Gaia News Brief 26.4.2015 by Reiki Doc

I Heard a SNAP!

Last night, as I was falling asleep, I heard the sound of a rat trap snapping, and falling. This one sounded different–like an empty trap. I dared not get up and look. Why face a wounded rat when in the morning you can face a dead one?

My house is filled with rats. I have a rat problem. The area is wooded, and the whole town is actually filled with rats. Anywhere you look, you will find the little black traps that contain the bars of rat poison hidden deep inside, with a little hole that only rats can go in to eat the poison, and the birds and other pets and children are kept safe from accidentally getting it.

There are six feet of ‘dead space’ between the homes which are connected together. I’ve patched up every hole, used every poison, but still there are rats. The only thing that works is to keep traps out. And one of the most popular places for catching them is in the cabinet right under the sink in the master bedroom/master bath.

I’ve thought about patching the hole, but I remember the horrible scratching and clawing noises in the kitchen in the wall behind where I keep the pots and pans when Anthony was little. That one is patched with metal mesh to keep the pests OUT!

So between a new hole, or one where I can catch them, I pick the one where I can catch them.

This morning, before I had my coffee, went back upstairs to take a look.  I saw a tail. But with it was the most unusual sight–The rat was dead OUTSIDE the trap, lying in a pool of blood, with no obvious signs of trauma except perhaps a blunt closed head injury from when it was thrown into the ‘trap’ of the pipes of the sink?

The trap which was meant to ‘catch’ the rat, didn’t, but the rat itself died nonetheless!

It ‘worked’ in an ‘alternative manner’.

To me this was a sign. No matter what, no matter how, those who are infesting the energy of Gaia and her people, living as close as can be within society and yet ‘hidden’–are on their way OUT!

I cleaned and disinfected, and the area under the sink is as good as new.

Well, the contact paper design is a little smeared after all the times I had to do this in that area, but it’s ALMOST as good as new. ❤

Lessons of great value might show up in the most unexpected of places
Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend
I have been getting the message for days now, of ‘diamonds’. Words on car license plates, trucks..everywhere…
So last night, after a long day on call, driving home, I asked Divine Father, ‘What are all these DIAMONDS for?’
In a nanosecond, I understood:  spirit was guiding me to use the Diamond Flame on myself.
I can borrow it. I have permission. It’s a long story but just think of it as I am sixteen and am allowed to borrow the keys to the car.
I turned the Diamond Flame onto myself, cleaning all my energy, within.
This healing is typically done ‘for me’ by my Divine Mother and Divine Father, every day. But this was the very first time I used it on myself, and it helped very much to soothe the jagged edges from my energy of this day.
Focus On All The Love And Joy That Is Sent
Ross warned me when I woke up that ‘today will be a hard day, but look for the Love and Joy that is sent with it instead.’
This echoes the Creator Writings that deeply moved me:
Let’s begin.
Ross sent me this song, while I was preparing three rooms for work–doing routine machine checks and filling the anesthetic agent tank on the anesthesia machines…
Then it started.
The complaints.
‘I didn’t think our conversation would be in the blog’
And it went downhill from there, with someone really ‘going off’ about ‘people not choosing to be poor’ etc etc.
I was polite. I asked for clarification and also gave permission to this person to vent.  There is someone who ‘had a spiritual awakening’ and ‘gave up everything’ and ‘is an expert’.
I was like, ‘okay…’
How can you compete with that? ‘Experts’ who have websites?
The underlying thing behind this is as someone who is increasing my vibration, I ‘see’ the big picture. And instead of being more comfortable where I am, with my higher vibration, I am actually LESS so, because the lower vibrations are really uncomfortable for me now.
I get FRUSTRATED because due to the vibrational differences no matter how I explain and work at it, people just aren’t able to SEE –and there is no further point in the conversation.
Let’s back track a little here, so it makes sense. All of this stemmed from the ‘Making Friends With Rock Bottom’ and financial point of view from yesterday. It hit a nerve. And frankly, I am exasperated over the whole thing.
I called a close friend on Skype, and laid my cards on the table:
Me:  People are getting upset over my blog!
F:     It is YOUR blog. You write on it what you want. They can take it or leave it.
Me:  How much money will it take for people to believe in God?  How much? Why does a ‘prosperity package’ need to arrive?
F:    I am tired of having to watch every penny. It would be nice to go to the store and see something I would like to eat and just BUY it.
Me:   I know. It’s the FEAR. The contribution I give to Galactic Channelings each month met with the statement, ‘It’s not just being able to pay the bills, it’s taking away the WORRY, giving peace of mind.’  Where does this FEAR come from?
F:   Well, the not being able to pay the bills, of course.
Me:  I am severely limited on TIME. I used to stress. And yet, recently, I stopped telling myself ‘I don’t have enough time’. Then the strangest thing started to happen–I stopped being late to work all the time, it wasn’t so much a struggle, and I have time to enjoy with Anthony, even though I STILL work all kinds of crazy hours. It CHANGED.
F:   It sounds like you are living in The NOW Moment?
Me:  I think I might. I am also manifesting things more easily now.  I can’t seem to explain this to people. I feel like I have failed in my work. What am I supposed to DO? What more can we DO?
F:  We have done our missions. We put the information out there. We blog. We heal everything and everybody every day. We talk with our teams. There is nothing more to do.
Me:  Well, how long is this going to take? I guess I will have to accept What Is, and just amuse myself as best as I can until people wake up. I can’t do it for them.
F:  People have to be willing to do the inner work on themselves. We can’t do it for them. There is nothing more we can do. We are not EXPECTED to do this for them, this which they must do for themselves. Nobody can do this for them.  It’s not our fault. It’s not anybody’s fault. It just IS.
And I realized, that until I die, I won’t ‘be’ with Ross, because this is taking forever, and it’s out of my control, and that’s that. I can paint and I can work…
So, let’s revisit, and with pictures, I will share how Lady Gaia ‘sees’ this whole prosperity package situation–remember–this is Lady Gaia’s point of view, as one who has been infested with carpetbaggers and scalawags since Day One.
THIS is the prosperity package–a certain amount, for an unlimited length of time, to help ease people who are struggling within ‘the system’.   Many Lightworkers are looking to St Germain and ‘outside’ sources to bring them this.  It is ‘proof’ of something–validation of sorts–and dearly held belief that ‘something is needed to help them awaken’.
Gaia does NOT TRUST this ‘hand’. Whose is it? For whenever money is involved, there are Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart. And THESE are the beings who have attacked her, stolen her precious resources, RAPED her delicate ecosystems, and not given it a second thought. Their plan is to continue to do so until she dies. Planets can and do ‘die’–along with everyone alive who inhabit them.
Here they are–Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart–and they are NOT budging!  You can’t even surgically excise them from the currency. They go together, no matter what. 
Furthermore, Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart, have everyone convinced that the ONLY solution to the situation at hand is a ‘temporary’ gift of currency that will ‘take away the fear’.
People ARE suffering! They are hungry. They are homeless. They are sick. They are lonely. they are afraid.  And they NEED HELP at once!
 Gaia does not EVER want to see any of God’s Children reduced by some ‘belief system’ to do this:  be on their KNEES to beg for a piece of bread from The HAND–they ‘system’ which was created for the mutual destruction of Gaia AND Her People by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.
Gaia wants the sleeping Creator Gods (all of her inhabitants) to WAKE UP and smell the coffee! THIS is your gift, the ability to create whatever you wish — and to bring it to you–so that you can live a life of abundance and have all your needs met.  This system works apart from Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.
The power of Gaia is the same as the power of the tomato to create abundance and prosperity–the tomato is one of the most profuse life forms on the planet! Why work with ‘society’ when you can work with her?  The natural way, that you were created to do? Without fear. Without complaints. Without efforts?
Imagine what humanity will be like, when each of us using our gifts will be able to help one another? Our gifts of Co-Creation, of Manifestation, and Healing?  With Gaia, we are unstoppable, unlimited, because we are working with the angels, with the energy of Heaven, and are totally disconnected from Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.
As you face your troubles, and there ARE most definitely troubles ‘out there’–look for the solution Gaia and Spirit will be able to work with you and support you.  Align your energies with hers. For Gaia LOVES YOU more than anybody. Gaia wants you to learn your lessons, to make something of the experience, and grow.
If and when the prosperity package arrives, please take a moment to count your blessings for which you have no price–the air you breathe, the sunshine, and the Love of Creator.   The beautiful experiences which are there if you choose to notice them.
Personally, I was raised ‘poor’–both with money, and with family ‘stories’ about money. Dad’s parents stashed away their savings in a mattress, and told the family they were ‘poor’. They lived in Roxbury–the slums of Boston. Grandpa worked three jobs to support four kids. Aunt Jean got sent to a convent for a while, to save on the expenses. To Dad, money was an elusive thing that ‘always got away’ and ‘he would have to struggle for his retirement’.  It was the specter of retirement that made him work two jobs, and make many investments, most of which were unsuccessful. Money and Dad were not friends.
In my first marriage, I saw there are ‘other ways’ to experience money. With the German family of my husband, it was ‘save for a rainy day’ and ‘your money will grow’.  There always was enough for the important things in life. They actually had three homes, and helped buy their daughter her home too. In their home, money wasn’t ‘magic’ or ‘elusive’ at all! My husband and I were able to save enough to pay my way through med school, in the four short years we were married. Getting rid of Dad’s unhealthy thinking about money was the best gift yet.
You know, I had excellent credit as a newlywed. And Dad, knowing full well of this, asked me to co-sign on a loan of his for something. What he didn’t disclose was that he was taking a lot of money OUT of this loan for himself, and that I would be responsible in the even he fell behind on his payments! It was a trick, a scheme, and with great struggle, my husband and I decided to say ‘no’ to my father. It was not easy to break that news to him. I don’t think Dad ever learned the lesson. But at least for the downpayment for my house, he loaned me fifty-thousand dollars, and by working very hard, I was able to pay him back in five years…
A lot of what has to do with money goes with your ‘story’, what ‘goes on between the ears’ and in your heart.
That’s all I have to say.
Rock Bottom
My life lesson–my pre-birth contract–involves Love and Relationships.
No matter what I do, I just couldn’t get it right.
At my lowest point in medical school–after a divorce and being a ‘magnet for drunks’–I begged God to let me give up on it all and be a nun!  You can imagine my surprise when he said, quite clearly, ‘NO!’.
It got even lower. I dated Jared. I got pregnant. And he left me during a pregnancy massage, naked, under a sheet, on the massage table. He kissed my stomach, saying, ‘I’ll wait for you until you get out’ and walked out the door. I was crying and screaming after him to ‘come back!’
Part of my struggles with wanting to be ‘together’ and ‘have babies’ is that I inherited the Sirian ‘directive’ through all my incarnations. On Sirius this is part of the learning process, and a motivating factor as one navigates through their life plans.
This was fixed once it was found out about last year.
A major part of my life experience in this incarnation, I felt ‘unloveable’.  I was loved by God, and angels, and animals. But the humans? I wasn’t so sure. Mom was an addiction waiting to happen, who raged with anger on a regular basis, with the rest of the world thinking she was really kind and sweet (which she was when she wasn’t in anger). Dad was, well, dad. And I bounced from one relationship to the next, never finding ‘it’–the love and acceptance I needed to survive.
I even thought I was in love with a buddhist raw vegan chef about twenty years my senior, who took a vow of silence.
It wasn’t until I accepted I wouldn’t have children, and I could still share in other parent’s joy, that I got pregnant.
It wasn’t until I accepted that there’s more to life than marriage and being a couple, that I found Ross.
Acceptance is key in the mastery of one’s life lessons. I can’t emphasize it enough!
And last night, after the ‘snap’ LOL, I shared with Ross my deepest pain from the abandonment by Jared, how the fear of being hurt again is keeping my heart from opening up to Ross as much as I want, and would he please help me with it?
He said, and I quote, ‘I will nurse you when you are pregnant. I am not like Jared. I will rejoice with every part of the pregnancy at your side.’
It was then and only then I realized I went through BOTH pregnancies with him, when we were incarnate–alone–and our healing goes WAY back for us both. 
So he healed me from everything, and then, with my permission, ‘erased’ those memories for me with the timeline splicer, so we don’t have to visit them any more.
Why Choose Poverty In This Life?
If you are disincarnate and have a lot of karma debt ‘racked up’ from your previous life experiences, would you choose the ‘fast way’ to repay it with one horrible incarnation on Earth?
It’s entirely possible. And as a soul, you might want to experience ‘from the other side’ if you had held power and money ‘over others’ for an extended period of time in prior life experiences.  This is the growth as well as the motivation to eliminate the karma all at ‘once’ in Spiritual time frames.
Another reason is to help others. Some angels incarnate and take on OTHER people’s karma, to help them repay it, that which they never would be able to pay back themselves.
And some angels have to take these ‘terms’ in order to incarnate and be able to do the Lightwork that they were sent to do, as sort of a ‘package deal’ in the pre-birth contract.
I chose poverty of love, because, at one lucid moment before meeting Ross, I realized, ‘I must be in relationship with someone very special on the other side, to have agreed to a life with no relationships whatsoever.’  I had no clue about who Ross is, or myself for that matter, or reincarnation really…but I knew I had ‘blocked’ that part of myself, to save me for ‘someone special’ when I finished my mission and went ‘Home’.
This is my Sunday morning. It’s almost eleven o’clock. I spent three hours writing this. I give thanks for all the help from my friend, from those who ‘challenged’ me yesterday, and for this beautiful ‘answer’ to my questions through John Smallman:
I also give thanks for this message too, because Gaia really is decided on next steps–and this echoes it:
With so very much Love and Tenderness, I thank you for your understanding, and for hearing me out.
Aloha and Mahalos,
P.S.   Ross–I entirely support Carla in her gesture to the Universe of what Gaia wants, how Lady Gaia Sophia views the situation, and to all the noble Lightworkers who honor my lady in their hearts.
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