Gaia News Brief 24.4.2015 by Reiki Doc

Good Morning!

There has been a significant energy shift in the last few days. I can’t point to any one event but rather, it is the compilation of many things, and a FEELING I have (no more pressure or fear, just annoyance at worst and much much more acceptance in general):

  • I used to say ‘I want to be a mom who operates’ and not ‘a surgeon with a family’ when I was in training. I was a categorical general surgery resident for two years before I went into Anesthesia for a career. I envision myself as ‘Carla of home and family’ who ‘goes out and works to support the family’.  I had a nice conversation over dinner with the hardest-working surgeon I know, who was once one of my anesthesia residents!  He also is a ‘homebody’…we laughed about how little time we each actually spend at home!  Well, earlier this week, I realized I might as well accept that I AM an anesthesiologist–it’s where I am most of the time anyway–and I better not fight the hours because it’s my job. It’s not nine-to-five, you know?  And I am still a mom. Yesterday clinched it. I stayed home and had the day off. But the traffic to the dentist (first time in two years! Yes! my day off worked out), the phone calls I had to make to the nasty insurance companies and stuff who put me on hold, and having to pick up Anthony in time wasn’t exactly ‘restful’. It is what it is and I accept and allow whatever my Higher Self has prepared that is ‘Right For Me’ in my lessons.
  • Time! Time, time, time…it’s getting difficult to keep track of it, just like in ‘Karuna Days’–all week long I thought it was one day earlier because I worked all last weekend. Yesterday I left the house to go to a meeting the last Thursday of the month–only to confirm with another that is was one week early! I was in a panic because I wasn’t sure when I meet for my appointment with my tax man. And I have to be very careful with my bills because time is whizzing by REALLY fast.
  • With my house, the leak didn’t cause as much disruption. The leak is repaired by the company I prefer, and now it’s time to put the drywall back up and paint. It was an inconvenience to have to turn the water off in the house except for the most important cleaning activities. We adapted with bottled water by each sink for tooth brushing and hand washing…and having takeout meals. I had asked for a Reiki request and that really helped. Mahalo.
  • Ross is REALLY talking now to Anthony. Anthony sees him too. I can sense the energy signature the whole time. I feel Ross’ presence with us more and more all the time, and I cherish this.
  • Yesterday at the dentist, the scraping hurt. It usually doesn’t. I was relaxing as best as I can, and trying to focus on something else besides the pain as the ‘turbo water pic’ and instruments went below my sensitive gum line. My dentist is sweet and used to take care of my ex-husband Frank, too. So he always gives me updates on Frank. That’s wasn’t fun, either! I’d rather forget him.  At one point, this WAVE of soft warm energy blanketed my being, and the instrument in my mouth no longer hurt. It was Ross who sent it, I am sure, and I am thankful for his caring about my well-being at that time.
  • I took a wrong turn to get onto the freeway after the dentist. I had to drive through town. I realized Ross wanted me to go to the Italian Market. I went, and was totally delighted, thinking of Nana Angelina and Nannu Filippo the whole time. My lunch was a sandwich. And I even passed on the cannoli at the counter!
  • I had a ‘funny feeling’ about a hospital next to my dentist. I used to work there, well, just a little. They kept making me ‘proctor’ forever–like ten cases where I work for free. (My current one did five). I just had incredible relief not to be working there, since they do trauma. Well, guess what? My buddy and my former student/colleague took over the anesthesia contract at that place! I just found news of it. Now they have the contracts at three hospitals. I am delighted for their success!
  • My buddy and mentor, Jon, has fed me since I was a starving surgery resident. His girlfriend would bring food to the anesthesia library for him when he was on call, and he’d invite me. She was really nice and I enjoyed our friendship. Jon found me this job, so I wouldn’t have to work at that other place. Jon is also starting up a company, and it’s going to be a big deal. He has MANY high-ranking people on his board and he enjoys that whole part of ‘the game’. Ross asked me last night to ask Jon, ‘Who is the most famous person you have ever met? In all fields of expertise–not just ours?’  Ross had me ask this knowing full-well who Ross is and who I am…LOL. And as Jon went on and on with total delight about his ‘connections’, with love in my heart I shared his excitement and was genuinely impressed and glad for his success.  One day, he will give interviews because of his closeness to me, and everyone will want to know HIM because of our connection. And HE will be so surprised I could hold a secret like this, with love in my soul for him, the whole time. Ross too!
I have my Pandora bracelet. It has charms now, more of them, thanks to some very kind gifts that were given to me. It represents a collection of my memories from my Earth Incarnate Experience.  From left to right, I have a Christmas Bear, a Snowman, and Family (Ross picked that). Next is Holy Family, Disney 2015 Special Edition (I helped do much light work at the place), Galaxy. After this is a Dragon, a Claddaugh, and the retired charm, Yin-Yang. Ross sent me ‘my beautiful wife’–he is SO thoughtful!–as an early Mother’s Day present. So far he has given me two. Last is a globe clip–this was a gift too.  One more gift, Follow Your Stars, is coming, then it will be almost complete.
This bracelet goes with me-when I go UP! This one, silver, and the gold Royal Hawaiian Gold bracelets.  Everything else I don’t know. But the Pandora is to comfort me, as I go through whatever I am supposed to go through, and remind me of the Earth my Home.
When Ross sent me that charm, I had to go buy it THAT DAY.
There are many estimates on ‘timing’ for ‘events’.  This is the most solid one I have been given. I am most grateful for the chance to share this with you.
I ask, which one?  Fiscal New Year is in July. Wesak is now–some annual Buddha Birthday that even the Galactics celebrate and might be some kind of ‘new year’ for them. Then there is the Wiccan ‘New Year’ and Hawaiian New Year which is around Halloween. After that is the regular calendar new year.
My point is that even with predictions, you never know. Especially as we ease into the ‘Now Moment’ of the higher realms.
Think good thoughts! Watch what you manifest. And give thanks and joy for all that is given.
To be honest, about the Prosperity Packages? I would rather the vibration on Earth was a lot higher than it is in order to distribute them. Until people get over their ‘I want MY piece of the pie!’ mentality, a huge gift like this will sink us right back into 3D. If the Dark Ones were smart they’d speed up instead of slow down the distribution of the money, because it would only perpetuate the status quo–the ‘me, me, me’ thinking.  I don’t blame people for thinking about their slice of pie because the situation of hunger and homelessness. I get it. It’s hard to think love and joy with a stomach growling and being out on the streets. I know people. I’ve worked with them in healthcare since 1992–twenty-three years, longer if you count my volunteer days at Oakland Children’s Hospital. I love and accept ‘what is’.
In Galactic Society, it is moneyless.
There is NO MONEY.
That’s what I want.
With Galactic economy, there is NO chance whatsoever to ‘backslide’ into 3D.
How can you speed up the relief, if you are in a dire situation? Well, I’m right there with you–I work like a slave, and have bills like you wouldn’t imagine. I pay my own way on everything–insurance, license, more, and it’s a lot because everyone thinks doctors are ‘rich’–it’s an endless cycle. The solution for both situations is the same:  clearly imagine a future where you have freedom to do what you want to do and your needs are met.
Imagine abundance. Think of what you want, not the money to get what you want.  Think of places to go, things to see, meals to eat…the angels can ‘pull strings’ and make ‘chance occurrences’ come in your path.
Remember the old saying, ‘It’s not what you know, it’s WHO you know’…
Jon’s father owns an export business. In the event of a local or global catastrophe, I am invited to go to the warehouse, and have noodles to eat. There will be no admission except by those who in advance are invited to come. This is just one example of how money isn’t always the solution to everything.
And the more we think about money, the more we empower 3D. Even when it comes to prosperity package and ‘financial relief’…
Ever find a coin in the street that just pops up out of nowhere? I found a dime like that yesterday.
Other things can ‘pop up’ like that too. Sales on something you need.  The other day I looked and my underwear and bras in the drawer were getting old. I prayed with my heart for some new ones, as I need them. They are expensive. But at Target, when we went because my son needed a book? They were twenty-percent off and also on clearance. Within less than twelve hours, of my wish, I had what I wished to receive…
What do I recommend? Drop all the energies that tie you down, and hold you back. STAT.
The lighter your thoughts, and your emotions, the MORE you will manifest!
Everyone has that right, that ability, from birth.
Why ensnare it in the economy that was built by those who do not have our best interest at heart?
Make it work for you. And the higher you vibration, the faster and tighter it gets? The MORE you will manifest.  I know someone who has extended a car battery needing to be replaced for TWO years. And now this person is working to manifest more heating oil. For Hannukah, the oil in the lamp lasted eight days. In ‘The Hiding Place’, Corrie Ten Boom reports that a bottle of vitamins poured spoonful after spoonful for each prisoner in the barracks at the concentration camp for months, and never once ran out. Sometimes a check will come unexpected, just in the right amount for the bill that must be paid…
Do you get the picture?
I hope this makes sense…
With all my love…
I am in the tower, the Lighthouse…where I can see. You are trying to navigate your boat around the coastline as best as you can in the fog.
I am here to assist.
Call on me.
Carla asked me yesterday, ‘how are you able to talk with everybody all the time?’
I only have eyes for her–Carla is not jealous or anything! (smiles)–but my heart is there for everyone on earth! Carla’s is too–she just doesn’t know it, or understand how to work it–but her heart is there for you just like me.  We are twins! And I am showing her ‘the ropes’ on how to be present for those who call on her, just like they call on me.  This is what I do with Carla while Carla sleeps. She is making great progress in this, by leaps and bounds!
I want you to work on your manifestation. And to ask for hope and help from all of your guides! We are able to ‘intervene’ a little more directly.
So Ask, Trust, and Hope.
And be sure to give Gratitude, as this is the grease that will keep the wheels moving…in the whole system…between all of us and the Universe, all right?
I know you are hungry and tired and very stressed.
Relief is from within.
Just like Carla with her leaky pipes.
Adjust the attitude, and the reaction to the situation, and it will resolve itself a lot faster than you would ever dream possible.
I wish you a nice weekend, and many happy memories to make with your loved ones, your family, and friends.
Always remember you might be too busy for us, but we are never too busy for you. Pick up the ‘phone’ and call when you need help! (smiles)
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla

Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa, April 24, 2015

SaLuSa (1)

The way ahead is going to be full of pleasant surprises, beyond what most of you have anticipated. Yet many will fulfil your present expectations based on what you have projected into the future. It is not set in stone, but will nevertheless take you into the New Age you have been preparing for. Your destiny has been decreed by the higher forces, but you have had freewill to determine the manner in which you travel that path. You have so to say done the hard bit, and now the negative forces will no longer be able to interfere with your progress as they have done in the past. Their power has already been curtailed and they no longer have the ability to do as they please.

Your aim should now be to centre your attention more upon yourself, to ensure that you do not slip back having achieved so much already. Your journey through duality has been tough and demanding, and your strength has been honed in the fires of life. Your place on Earth is almost as an onlooker as you live your life within your own energy field, largely unaffected by events occurring outside of you. Sometimes you will need to step outside, but you can return unaffected by the lower energies. Your role is to be a “glowing” example to others so that they may learn from it. They will be attracted to you and this gives you the opportunity to help them raise their vibrations. As you know, “like attracts like” and as you move further into them, a natural cleansing takes place of all the lower energies.

Where karma is concerned you may still be tested, but as you rise up you will find the challenge easy to deal with. These are the times in the lower vibrations of the final lives for many of you, when as you progress you will begin to understand where your next experiences are required to be. A panorama of choice lays ahead of you, and you will be helped to make a wise choice that ensures your continued progress. The difference between the past and now is that you are sufficiently enlightened to make your own choices. Mother Earth has given much of herself for the evolution of Mankind, and she also is evolving and many of you will join her.

As you know everything is happening in the “Now” which is why we can look into your future and see which way you are likely to go. What we do know for certain is that you will continue to progress quite quickly within the Light, and once more become Galactic Beings. Once again help will be given to assist you along that path, by those who have already walked it successfully. Life will be completely different to what you experience now, and the most notable change will be the degree of freedom that you will gain to travel the Cosmos. You will have seemingly endless opportunities to meet other forms of life, and be a mentor to them.

At present it is difficult for you to comprehend what lies ahead for you, because the Cosmos is so vast and life forms exist everywhere. You also have many dimensions ahead of you that you can explore, and your only limitation is your own vibration. Intelligent life abounds, and Man of Earth will find that there is so much more to learn and experience. Imagine always being able to travel by the power of thought, so that distance as you presently understand it presents no obstacle. By comparison your time on Earth is very much like being in quarantine, and that is very much the truth. Of necessity you had to be protected from outside interference, although other Beings have been allowed to make contact with you. Taking all things into consideration, you should now begin to understand why your experiences on Earth have been closely monitored and carefully planned. Whatever they may have been, please bear in mind that you have as you would say “been fast tracked” to ensure your rapid evolution, and each one of you volunteered to take part in it.

Coming back to Earth, it is a beautiful planet that one day in the near future will be returned to pristine condition. You have heard of your Garden of Eden, and those days will return once again as Mother Earth takes her place once more in the higher vibrations. Evolution is ongoing and the ultimate is when perfection is achieved, and all life returns to the Godhead. However there is a lot to experience before that level is reached. Enjoy yourselves as you discover the wonders that lay ahead of you, and encounter the most godly Beings that live in the higher dimensions.

Coming back to your present situation, you are shortly to experience some events that you have been eagerly awaiting. The dark Ones are not to be trusted and have frequently broken their promises to allow the progress of the Light as planned. However, they have inevitably broken their word, and caused delays in bringing you the benefits of the New Age. They are waiting and ready to be revealed, and plans are well advanced to make announcements as soon as possible. We refer to the period that is coming up before the New Year, and that is the earliest opportunity to do so. Others will quickly follow once they get started, and by that time the dark Ones will no longer be able to influence the outcome.

Dear Ones, we admire your determination to win the battle with the dark Ones, and that has been already been achieved by your dedication to establish the Light upon Earth. The establishment of it has commenced and there is no going back now, and no way that it can be stopped. The battle has been won and all that remains is to tidy up after the remaining karma has been fulfilled. It is of course too early to claim a total victory, but that glorious moment will come in most of your lifetimes. The lower energies are being further reduced by your continued actions to fully establish the Light upon Earth.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and blessed to be the one appointed to continue this contact with you. We know that you are responding well to the information given out, and we see the Light growing faster and a great web being placed around the Earth. Our love is with you as you keep your focus on the goal for complete success.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Gaia News Brief 22.4.2015 by Reiki Doc

We Press Onward!

This message will be brief today, as I have duties at my work for which I must prepare myself. I have about ten minutes.

Remember that Spiritual Life is a DRAW, a thirst, a longing…and I tend to get ‘cranky’ when I can’t ‘do my thing’.

Even this I am learning to accept with a smile.

Letting Go Of Fears

My sister Vanessa and I had a conversation about ‘doing the inner work’, on ‘letting go of fears’.

She found these book pages…bless her…that were extremely synchronicity–

Similarly Jesus talks about ‘building your house on sand’ in this post:

And finally there is this message from Venus:

The Increase of Consciousness In The Lunchroom

I took notes! They are REALLY waking up at my work:

  • Rosie the RN has a hummingbird nest at her house. She was in the back yard and noticed a baby hummingbird had landed by accident in the swimming pool. She saw it was in trouble and knew it would die quick before she got her bathing suit on in the house. So she JUMPED INTO THE FREEZING COLD POOL and SAVED IT!  She had been waiting for a phone call for her husband to have her pick him up from the auto mechanic–her iPhone had been in her back pocket!  She killed her phone to save a baby bird–and it LIVED.
  • Beverly shared about a movie she had seen on YouTube. It was from asia. She didn’t think anything about it–there was this cute frog blinking at the camera at a street vendor somewhere in the far east. Then, all of a sudden, the frog is dismembered before the camera–head off, arms and legs severed, entrails removed, and reassembled quickly into a pile, with the head on top, with the eyes still blinking. Then a woman with chopsticks eats the legs…Beverly was DEVASTATED! She couldn’t get over the horror! And she hopes that this type of mistreatment of animals ‘for entertainment’ is wiped off the face of the earth.  Beverly is moved to ACT. She just doesn’t know where to begin.
  • Freddie as a child, had his father take him to learn a Filipino tradition, when he was about seven. There were many goats, and his father told him to pick one. Freddie was happy that he would get a pet…you could imagine his horror when the men took the goat he had selected, and took a blow torch to the hair while it was ALIVE. Then they slashed the throat, collected the blood–so they could sell it. Then before his innocent eyes, they chopped the goat up.  It was the barbecue that night, a Filipino delicacy. And Freddie broke ways with his cultural heritage right then and there, in his heart, on this topic. He refused to eat the goat, and ever since. His wife is also not Filipino…
  • My sister and I were in the back yard at my Nana Angelina’s house. I was about seven, Christi, five. My Nannu Filippo came home with two rabbits. He was holding them funny, by the back legs. We too thought he had bought for us pets.  As we came closer to see the beautiful creatures, Nannu did a karate chop on their necks, in the back, and the rabbits stopped moving and started throwing up lots and lots of blood.  We were HORRIFIED! We immediately ran to the bedroom and locked ourselves in the closet, before he would do the same thing to us!  We didn’t come out without a lot of coaxing and explaining from our mother, who gently and kindly said that Nannu is a good person, and people EAT rabbit back home in Italy. He thought this was a special treat for the family. He was very sorry he frightened us and wanted to make sure we knew he would NEVER do a thing like that to us again. No more rabbits to eat. He kept his promise until the day he died.
I see more vegetable and healthy meals in the break room.
It is wonderful to see and feel my friends and coworkers ‘waking up’.
Now it’s time to go take care of our pets!
I love you so very much!
Carla  got two Reiki Symbols this morning. They are important. I want you to use them every day until–until you know everything is finished and we are on our way…The first is Super High Energy which I let Carla jokingly call ‘Warp Speed’ because it looks like a special effect in the movies. The other is ‘Our Love’, our special gift from both of us to you.
You will find them on FB and Twitter in a few minutes, then later tonight Carla will place them here.
Aloha nui loa and Namaste,
Ross and Carla

The Venusians ~ Love Portal ~ Channeled by Méline Portia Lafont


Thank you Karl M. for this picture

Blessings, we are the Venusians. We come in Spirit to you onto this world of Matter to provide assistance in this dance of radiance and subliminal perceptions. We are here because we love you all and because we perceive some changes in the attitudes and the thoughtforms of mankind. Mankind is becoming aware of their own natural perceptions and what they hold as a mirror of Truth to themselves. Mankind is therefore becoming stronger in their own beliefs and what they are inclined to see as their Truth and destiny.

This belief and a form of perception of Truth awaken some spiritual awareness in all, in the sense that humans become aware of the fact that there is more in a human being than the mind is led to believe. Therefore all structures and forms of beliefs are falling down, fading away or…

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Sheldan Nidle Update~4-21-15~you are vital to the Divine Plan

It is essential that you stay positive despite the constant feeling within you that either nothing is changing or else that somehow the coming social, economic or monetary changes cannot possibly happen. Overcome this disbelief…

from Planetary Activation Organization


Ummac Dan ~ Galactic Federation Symbol For The Sirian Star System

7 Batz, 9 Kank’in, 11 Ik

Selamat Jarin! We come at this time to inform you about what is currently happening in your reality. The dark oligarchy that is running your world is fading. Yet it still maintains points of power, which it is using to delay the transition to a new reality. The vital key to this is to manipulate the exchange of monies from one international bank to another. A consortium of several governments and a collection of preselected private banks mostly control this process. By narrowing what is acceptable, this consortium can delay or even prevent what can pass through this critical gateway. In this case, the series of transactions that enable the various loans and funds required to either provide you monies or even change governments can be interfered with (in some cases stopped or even stolen). These cruel tactics have either stalled or prevented the various promised prosperity programs to be put in a pre-delivery mode. Recently, certain agreements along with a number of key arrests caused panic among these oligarchs, as the threats from the international legal system seemed to be bringing this vile scheme to a close.

Arrests have so far been on several levels beneath the key oligarchs. Current legal cases are now forcing them to rethink these vile plots that have continually delayed these deliveries. Currently, a new way to circumvent these dark cabalists is being negotiated between the ancient families, Ascended Masters and those involved in the ever-changing legal system. The leaders in this counter process are the major BRICS nations and the legal team led by a number of extremely courageous individuals. Our assigned liaisons are making sure that a number of these steps are carefully coordinated between all affected parties. Our mutual goals are to create a new, transparent international banking system and a complete delivery of prosperity funds, along with the interim rise of new governance. The next step in any world filled with rising consciousness is to move from limited distribution of wealth to a mass-based prosperity. The cabal understands this and for too long has been allowed to carry on it’s “bullying”. You need to go quickly beyond money and putting “artificial value” on goods.

580391 408033422583587 964460293 n

Technology available to you has been sequestered simply because it can swiftly create these conditions. Once you move beyond the need for a limited economy and move into total abundance, the economic underpinnings of your global society become obsolete. What is then needed is a moral means to truly understand how each individual freely interacts with each other and how such a society works. These things are to be covered by the four social laws and by the very nature of galactic society. The point that we make is that those who know how to move you and your societies forward realize what lies ahead. The dark is simply a very strong curmudgeon, using its last days to stall the inevitable. Once new governance is in place, disclosure can permit us to implement the divine plan given to us by Heaven. This process then permits us to land and allow our mentors to bring you up to speed on what full consciousness entails. Then, you can use the Crystal Light Chambers to complete your transformation and end your long journey from the night back into day!

This process is actually going to permit you to jump ahead by centuries, which such an evolution normally takes. You have this heavenly dispensation since you are ending a most unjustified plunge into limited consciousness and Gaia needs your help. She is watching as her ecosystems shrink and transform. This process requires you quickly to return to your former full consciousness status. Hence, we were recruited by Heaven to assist your Ascended Masters and the Agarthans. Know that you are a vital aspect of the Creator’s divine plan. We are in divine service to this plan and were given a number of goals to accomplish when we arrived here. The first primal point is one of no direct interference. We were therefore obliged to gain the trust, confidence and friendship of those who are now our earthly allies. This procedure took nearly 12 years to achieve. Presently, we understand well the difficulties of how this transformation is to happen. We simply ask for your continual positive support in what is a very sensitive series of matters.

img 20130606 112123 694-1

When your Heart and Mind are Aligned with your Intentions ~ you vibrate at a Higher Frequency

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We arrive on this day with some very interesting news! The path to receiving your blessings is being cleared by our associates. These most gracious Beings have used their resources and skills to forge agreements and alliances with both various ancient families and certain key nations. These blessed activities are in appropriate time, making it possible for a new more transparent banking system to be manifested. We are grateful for their knowledge and their abilities to forge groups that are ready to bring you a very fair banking system and a means to finally deliver those trusts set up by us long ago. They tell us that we are getting very close to the actual deliveries of these funds. In addition, these funds are expected to provide the legal way to give you new governance. Meanwhile, we are told by Heaven that a new wave of energies are permitting a whole host of preliminaries needed to prepare you for your Ascension in your living Crystal Light Chamber.

As this procedure prepares to gain steam, we must advise you that a potential for bodily pain exists in your lower chakras. Be aware of this and be ready for what is in all probability now happening to you. Your numerous Angelic body guardians are primarily doing this work. If at any time these pains seem overwhelming, please consult with your health and healing professionals. Your assigned medical teams are regulating your condition. They are to work with you up to a certain point. This is why we suggest the above. Nevertheless, be prepared to have your health care professionals slightly confused by what they see. Most of what is occurring is in essence, energy transferals. Such massive change is usually something, which is foreign to them. Hence, be ready to ask anyone who does work with this type of processing to assist you. Additionally, be ready to call on us for needed assistance.

1239454 664445340232315 1814242420 n

All of these changes are part of a greater transformation instituted by Heaven decades ago. Our part in this is to advise you, and when needed to help you in this process. Once many governments and their interference are disabled, we fully intend to appear widely in public and bring comfort and healing to you. The public has been taught to disbelieve in our existence and to keep our appearances to a minimum. We need to be able to tend to and guide the people. Each of you is precious. You are here and therefore encountering those changes mandated by Heaven. Your limited consciousness bodies are fragile and what is taking place can be somewhat of a shock to you. Be ever aware of this and just know that much of what is happening to you is a mystery to most. Call upon us, dear Ones, and know deep in your heart that you are truly Loved by us!

Today, we carried on with our weekly message. It is essential that you stay positive despite the constant feeling within you that either nothing is changing or else that somehow the coming social, economic or monetary changes cannot possibly happen. Overcome this disbelief and know that this realm is really changing! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)