Gaia News Brief 13.3.2015 by Reiki Doc


Blog hits per day, approximately 1500
Gaia News Briefs, hits per new issue, on day of release, about 120 to 150

Monthly average traffic on blog   30,000 page views

Total all time  653,000

Length of blog existence  about five years

Those who closely follow the blog are among the elite few in the Gaia Ascension Protocol with Ground Crew.

If you find a ‘calling’ or ‘resonance’ with the very high energy of this vehicle for information, now is the time to congratulate yourself, and pat yourself on the back. 

More, very much much more interest in this information will follow, and you will be ‘in the know’ ahead of the rest for all of your diligence and interest in this work.


Short and Sweet 

Yesterday was the first day of ‘The New’ at my work.

I was running behind. I was on my own going to work, and blogging like usual, when a colleague started up with the texts. He is my mentor of sorts, and there is some news about a possible new job opening for me which is with another group and is closer to my home.

I had to decide whether to squeeze in the blog and risk being late by about ten minutes, or just go to work.

I did the blog.

In my haste to leave — literally RUN–out of the house, Ross told me not to worry about not having my coffee, and also just to eat toast. I had one piece without butter in the car.

I also had forgotten my wallet and my phone.

As I came to the hospital after parking in Timbuktu because all the nigh nurses take all the Doctors Only spots and don’t leave until after my cases go into the room, there was a funny energy in PACU.

People were sitting around in the nurses lounge too.

I was informed there was a one hour delay.

There had been a power shortage in the middle of the night. The hospital was running on back up generators. But no elective cases may proceed to the OR on backup power, because there is no backup for the backup–and a power outage on backup would be catastrophic to the patient.

I saw my patient and then went to eat breakfast. I had vanilla coffee and a breakfast burrito that was humungous.

The source of the breakdown was identified and it would take one to five hours to fix it.  I asked for permission to go back home and get my wallet and phone, which is essential as a physician–we use them like a pager.

I drove home with the marvel of actually enjoying the drive. I noticed flowers, lots of blooming yellow mustard, that I never really see during my normal commute.

I also washed the dishes at home (LOL don’t fain!), and packed a bag of ‘spare clothes’ to keep in the car. My colleague recommended this for people who wear scrubs to work ‘just in case there is something to do’.

Everyone in the OR enjoyed this hiatus…most staff were being paid. People socialized. They enjoyed one another. 

People rearranged the schedule to permit for the cancellations. Everything started up again at noon, and I spoke up about a rearrangement being unfair. Much to my surprise, they listened, and worked to make it right. 

Our surgeon–a very nice man–shared how he wished the delay was longer. He was trying to get amorous with his wife, and she ‘wanted to answer two emails first’–then he got the call to come back in. He called it ‘trying to get a little afternoon delight’…

The peacefulness extended into the OR all day.

A female colleague who is just as smart about the money from our cases as two senior colleagues decided she wasn’t going to take it any more, and stood her ground as first call in taking the cases she wants. She didn’t back down.  This was a FIRST.

A male bariatric surgeon also quit his group. A female had quit when her income dropped to less than one quarter of what she had earned five years ago. She was paid less and the seniors were paid more than triple her salary for the same amount of work. 

At dinner–I had hummus and a banana. But the Filipina nurses had brought in food, and we all shared. I cut the mango for us. I ate Jackfruit.  We had some rice thing, very sweet, sami sami I think–you had to warm it up. There was an openness of heart and sharing I had never seen before…

One of the physician assistants was new. He was hungry and had gone to eat before our first case. But he had forgotten his badge and had to go back to get it. After the second case, he didn’t go because he had forgotten his wallet in the car….the surgical technician, a mother of five and grandmother of four, told him to take her wallet out of her pocket, take her money, and get something to eat.  I also got my wallet out, found all the cash–four dollars exactly–and gave it to him too.  He couldn’t believe it. He said, ‘You are all so nice. I will pay you back.’  I told him for me, just when we work together, if when he goes to the Doctor’s Dining Room to bring up an extra box for me, that would be hugely appreciated. And Denise said, ‘you will pay me back, don’t worry.’  She said, ‘I could tell he was hungry–how could I not help him with my money for him to eat? You can’t work when you are hungry.’ to me in private.

this is real. This is happening. And you have front row tickets to the greatest show in the Cosmos that has ever been…


I want Carla to read this.

It is important for her to know these things, and also for you.

Have a nice weekend everybody. I love you with my heart.

And Happy Friday the Thirteenth! (he laughs) It’s Carla’s lucky day! She was afraid of everything as a child, and her mother gave her a ‘lucky thirteen’ gold charm to wear around her neck, along with the Italian gold cross that she wore ‘to keep away the nightmares’…Carla lost both of them when she was nine, and never forgot it…that being said, with everything else, Carla’s mom convinced her that ‘Thirteen is lucky just for her’…and Carla is lucky, she always wins a prize or something..always has been. (he puts his hands behind his head and elbows out, and leans way back in his chair) I don’t know why or her being in my star family had anything to do with it. (he winks! and he SMILES!!!)

So happy Friday the 13th to you…watch for the luck! (just for a split second he looks like a leprechaun and then pops back to being handsome Ross)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla