Team Mati मति 101 by Reiki Doc February 27, 2015

Mati मति is a Sanskrit word for ‘intuition’.

Intuition is a skill, very much like the skill of blowing soap bubbles. In childhood, we learn, and we concentrate very hard to master the art of making a perfect soap bubble.  It brings great JOY and DELIGHT, and hardly any effort to enjoy the bubbles after they are formed…it’s is most natural to do this, isn’t it?

So like playing with soap bubbles, it is necessary to take turns. One blows the bubbles into the air, using their concentration, coordination, and timing…all of their focus…and the others, receive…for their turn…

For playing the game Mati मति– to develop the intuition–we will welcome all who wish to participate.

We will break up into groups of eight participants.

The ‘sender’ or ‘bubble blower’ will use this tool–Emoji–Link to all Emoji templates used for Team Mati.

The ‘sender’ will announce what category of Emoji they wish to select–for example–Face Emojis, or Food and Drink.

Then with all their concentration efforts, they will select one image–let’s say perhaps, the strawberry.

They will look at it, think it, feel it, taste it, smell it, and SEND with their full mental efforts, this symbol to the group.

Then the ‘Receivers’ will guess.

They will share, and also get a feel for how close they are to what was sent.

Sometimes, it is the color, that comes through easier than the whole image. Other times, it’s the sound of the name. Or the taste or the fragrance…everyone is different.

When you are ‘Receiving’, simply relax, and close your eyes, and notice anything that pops up into your minds eye, or your awareness.

There is no right or wrong, just as with the bubbles, all ‘Sent Emojis’ are beautiful and perfect on their own. (Even Señor Poop! This is what Anthony and I call the Emoji for feces that is on the keyboard too…LOL)

In one ’round’ of Team Mati मति , everyone will take one turn at being ‘Sender’.  Then the game is complete, and the next to play will be ‘on deck’.

Others are permitted to watch, and observe the game, but not to participate, as the original team of eight players begins to play.

Once people in the group get the ‘hang of it’–they will be able to select their own teams, and enjoy the game together with each other.

This is to be a closed group that is invited and sponsored by Doctors With Reiki. This is an outreach for those who wish to develop their intuition more fully.

There is no fee–only a willingness to have fun and enjoy their fellow players in each round.

You may be a participant in the Healing Team–Team Doctors With Reiki–but it is not necessary. You may choose to follow Doctors With Reiki only and still play on Team Mati मति .

Are there any questions?