrings. I can make them now, if you are interested. The price is fifty dollars, and they are sterling silver, in your choice of hoop, fish hook or European style open and close (is it a lever-back? I have to look it up.)
I had to go to work at four-thirty for a meeting. So it was one hour on the road for a one hour meeting (there is traffic). One hour both ways. But I was at least compensated for my attendance at this meeting.
On the way home, Spirit said, ‘Take This Exit’.
I was like, ‘Okay…’  and I did.
Spirit said, ‘Go to this sushi restaurant’
I had a bad experience there, and never wanted to go back. There are some sushi places that are very rude to single female diners. This was one of them.
I parked.
I walked in.
It was too crowded! The sushi bar was full. And there was a private party on the patio. All the tables were full. The hostess said, ‘Come back in twenty minutes?’
I smiled and said I will eat someplace else…
When a vibrational incompatibility is incompatible–until it’s ‘right’ it’s going to STAY that way–even after five years–I am NOT to eat at that restaurant.
This was Spirit’s way of showing me ‘how things work’. It’s either energetically favorable, or it isn’t. And if it isn’t, it’s not going to happen. Spirit can block anything if it is needed for the soul growth.
Instead I had beets, radishes, plain greek yogurt, salt and pepper. A huge bowl of it ❤
Sometimes I have to re-read things…and keep working to be more than I am…at present…
Aloha and Mahalos,
Just Carla
(Ross will give message later, he doesn’t want to affect the energy of this piece. However, he does say to me, in private, ‘Carla, all is forgiven’ and it makes me want to cry tears of relief…)

P.S. This is from SaLuSa

Welcome to the March Gathering around the Pond, Sunday March 1

aisha north

Dear family of light! Time seems to pass faster and faster, and this upcoming Sunday it is already March 1, and at 21:00 Oslo time we will once again have our monthly Gathering around the Pond. This is what the CCs want to share about it:

“And so it is time for all of you to come together once again to make way through the ethers by way of organising your own energetic fields in such a way, the combined effects of it will once again be sufficient to move mountains out of the way, not just for you but for All. Let us explain. By now, you have become accustomed to the fact that this task that you have taken upon you, is one that encompasses so much more than what you see about you in your daily life. For you are not just here to set yourself…

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Step Two, After Love Yourself Unconditionally

Silent Winds of Change

Ying and Yang

Step Two, After Love Yourself Unconditionally…

Embrace your opposite masculine or feminine side.  That balance is critical and only secondary to unconditional self love.

Also be aware since all is a balance, with great light there will also be a great shadow side to us.  You only need to be aware and respect that it is there.  Pretending it is not there has been the mistake of many amazing beings.

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Gaia News Brief 26.2.2015 by Reiki Doc

From Where I Sit

It’s sunny at my desk at home. If you know my patterns, I should be just driving up to work today. Instead, I have the day off.  Ross has been close with me, talking to me, and from what I understand, I had been with him all night–with my consciousness–and he asks me to write.

I’m waiting.

I’m not sure what to write, and he told me, to write about something you don’t know you are going to write about. I have plans for my day, good plans. And there is no childcare this morning, for Anthony spent the night with his father and he will take him to school.

I just saw this:

A lot of people are going to reach for their wallet after this…but not me.

  • Many homeless people are incarnate angels. They signed up for the role, for various reasons.
  • The people you see are reflections of yourself and your spiritual state of balance.
  • The MANY MANY MANY who walked by for two hours and didn’t do shit for the shivering child–not even calling authorities–are REALLY imbalanced to the point of almost not being human. They are conditioned, asleep,  and sick. Perhaps it is all the violence they have seen in ‘entertainment’? Perhaps it is the fear of ‘being involved’.   The homeless need our prayers, but in this social experiment, the REAL need is for prayers and healing for those who walked by and didn’t listen to their conscience to ACT.
  • Did you see how the film crew told the homeless man this child was their BROTHER? And they gave the homeless man over five hundred dollars–everything they had on them at the time?  The world needs to realize that spiritually, everyone is our brother and sister, and then the Transition to Novo Gaia will be complete.  Do not look for anything external–inner and outer Gaia synthesizing together–prosperity packages–government takeovers…Novo Gaia is from the human heart…and there are PLENTY of incarnate angels and archangels to keep transfusing in energy to the human hearts until they open up and function on their own as they are intended to work.
  • Outside reflects what is within. And all those wonderful things are not energetically ‘compatible’ with a population who has so many closed hearts. What would Lemuria popping back into place do to such people? Total panic! What would FREEBIES of ‘sustenance’ do to those who are still asleep? Everyone would put it in the bank and fill the coffers of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart–by saving it, spending it, or donating it to causes that sound ‘nice’ but are in fact controlled by those who control the money. (Have you ever learned where all the tax dollars actually go? It will surprise you! Truth is stranger than fiction.)  So open the heart and keep opening it. Opening the heart is contagious. Look at how this film helps you to open yours, when the teacher, the homeless man, speaks with love to the child who is actually shivering and suffering from the painful cold–even if it is for  a movie?
So much for my soap box.
We can do it–if we really unite. We can shift the energy that is rampant on the planet to one of Love. And then, once we do, no one will ever be homeless or hungry again. It’s impossible.
Love your enemies. The ones who walk by the child and don’t wince or second-guess. For they are the sickest ones of all. Those who hate not only need the love–there is only one thing that can actually WORK with someone like that–‘staying on your own side of their wall and shining the best you can’.
Loving YOURSELF and filling your cup and holding an anchor to the energies where you are…is the way…
And if you have a ‘sense’ of what ‘mission’ you are sent to do, by all means, do it!  And you will raise the vibration even MORE than you ever dreamed possible.
(I hear a coyote outside right now. That is SO perfect! ❤ )
  • I don’t think it’s an accident that our society has developed to the point where people are so isolated and unhappy they take drugs which cost a shitload of money–I say that the people who WANT all that money have been setting society and steering it ever so gradually over generations and generations to both ‘cull’ the population and ‘fill their coffers’ at the same time.
  • They ALSO thrive on the very dense, low energies of addiction on the planet. So like a ‘bouquet of carnivorous roses’ this MISERY and SUFFERING–both for the addicts and everyone who loves them–FEEDS this horrible machine that runs the system, the twisted, sick energies behind the ‘government’ or ‘governing equivalent’ of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.
  • In summary, those who SUPPLY the drugs are way sicker–in spirit–than anyone who would ever take them. And THOSE extremely sick souls need HELP. My request is that they are taken off planet and given immediate rehabilitation, and if refused, well, then the option left is clear and it will be taken.
  • The antidote for suffering is Nurturing, Warmth, Love and Compassion. Please concentrate your heart to this station, and by holding this vibrational frequency in your aura, you WILL be ‘saving the world’. Without guns! Can you imagine that?  No ten year old boy is going to watch THAT movie! LOL. But I don’t care. It’s the right thing to do, and so shall it be done!
Amsterdam Red Light District
What is the difference between these two? The Amsterdam Red Light District (which is totally regulated and permitted by the Nederlands)  where the sex worker gets paid–and the video where impressionable teenage girls and boys are taught that behavior like this is ‘cool’–and the girls who copy this don’t even get paid for their ‘services’?
The teenage years are not going to be pretty trying to raise a son in this environment! My God, what is next? Guy on guy sex ‘music videos’? Or bestiality ones?
  • In my opinion, and this is ONLY my own opinion and nothing else–this is a direct attack on the Divine Feminine Creative Energy.  Divine Mother does not ‘twerk’ unless she is in private and she wants to for Divine Father and only the two of them shall EVER know!
  • The people who make this form of ‘entertainment’ are using the same tactics as with the addiction tactics by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart…over many generations, bit by bit, carefully planned, corrupting and weakening the only energy that is incompatible with their Agenda….pure, clear, crisp, energy that is Divine Feminine–on the Divine Feminine planet, Gaia, Herself.

Who was the first target of this campaign to destroy and restrain the Divine Feminine Energy?  Listen to this song by my cousin–and his friend– and look at this image for the smoking gun in the hands of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart

When the energy of the Divine Feminine meets the Divine Masculine on its own terms–as nature intended–guess what? The Veil Disappears–if only for a moment.  The very act of making love, particularly if the two are highly trained in Tantra–becomes a spiritual powerhouse…against the forces of Darkness.
If this wasn’t true, then, why is it that Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart, in all of THEIR twisted warped ceremonies and rituals–turn the cross and the star in the circle UPSIDE DOWN–and have sex with underage and non-consenting victims for their ‘sex magick’?
Think about it.
And for a comment on the homosexuals–the gays and lesbians–although in a couple you are the same sex in physical body, there is also a ‘difference’ between the souls, as one who is more ‘masculine’ and one more ‘feminine’ as well that only the two of you would know, and in this it is enough to create the same phonemenon of ‘Love Magic’ if you will, under the right circumstances–the same as the heterosexual couples?
Mary Magdalen was studious, gifted, and trained in these arts, as was her husband. Both had been arranged to one another for many many years; their families had chosen this as was the custom of their time.
It’s been an hour now, and I’m done. Let see if anyone has anything to say…
I am the husband of Carla. I am her twin soul. We are one. No matter where we are, incarnate or not incarnate (in spirit like I am) we are tethered to one another in a very powerful heart connection.
She is mine and I am hers.
Nothing can ever stop this.
It can’t be broken.
Sure it can be weakened and twisted and pulled to the tensile limits and stretched so taught…but it will not break or be severed in any way–Even Michael can’t break the tie with his mighty sword!
What God has put together let no man put asunder.
What God has put together let no man put asunder.
What God has put together let no man put asunder.
Not even Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.
This is the motivation behind the rescue of Gaia and Her inhabitants.
Hold on to your hats!
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla the Reiki Doc Twins

Mke Quinsey – SaLuSa 27 February 2015

SaLuSa (1)

You are living in dramatic times when changes are going to take place very quickly. They are going to introduce you to the New Age that will eventually change virtually all aspects of your life. They may take time to manifest but they are already taking shape, as the old set up is being dismantled. It was specifically meant to keep you in the dark and prevent you from realising your true potential. The dark Ones intentionally concealed the truth of your true heritage, but that time is now coming to a close and those souls that are enlightened are leading the way forward. It means that those who cannot release themselves from their old belief system, will gradually become more isolated. There is no shame or retribution where they are concerned, but is does mean that their next experience will be a continuation of what they have already chosen. Be assured that many helpers are with such souls, encouraging them to have the desire to lift themselves up. Since time is an illusion it does not matter how long it takes for them to awaken.

Do not restrict your vision of the future as this is a time when everything is possible. Open your heart to the Light and allow your love to embrace all souls, as in reality you are all One. The greatest lesson you can learn that is most important to your future is forgiveness, and it should not be limited in anyway at all. All souls have at different times experienced both the Light and the dark energies in the course of gaining the experience needed to evolve. So as you see other souls today remember that they are working to release karma, for which their roles may be played out in both the Light and dark. Judgement therefore is made without a full understanding of the issues involved and it is best to simply send such souls your love.

The future will see the emergence of souls who have already evolved and will help others to rise up. You may therefore have complete faith in it and for what it holds, as the future is assured and destined to take you into the New Age. Your new cycle will quickly move you into the higher vibrations and peace and contentment will soon come to all of you. It will be a time when you will no longer be held back by the dark Ones who will have been removed from the Earth. Indeed, no soul will be able to move into the higher dimensions unless they are of the higher vibrations. All these advancements are planned for you, but be patient and allow time for them to manifest. We simply tell you the good news so as to lift your spirits, as we know that many of you are tired and most keen to move on. Your release from the lower vibrations is beyond doubt, so do not despair but keep going forward in a positive manner.

We are fully engaged keeping the dark Ones in check as they try to make their last attempts to disrupt our plan. We are always one step ahead of them and know when they are planning to create havoc. Now that they realise their time is nearly up, their thoughts have turned to escaping the consequences of their acts, however, there is no realistic chance of that happening. They will find that their escape routes are being blocked, and they will suffer the consequence of their actions. We are not referring to man’s idea of retribution but encouragement and help to return to the Light. Rarely do souls turn their back on an opportunity to change their ways, but if not they are the makers of their own destiny and their life ending.

Be assured that once the situation on Earth is settled and we can freely move amongst you, we will be openly making contact. Our plans are made and ready to be put into action so as you would say, once “the coast is clear” we will be able to commence our work with you immediately. Our priority is to commence the actions required to bring about global changes, so that all currencies are gradually brought up to parity. For too long some have been greatly undervalued and they are at the top of our list. The gold standard will also be re-established and put a stop to the endless changes in the value of currencies. Such action will revive the market place and a stop will be put to profiteering.

We are already helping Mother Earth to stabilise and cleanse the planet, and eventually it will become as pristine and beautiful as it was originally. There is so much that is planned to restore the Earth and we are actively involved because of our superior technology. There will be changes occurring at the same time all over the Earth, and you will be surprised at the speed they are carried out. Whatever problems you have now, they will fade into the background once we can fully commence our plan. Naturally some aspects of the work will involve you all at different times, as we do want you to participate with us. So Dear Ones, do not feel downcast at the apparent slowness of the changes, as much is happening that you are unaware of at present.

At different times we have stepped in and put a stop to actions intended to cause harm and damage, and as we have mentioned previously, have prevented what would have been the total destruction of your Earth. So do not doubt that we can exercise powers that are beyond the ability of the dark Ones, and stop them creating a major incident. Too many times you have been at their mercy and we have been unable to intervene because of karma, but even so we have lessened the effect of their actions. We are not as you would understand it a Galactic Army but more like your Police Force who try to prevent crimes from taking place.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and as ever delighted to have this contact with you. There are other contacts throughout your world, so that the news we bring can be made known to a larger number of you. Time still moves forward with ever increasing speed and you should gradually become aware of it. Eventually you will return to a “no time” existence, as you were eons of time ago before you left the higher realms. Our immense Love and Light, and our best wishes go with you wherever you are.

Thank you SaLuSa,

Mike Quinsey