Gaia News Brief 25.4.2015 by Reiki Doc

I chose this photo because we are–most of us light workers–about THIS new at the whole manifesting experience ❤

Rock Bottom

The guy who owns the company for restoring my home had once been a cocaine addict. A German, he had never once used drugs until he went into the service in boot camp. There, everyone was using drugs!  Once he got out of the service, he sold marijuana, and then quickly changed to selling cocaine.

He made ridiculous amounts of money. Let’s just say he made two hundred thousand dollars a month. The cocaine he was getting was so pure, you could mix it with water and it would dissolve. It didn’t have any of the side effects from ‘being cut’. And he would mix it with water and inject it.

When he was nineteen or something, he had two houses, a beautiful wife,  a company and was selling cocaine.

He would cut it though. There were chemicals you could buy from the chemical supply company in a catalog, and you could mix it with the cocaine as ‘cut’, and it too would still dissolve in water.

He told me how it wasn’t long before he had no homes, no wife,  no company, no car, NOTHING.  He resorted to stealing to be able to support his habit. I think he stole cars or something, and ended up in jail.

In court, he told the judge, ‘I am not a criminal I am just addicted to drugs! I am just a kid! I need HELP!’

The very next day, they woke him up early in his jail cell. He had no idea where he was being taken.

It was to rehab. He lived at the facility for the next nine months, and came out clean and sober.

He is in his fifties now, and hasn’t used any drugs since.  He has a home, a company, a family, and is helping people like me who have their pipes explode…he enjoys the work because it’s never boring.

He says, ‘Rock Bottom is your FRIEND. That’s where you REALIZE what you are doing is not working. That’s when you figure out there is something more for you to do, no other option, and you find your way out of the situation.  The MOTIVATION is there waiting for you when Rock Bottom hits.’

(we had this discussion because we have a mutual plumber friend. My restoration guy was surprised the wife had a methamphetamine habit, and that’s why our friend divorced her. Then he shared his story with me too, as in, ‘it can happen to anybody’.

The Wife and the Teeth of her Husband

I go to a pretty exclusive dentist. He was on staff at the university for the ENT department. All of the anesthesiologist s went to him because his office was only a short walk away. Instead of general dentistry, he specialty is cancer patients, and helping them get the prosthesis they need to restore appearance and function in the mouth. He still treats us, his old friends, as a courtesy and takes our insurance.

My friend, and my ENT doctors–he hadn’t been to the dentist in eight years!

There never was any time! He was always working.

So I mentioned I go to my dentist. He’s really nice. And very understanding of our schedules. Actually, my ENT knew him from local conferences, and has referred patients to him and was happy with the results.

He made an appointment. He got his teeth clean.

I found out from the dentist the rest of the story.  You know those little bite-wing X-rays they take in most dental offices? They’re not that good, technically. So every few years, he has his patients go to a place that specializes in dental x-rays, an outside facility, for a full set.

After eight YEARS, this seems reasonable, and the ENT went and had it done.

When the insurance came back, the ENT’s wife got angry. She refused to pay the one hundred ten dollars for the x-rays. Her husband is on HER insurance. She works for the hospital same as us, but she’s an employee with full benefits and her husband and I are 1099.

She confronted the dentist. He was polite and said, ‘if you don’t understand that these are quality films, and this is the going rate for them, then that’s you’re problem, I’m sorry.’

She asked, ‘so you are NOT a general dentist?’

No. He is specialty trained from MD Anderson, very good at what he does.

This is an example of what I call being ‘penny wise and pound foolish’.  Her husband has worked unselfishly for his patients and for her, and their now THREE children, in the four years since they married, and in the years they were courting before that.

His SPECIALTY is the head.

He had NEGLECTED his own health, in his mouth, for EIGHT YEARS.

He is her husband, her partner, her friend, her love I presume, the father of her CHILDREN–and she gives the dentist hell over the copayment that is not covered by the insurance…she, the DOCTOR’S WIFE–she ‘got her doctor’ and now discovers that financially it’s not all it’s cracked up to be–and she chooses the MONEY over HIS HEALTH.

THIS type of mentality is no longer welcome on Gaia. I’m sorry, it just has to go someplace where 3D is set in place with all kinds of safety features for souls like this to learn. It is ugly, it is petty, it is short-sighted, and it has to go because there is NO LOVE WHATSOEVER in this thinking.

Someone approached me yesterday and said, ‘you are comfortable, I am comfortable, but many are so struggling that they NEED this prosperity package to ‘wake up”. It is ‘temporary’.

Why are they struggling?  It’s the result of their own mental process, and belief about ‘lack’.

How much is ‘enough’ for a Prosperity Package to CHANGE this mental process long-term?  Does winning the lottery make people feel rich and STAY rich long term? Does it? 

The last time Gaia agreed to anything that was ‘temporary’ was the Anunaki coming to ‘supervise’ the ‘terrestrials’.  Their contract expired like ten years ago, or longer. In the 1990’s we almost had the awakening happen…that’s when it was scheduled to be. Gaia does not wish for any ‘temporary solutions’–she wants foolproof aid that is impossible to steal or misdirect in any way.  Gaia wants to help her people live in joy and abundance from their HEART–and the fastest way to this is to connect the heart centers to Source and to each other.  The Dark Ones have a ‘heart center bypass’ that makes this type of energy extremely uncomfortable for them–so the more HEART, the more the realization we are ONE, the more sharing is possible to help one another, and the more PROTECTION against the ways of the dark.

With the vibration up to the point where money isn’t needed, prosperity and lack will disappear for everyone!!!

Here is an excellent article on the subject:

And please look to yesterday’s blog post for the link to the latest SaLuSa to see that the delay in releasing the prosperity funds, is that, like just about every charity/aid system on earth, the people collecting it are somehow ‘funneling it away’ for their own use.

How to Manifest

Ross asked me on a date yesterday morning. He showed me the restaurant, a local mexican one. He said we could go, and I could get one margarita (I haven’t had one in fifteen years, even though I tell all my patients when I give them the versed that it’s a ‘margarita’).

I was excited all day.

I worked later than predicted, due to an extra case, but I finished early enough to have a little time before I went to the counselor (parents of children in counseling need to go).

Ross suggested I go to the hardware store NEXT to the restaurant, as sort of a ‘pre date’. I needed new batteries for the clicker to the garage door. I wandered through the store, which to my delight has nice cookware as well as hardware, and a really large SALE rack.

It caught my eye! A dehydrator!!! Just yesterday I had been thinking I wanted one, needed one–to help preserve the nutrition in some produce, and also get some ‘raw’ meals going with my ‘raw’ cookbooks.  It was on the SALE rack at a way discounted priced, and at the register it was five dollars MORE off!!!

I couldn’t believe it, that the universe would care enough to send a dehydrator to me. Big smile!

I saw the window of the restaurant, and they have margaritas…so I went home and changed clothes. I looked nice, with little cowboy boots from Target like Taylor Swift used to wear with her sundresses. I had on jeans and a nice sweater, and makeup. The counselor was surprised and asked, ‘Did YOU have a day OFF?’  No…I was just trying to look nice.

I went to the restaurant immediately after, with Ross there. In the car I asked him, ‘What are you going to eat?’  He said to order guacamole, and that would be ‘his’.

The patron margarita was on special. I’d never had one. Even in San Diego I always had the cheap ones that give you a headache the next day. (No headache here, now!).

I ordered the meal Ross had shown me when he asked, one crunch taco, rice and beans.   I was super excited to have the chips and salsa while waiting and enjoying my margarita. It has been literally years and years since I had done that.

And we talked.

I asked him, ‘How did you know we were twins? How did you find out?’

He asked, ‘In what lifetime?’

I sensed he was dodging the question. So I asked, gently, ‘How about in our last one?’

He said, ‘That was after I died. I saw everything. And I saw I had screwed up.’  (he didn’t know what a Twin was while incarnate, that I was his Twin, and that we had a mission agreed to in our Pre Birth Contract that didn’t work out.)

I said, ‘Oh?’ and changed the subject. It was very nice to relax in Ross’ energies. He also had me order a flan. I only ate half. I saved the rest ‘for him’–including the whipped cream and cherry that this place likes to put on them.

I thought we were done after the meal, which was wonderful. But no! Ross said, ‘Walk to the grocery store and get some milk.’ (we were very low back at home.)

Well the grocery store has a wonderful display of flowers when you first walk in. Ross had surprised me! He wanted to get me some flowers, too!  I told him our custom is always before the date, and I never in a million years expected it AFTER…I was so touched by his caring. You see, I had just thrown out the daisies that had been on the table for two weeks (I keep my bouquets fresh by trimming the stems and changing the water)…

So I looked at all the flowers. As you know, some are in vases and others are just bouquets…and the quality of the flowers is all over the map at a place like this. I had wanted ‘something fresh’ that would last a long time.

One bouquet in the fridge caught my eye–white roses and white lilies in a little jar. But it was thirty dollars!!!

So I walked around and I walked around.

Finally Ross told me, ‘Lack is an Illusion–go! Buy it!’  (please note–the cheapest flowers were ten dollars a dozen roses–everything else was more, and the most expensive was sixty-four dollars0

I walked through the store with my purse on my arm, that bouquet being held tighter than a baby, and the shopping basket over my other arm, with the milk in it.  I couldn’t believe I was getting the nice bouquet!!! That night, from Ross, after our date!

Then he took me to the pens, and asked me to buy some that would help me remember our date when I am on call today. I wasn’t sure. So he suggested some. I bought those too.

He said, on the walk back across the shopping center, all the way back to the car by the restaurant, ‘See? Now there is NO CHANCE of DUI for you too.’  I wasn’t really buzzed in the first place, but the extra time had helped me metabolize everything away.

He thinks of everything!

And in the store!!! I forgot the best part! THIS SONG WAS PLAYING in the store the whole time I was in the flower area!!

Carla told a nurse yesterday, who she used to work with when she was on cardiac anesthesia for the hospital, that she is ‘working two weekends in a row’.  The nurse was kind, and out of concern said,
It’s nice to have something to look forward to…I guess with hours like that you can’t?’
She said, and I quote, ‘I don’t look forward to anything anymore.’
Carla has gotten to the point where all she ‘looks forward to’ is ‘more work’.  I had to intervene.
Even this morning, I told her she would have a ‘hard day’ but ‘to only look at the LOVE and JOY that I and her guides have prepared in there for her.’ and ‘To look past and ignore anything that is not of LOVE and JOY–even through she has to work. To just do the work, and know, she is not a workhorse or a slave behind the anesthesia machine.’
Although Carla has to show up at work ON TIME, promptly, every day, whether her surgeon is late or not, and this is a struggle at times as a single mom–she never knows the time she is going to be excused to go home from the hospital.  
Yesterday she was supposed to go home by one p.m. according to the schedule. But another surgeon was late, and the woman who runs the board that day is notorious for having Carla and others ‘stick around (unpaid) just in case’.
So Carla started a last case. Not more than ten minutes into it, relief came into the room. The blood pressure was low, and the case was not long, so Carla decided on her own to finish it.
The OR called to make SURE it was Carla who wanted to stay, and not the colleague lying about it–Carla rarely stays extra.
A second colleague came about an hour later. By this time Carla really had to pee. She asked her colleague to just watch the monitors so she could go, but she was literally trapped in by the equipment, and asked for a piece of going-away cake to be saved for her instead.  Things disappear is you don’t have a napkin over a plate with a person’s name on it. It was red velvet bundt cake.
So he had a nurse take care of it for her. Carla decided to ‘hold it’ and wait until the end of the operation, about one hour later.
And Carla ate that cake! Who wouldn’t? She liked the icing too!
How can a person who doesn’t go to the dentist or exercise or cook meals at home (yesterday’s breakfast dishes and pans are still unwashed because of the rush in the morning) have any joy without something to look forward to whatsoever? 
Even the weekend that was hers, that she made plans to go to the movies with Anthony and the Japanese family who is moving to the bay area, were interrupted because Anthony’s father has a bachelor party on a weekend and wants to trade so he TOOK that one? 
This time Carla stood firm, explained her plans for a movie in the early evening on the Saturday, and permitted the Dad to have the Friday night for a family event, and the Saturday too. They negotiated.
So to her delight, she has something to look forward to number TWO, and it’s one week from tonight.
That is the woman that you call Reiki Doc, my Carla who is very dedicated to the Light, to the upbringing of all our family our ‘star family’–and this includes YOU.
You are in good hands! With BOTH of us!
So pick up the phone and call (he smiles)
Carla has to get ready for work now. She needs to arrive there in about forty-five minutes.
We send you our very best!!!
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla
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