Gaia News Brief 18.3.2015 by Reiki Doc

My New Guide

Yesterday I was introduced to my new spirit guide. She is a woman who shares the energy of me–an aspect of my HS. For clarification, I am a full incarnation–there is a difference.

She took care to say to me, ‘I am not YOU and YOU are not me’ to make it clear that although we are similar and connected, she has her own mind, and I have my own too.

She is friendly, kind and encouraging, but also very strict.  She used to exercise for forty five minutes a day when she was incarnate.

This morning I stretched for twenty minutes (very out of shape I am). She helped me with my makeup. She gave me pointers at the start of the day. There was a break in my schedule so I walked laps around the medical center for another twenty-five minutes.

I am thankful to be working with her.

My Picnic

Last night was the first time in a long time I had dinner in courses. I had a raw salad with beet, apple, and celery in it. Also a little bit of New Zealand cheddar pieces cut very small, and almonds. After that I had one very small slice of fresh quiche.

This morning breakfast was corned beef hash with cabbage, but my guide told me to only eat half, and save the rest for dinner. I also had Dr. Shulze’s Super Food Plus with four ounces of juice and four ounces of water. I also had one cup of Irish Breakfast Tea.

By lunch I was a little hungry but not ravenous.

I sneaked to a little ‘nature’ and sat on the ground, on an old dirty scrub top I had to turn back to the hospital. I take with me my own lunch, and my own utensils.

How I ENJOYED sitting by the flowers and Nature, and eating my lunch one course at a time! I had leftover quiche cold, two kiwi fruits, one handful of nuts, half of a nutrition bar, and a banana. There was no water with me, and I was okay without it. I ate with a real fork and spoon and knife, like the French.

I was so happy to be allowed to be human again, and to eat with dignity in the fresh air, instead of a busy OR nurse’s or doctor’s lounge…

The Fluffer

Once I got back from lunch I had very low job satisfaction.  I prepared for a case to start at 12:30. It wasn’t assigned to me but the nurses switched me due to a two hour delay by another surgery.

After setting everything up, interviewing the patient, and all this work, someone stole the case from me. It was their right, they had higher call, but instead I had an extra unpaid hour to wait for my assigned case, and someone ELSE stole my CT scanner case I would have had if no one had ever switched my lineup.

When my surgeon finally showed up, I got everything ready and all the paperwork done on the computer…and guess what? Not one hour into the case, someone else came and took it!

I got to work at nine ( a related story to follow) and worked for two hours. Then I sat around for three to work only one more.

I felt like a total fluffer!!! LOL

Getting Closer To Ross

This morning my garage door would NOT close. I clicked and I clicked. FINALLY I got it to close.

Guess what I realized five blocks away?

I FORGOT MY PHONE!!! This was the SECOND time in one week! So I turned around and came back.

The door worked perfect this time…

On the way to work I called ahead and said I would be ten minutes late. Ross was like, ‘Not to worry!’

True to his word, I got there only FIVE minutes late…and the surgeon/GI doc was upset that I wasn’t later! I kid you not. He said, calmly, ‘I am always rushing around and in a hurry. I told everybody I was thankful someone was finally late. It gave me a little extra time to take care of a few things.’

Wow! Ross was right!


I bought a rat by my work at the pet shop, but the snake wasn’t hungry and wouldn’t eat it.

I went to the local pet shop, and donated it to them, because I didn’t want to care for it. Although I prayed and Ross said it was the right one, it was nasty and tried to bite my snake four times.

It was a black and white rat. My snake doesn’t like them like that.

As I pulled out of the parking lot after returning the snake, Ross said, ‘Don’t go home.’
I was like, ‘What?!’  He said, ‘Just go a little further’. I was like, ‘Okay.’

I realized almost across the street was a discount store, the same one where I bought my dress for the Charity Fashion Show.   I hoped they would have a thing to charge your electronic devices and organize the cables. 

I was there and my cart stopped! I looked and I saw the most beautiful pair of lamps! They are crystal with black shades that have metallic lining inside to reflect more light.

Ross wanted me to have them. I’ve had a lamp for ten years in the living room and hated it, especially since it is now falling apart on the shade. I’ve never told anybody. This lamp was ‘a deal’ and it never really matched the decor.

Now I have the new lamp by my Picasso print, and the effect looks SO nice!

By the way, after I put the two lamps into my cart, it wouldn’t budge! Not for anything!

I looked and there was a Himalayan Salt Lamp. Ross wanted me to have it. I own three! But once I put it into the cart–it moved!


I put my money where my mouth is.
I tell Carla I love her.
And I help her…’try to remember your phone honey!’ (that didn’t work)…and ‘here are the lamps of your dreams my darling’…
Remember this.
Love is a kindness that is from the heart; it flows and gives like a stream.
Soon it will combine from everyone here incarnate on Surface Gaia…into a River…where everyone’s heart’s delight will just keep happening.
Today Carla went and got a massage to let out stress. She has sore and tight muscles in her back.
In her meditation, I invited Carla to my habitat. I have a garden. I asked her what we should plant? Later we had lunch together under a tree at a table, and both of my parents showed up.
Carla was so completely delighted that I had to tell her she couldn’t stay!
That I would make this for her, and work by her side, meant the world to her, more than anything I have ever done for her. And seeing our parents made her leap with delight and run to embrace them.
Carla is welcome in my habitat any time.
That is why I gave her the lamp…to make up for her having to ‘come back’…to make her life a little more easy, and to give her hope until the time she can come to meet me forever…
She also saw a beautiful ‘light ship’ up in the clouds. She commented to us how VERY OBVIOUS it was…and laughed.  Then she teased us and said, ‘People are so into their own little worlds you are going to need a big RED arrow that points to it up  in the sky and says, Look Here!’  She further teased us and said, ‘I bet even with the arrow people still will not notice!’
We had a very good laugh, all of us, Ashtar, her and I…
So look up! We are barely cloaking anything. Carla tell them how you identify us:
C:  I look for shapes in the clouds that are not normal. Early ones were like pizza wedges and others were like oreo cookies laying flat. The Andromedan ones looked like a stack of pancakes with the smallest ones on the bottom. Today’s looked totally like the hull of an ark, with wood and everything, in the ‘cloud’…
Now you know what to look for. So check us out!!  I’ll be the one waving back to you. You will feel it in your heart when you know it is us.
C:  Yes, honey, I felt like this total intelligence/awareness when one was on the way home in my neighborhood. It felt like when you feel someone is looking at you–I just KNEW and I also knew they knew I knew—if that makes sense?
It does. Now go get some sleep. You have a big day tomorrow…Good night everyone. It’s time for us to go to bed.
Bonne nuit! A demain!
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla
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