Gaia News Brief 30.4.2015 by Reiki Doc


I learned SO much while having to turn the water off to the house to slow the leak in the garage before it was fixed.  I found I only would turn the water main on for essential needs, for very short and calculated periods of time:

  • washing dishes
  • laundry
  • cooking
  • bathing
  • flushing
  • watering the plants
Here are some solutions I ‘discovered’ I had overlooked without realizing it–areas to cut wasting water:
  • I kept a water bottle at the sink for washing hands, and brushing teeth. During the ‘on’ water times for flushes, I would go and refill it. My son had three water bottles in his sink too–it was hard for him to use less.
  • I ‘staggered’ water needing activities to overlap–laundry, dishwasher, and garden–to keep water ‘on’ time to a minimum.
  • I emptied the pet bowls into the plants–I have several pets so this is quite a bit that adds up.
  • We have bottled water–gallons of it–so actually our water drinking requirements weren’t linked to the sink.
  • I remembered the saying from my microbiologist friend, about disaster management–in the event of a shutoff of water, he would use the swimming pool as a reservoir to pull buckets to use to flush the toilets for the family.
Where mom grew up, in San Biagio Platani, outside of Agrigento in Sicily, the water was only ‘on’ for two hours a day. The families had to go to the town square to collect their water in large vessels of clay, for use in the home.
Where I went often, at the desert land in the high Mojave, we as a family would bring all of our water in plastic containers.  Perhaps there were six or seven five-gallon containers for us all. We had an outhouse. So the only water use was for hand-washing, brushing your teeth, drinking, and washing your face. Once a trip we got a ‘shower” where it was with cold water in the outside shower.  We never worried about running out. Everything always worked out. (The nearest water was a windmill about three miles away, but that was a bonus, if it was working–otherwise it was forty miles to the nearest road, and not even the nearest rest stop.)
Something New
These new bird feeders were on clearance two for one special at my local hardware store. I didn’t know–I’ve fed wild birds for years–that not only do bird feeders need to be sanitized at every refill (how can wood do this? It’s porous! LOL) but if you hang them always in one spot in time it can cause disease for ground-feeding birds who pick up the seeds where the other birds spill them and poop below.
It’s compostable, too.
It’s easy to assemble, and all in all, I am glad I learned a little more about caring for birds.
You know in nature, all ‘feeders’ (plants) have much less risk of disease for the birds, because they are not localized, and they regrow. so they are biodegradable too!
Whirlwind Anesthesia
Today was a fascinating day, that felt like I was a show horse being ‘ridden’ by my ‘angels’ and ‘put through my paces’…
I did four cases in a row with a notoriously fast surgeon. Instead of stressing, I found more clarity, and was just able to focus my tasks and streamline them.
I looked forward to an extra case–but two people took it. Then I went to the luxury of LUNCH!  I ate salad and vegan pizza in the sunshine for ten minutes.
Then I was called to go do that extra case! See how much things change?
I started my last case, and no sooner had I settled in than a colleague came to relieve me! Rules are that if it’s half-hour or less, I can stay. But THIS colleague was insistent!
Almost after I walked out of the OR, the restoration guy called, and was on his way to my house. The blowers are off, it’s time to repair the damage.  So I met him at my home.

(I saw a Red Tailed Hawk–‘messenger’–on the way home. About thirty seconds later, I saw this license plate CYREEAN…I was like Cyrene? Cy…cy…then I got it! Sirian!!!–Ross wanted me to share this with you too.)

On the way home, I had tested my home phone–we couldn’t dial in, but there was a dial tone. Well by the time I made it through the phone ‘trees’ for all the ‘if you want this press that’–I was rolling into the garage, and the lady rang my phone, and it worked!
After the business with the restoration guy, I asked him to give me a ride please to the auto mechanic to pick up my other car (I have two–an anesthesiologist always needs a back-up, to get to work)…
He said ‘yes’. I gave hims  referral to an orthopedic surgeon, and also a nice yelp review earlier.
So I paid for the car– all fixed! Then it was time for the counselor.
I picked up my boy with no clue what to eat. I said, ‘how about if we pretend we are Souplantation–I make us a salad and mac n cheese?’   He was cool with that.
Then, about two blocks later, Ross was like, ‘NO!’
He wanted me to go to a place we usually have breakfast, but never dinner, and have burgers.  Ross sent a number 33 on a license plate just so I would know for sure it was him.
So dinner was fabulous! Firemen, our local truck–were in the booth next to us.
(Ross had said, ‘you work hard! I don’t want you to cook and clean.’)
Anthony noticed a bible verse on the wrapper of the burger–Phill 4:13.
I looked that one up on my phone. And I smiled.
Ross is the best Twin I could ever ask for!  He went to all that trouble just for me. And for Anthony. He read his standardized test score report, and was thrilled to see he had done better than the year before!!! Ross felt such PRIDE and JOY and LOVE and GRATITUDE for Anthony’s success–I know, I could feel it in my heart too (we are connected!)…
Ross asked me to write it. So I am.  He wants it written tonight.
Long story short, I am in an ocean of calm. My mind is clear. My heart is not afraid–even when unexpected things arise in my day, I effortlessly ‘roll with it’.  I think this is what it is like to be in 5D…
She saw what I had done this morning. Ross too. I had posted something helpful, without reacting to it, or thinking about me.  I just did it.
In the past, the very thought of Fran Zepeda channeling ‘her’ or ‘them’ would give me anguish like you wouldn’t believe, and lots of self-doubt.
Ross said, ‘You really are a Galactic now, Carla. Thank you.’
And Sophia promised me a bracelet. I hope to make it soon, with her design. She’s never helped me to make one…
One Last Thing
Your happiness is IMPORTANT in the grand scheme of things.
With it you raise the vibration of all of Gaia!
Take time to be kind to yourself sometime…’just for today’ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
I had the red hair when I was a baby! That’s how I got my nickname I’ve had all my life, what Carla calls me…
I want you to know that  I feel for you, in what you are going through in the awakening process.  I went through it myself, before I died. It wasn’t easy for me…but it is SO WORTH IT!  (he smiles)
You will be delighted at what will transpire…occur…happen… (he’s really happy and smiling)
I have a surprise for you! (holds up the burger wrapper):  if I can do THIS–can you only imagine what I and my team will do when we ‘pull out all the stops’?  (this is an American slang for an organ player who wants it to be really loud–and pulls all the stop knobs out at the same time, wanting it to be the best!)
I love you.
Each and every single one of you.
Carla does too.
And so does our little Anthony…who is now taller than his mom and smaller than me…
You guides are preparing for you so many things! All of them WONDERFUL!!!
Aloha and mahalos,
Ross and Carla and Anthony
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