Gaia News Brief 27.4.2015 by Reiki Doc

Giving Thankfulness

Today I have one case. It starts later in the day. So I give thanks! I am well-rested. Yesterday I spent quality time with both Ross (before Anthony came home) and Anthony (movie and basketball together).

I listened to my guidance–I didn’t stop at the store to buy dinner items, I used what was in the house. I gave Anthony pickle slices with dinner just to see if he’d like them? He did. And for ‘dessert’ for the first time I gave him Mexican Hot Chocolate I made for us. (It’s usually a treat I enjoy when he is with his dad).  He liked that too.

It is most peaceful now. The birds are singing. It’s not dark! LOL–the sun it UP! (very rare for me when I am not on vacation).

The energies ‘out there’ are really pleasant.

My secret? Last night, I gave thanks ‘Masaru Emoto style’–I gave thanks for everything tomorrow in the past tense before it even happened!

I want to do this again and again.

Where is Reiki?

Our local community hospital by my house (not the one where I work) sent a newsletter for spring and summer.

What caught my interest is the inclusion of Massage and Skin Therapy.  For ninety-dollars, you can arrange for a fifty-minute healing session with a massage therapist or esthetician. For more you can get a longer session.   They have Clinical Aromatherapy for Postpartum Depression, Oncology Massage, Postpartum Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Restorative Healing Massage, Skin Therapy Treatment, Sports Massage and Wellness Massage.

Why are the Reiki Services provided by most hospitals for free?

Why have we as Reiki Practitioners volunteered for this at all of the Wellness Centers in the hospitals across the world?

Why don’t Reiki Practitioners get compensation for their services like the massage therapists?

Is this part of the Higher Realms, in our midst?  Or this undervaluing ourselves and our healing skills we worked so hard to learn?

I would love to hear your opinion on this.

I send my distance healing every day, for free, with no concept of the ‘energy exchange’, because it is my soul calling to do so.  When people send it back, I smile, and my heart sings, because it is not expected. My circumstance is atypical. I’d like to know what you think about the ‘free volunteer Reiki to patients’ too.


I had Carla set the alarm for an extra ninety minutes late today. Instead of waking up at four-thirty, she woke up at six. I could hear here ‘coming to’ and thinking, ‘is that sunlight?!’ and ‘are those the birds singing?’ with pure delight!

I hope for her the rest of the day goes as smoothly.

About you…many of you are awakening at a faster pace than both myself and Carla. We are the ‘trail blazers’, the ‘encouragers’, in both of our lives–our ones back then and the one she is experiencing now.

There are bound to be some ‘hiccups’!

Because of the higher vibration in you, some relationships that won’t promote your growth are going to rapidly ‘go away’ and ‘disappear’.


More suitable ones can’t make their way ‘in’ to your consciousness until you ‘let go’ of ‘what is past’.

Along the way your entire body is going to feel symptoms of the absorption of the higher energies–remember a ‘Karuna Day’ and the ‘sudden tiredness’ Carla has described?

So, for your ‘spiritual tool box’ in the ‘HEALTH and HAPPINESS’ department, your strongest medicines are:

  • herbal tea with lots of honey. It will help you anchor the energies.
  • ‘grounding’–making contact with earth–with your feet, your hands (if you are gardening), sunbathing on the grass on a towel, even eating things that grow in the ground like beets, potatoes, turnips, carrots, and radishes…This helps the energy ‘flow through’ you and cause less ‘symptoms’.
  • getting as much sunshine as you possibly can, without sunscreen, in order to let the Healing Light Codes and Sequences into your aura from the Sun. About ten minutes a day with no distractions is a minimum to achieve the healing effect.
  • try giving thanks for EVERYTHING possible you can think of, including us. Gratitude has a protective effect on the soul.
  • forgive, forgive, forgive EVERYTHING–a lot of this is perception! of ‘who has wronged us in the past’.  The past is GONE! Forgive! Forget! Ask us to erase the memories you don’t want to carry. (Carla has a name for this, she uses it all the time, ‘Forgive and ERASE!’ she asked me this as soon as yesterday as the most recent).
  • SMILE. A smile can do wondrous things for your energy, your soul, and your body. Even if you don’t feel like it, the act of smiling can ‘brighten things up’ from within. Your face relaxes and lots of endorphins flow out to your from your brain. So why not ‘act as if’ you are on the ‘sunny side of the street’? Soon it will be habit.
  • Always do your best to think Very Good Thoughts. It is the negativity that will hinder your progress in your Ascension. Watch for them, and say, ‘I’m not giving any more of my energy to YOU!’. Simply pluck them out as soon as you notice them, and give them to the compost bag of burlap that St Germain always is near and carrying around. He knows how to make something good of them.
Is this enough? Try to drink clear water that is blessed (you may bless it yourself with Love and Gratitude) all throughout the day. This will help you too.
With all our love,
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla the Reiki Doc Illuminated Twin Flame Souls
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