Gaia News Briefs 3.3.2015 by Reiki Doc


I’m sipping the last of my Ramuné Japanese soda.

I had the BEST day ever!

Last night was a blessing. I had requested to ‘get sleep’ when I was taking at-home call. Anthony was here, as was our sitter, just in case I had to go. I never got called in. There were no cases in the middle of the night…

This morning, I switched out of my scrubs (saves time when on call) to sweats…and for the first time in a few months, I didn’t wear makeup.

We had a nice breakfast, and got to school on time.  Anthony has a few field trips coming up, so I coordinated all the forms and copayments. But when I went to buy his lunch, our favorite place–our home away from home–was closed!

That was the third ‘major loss’ for us, emotionally. Our favorite Teppan, our old Stride Rite, and now our local ‘hangout’ closed…I took it hard…it was so nice to know the owner, who was there first thing in the morning and late through the night…I wasn’t sure how to break the news to Anthony…

Ross sent me to ‘Daiso’–the Japanese ‘dollar store’. I LOVE it.

But they were closed! Ross? What now do I do? Do I wait until ten when they open?

There was no answer from Ross!

So I took a walk. And sure enough, all the way at the long end of the mall was a thrift store.  I adore thrift shops. I felt Ross had this surprise for me the whole time…I found a Waterford crystal glass–I think the style is ‘Patrick’, and it’s the REAL thing with only one tiny chip in it, for two bucks. I also found Limoges china–a handled soup cup, and antique Russian china fingertip bowl with such thin edges it must be from the 1920’s for sure. It was in excellent condition, as was the Limoges.

I must share–Ross had dropped to one knee earlier today. I asked him, ‘Is this IT?’ and with excitement he nodded yes. I asked, quietly, ‘Will you please make sure I remember this for always?’ (he said we could, ‘rewind’ any time) and I said, ‘I want to always capture this feeling and always have it in my heart…’ (he was very moved). I bent to my knees too, to look him in the eye…So of course I said, ‘YES!’ and then immediately after I fell to the ground on my tummy and cried with my head next to his knees, to show my complete and total devotion to him. (he was very deeply moved at that, and after bidding me to get up, returned the gesture)…

Well look at this…

There he IS!!! Right behind the two dollar Santa!
A reminder from my man ❤
The Embrace–made into a lamp of all things!
I stopped by Peet’s and bought a pound of Top Blend…here’s Mr. Peet himself, second from the an old photo…

Then I went to Daiso! It was open. Ross encouraged me to buy some new glasses (to make me happy–get rid of the old ones that don’t–just a few of them) and some ‘kitchen organizing stuff’.  Did you know they have authentic Japanese calligraphy stuff there for only $1.50? Everything in the store is $1.50 ‘unless otherwise marked’. I bought a pink basket for my beading supplies…

Ross asked me to make butternut squash soup for lunch. I did. He told me to save the seeds. I did.

I worked for a little time in the garden. That always makes me happy. It’s been weeks…all the little seeds we planted are now sprouting up ❤

Then he had me make a bracelet with the pearls he had me buy yesterday.

It’s elastic and bright and called, ‘Aloha Kuuipo’…and the minute I started to work, this song came on KAPA– Polinahe by Lorna Lim…and right when I finished…Night Bird by Kapalana.

Anthony was hungry after school. I had planned dinner–leftovers–but he wanted ‘something fresh’. So at five we ate sushi, and we have had so much EXTRA time tonight. All the homework is done, the shower…

It’s all good!

Last night I set the intention of ‘figuring out what I need to get done’ for today.  Apparently, REST was of the importance. You know what? I have more energy now for ‘the stuff I need to do’ PLUS I have more ‘direction’ for my goals. It’s funny how that works, isn’t it?


I wanted to talk to you for a little longer today than I did earlier this morning. Carla has quite a busy day ahead of her for tomorrow, and also for the rest of the week. This respite has proven good for her.

(one moment while Carla checks her assignment for tomorrow at work)

(( it’s me–wow–early start–had to line up a sitter to take Anthony to school! LOL –thank you honey!–ed))

This is on the radio right now. This is the first time it didn’t faze Carla–the early start and the surgeon she has to work with for the day (he is a little ‘off’ in vibration –there is vibrational incompatibility with Carla and her very high vibration–that’s a nice way to say it, isn’t it?)

I want you to know that everything is going off without a hitch. I don’t want you to ‘buy it’, any of the ‘doom and gloom’ that ‘might be going around the news’ for the next few days. I don’t want you to agree or to get down on yourself on ‘what is happening’ or ‘what is going to become of us’.

Cinderella will have a happy ending, and this is the ordinary kind, not the ‘adult’ version of the ‘happy ending’ I am referring to.

One thing you will have to look forward to in the Higher Realms is that language will be not as ‘colorful’ so there is not much opportunity to ‘make mistakes’ or ‘faux pas’.

Everything will happen for the best! How does that sound?

Anyway, things are happening at a faster rate. Try not to get upset if you feel ‘caught behind’. If you need to rest, DO SO. The dishes in the sink can wait! LOL…Carla has PERFECTED this! Sometimes the dishes last a day or two, but when Carla needs to rest (so she can have her powerful visions and energy upgrades) if she is at home she will go lay on her sofa for anywhere from twenty minutes–usually this is adequate–to sometimes a longer nap.

So try to ‘fill your cup’. Whether it is the thrift store, or napping, or perhaps drinking a terrible for you but oh so nice Japanese soda (Carla only has once a YEAR)…you have my permission to go ahead.

Make yourself feel lavished and supported and loved…even if it is to sit in a sunny window and draw your Reiki symbols. or work in the Garden, or plan a trip that you will never take on a travel planning website–go through the steps, look at the hotels and all the activities…Carla did that just the other day for Japan…why not? It can’t hurt. And you never know…

(he smiles really warm and genuine and kind right now…)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla the Reiki Doc Twins
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