Gaia News Brief 4 May 2015 by Reiki Doc

Humility Is A Gift

Often our life experience flows to us in waves…I imagine them to be like sound waves in the sense that the ‘compression’ phase of the sound waves through the air are the ‘lessons’ and the ‘expansion’ phase is the ‘rest period’ in order to ‘assimilate’ what  we have learned.

Also, when you are not looking for a lesson, and your perception is a little relaxed, some of the most important and trying ‘tests’ arrive.

I will keep this brief, and share today’s lesson in three parts…

My Miracle!

Divine Father took me in meditation to a room. Inside was a dazzling being of light, something I have never seen before or experienced.  There were arcs, featherlike extensions of energy about a glowing feminine being of Light.  She was moving through slow exercises, like one would see in Qi Gong, but in different steps and movements. I could only stare and look at how beautiful she was! I could spot all sorts of pale, translucent flickers of color that would shift, very much like the colors in a soap bubble…

It was Divine Mother, I was told.  Gently, Divine Father ushered me into the room with a pat on the back…

She was just as kind and loving to me, as She has always been. I was silently starting to resemble Her, but about half her height. She encouraged me to copy her and do the motions, which I did, and felt a joy I have never experienced on earth.

It was like a coming home.

Because of the very high energy, I was not permitted to stay much longer, although I would have liked to.

For my evening meditation, you can imagine my surprise when Divine Father showed himself to me, in his true form, which was like Her.

I shrieked and I panicked! ‘How can I hug you when you are like this?!’  quickly, very quickly, He turned back to looking like me.

At my insistence, I had myself sit on his lap with his arms holding me tight, before I would let him change his form…slowly I watched, feeling his touch the whole time, never changing, as Divine Father himself became a Marvelous Being of Light.

He lacked the colors, and instead, had patterns of swirls in his ‘whiter than white’ instead.

As he was in his Glory, I asked permission to ask Him a question?  It was given.

I wanted to know which form he preferred best?  He said he likes both.

So I showed him a picture of someone wearing very tight pants, who takes them off at the end of the day, and says, ‘Aaaaaaah!’ with relief.  Is the transformation from human to his True Form, something like this?

He laughed with love, understanding my question for the first time, and gently reassured me that both forms are ‘equally comfortable’.

I saw myself again turn into the glowing form, mine with color, like Divine Mother, and marveled at how it looks so different but feels exactly the same as the not-glowing form of my skin.

This I believe is the basis for today’s Creator Writings…the link is here…if you are interested:

By the way, the name of my guardian angel, Laetari, means ‘joy’.

My nickname all through childhood, is ‘Gioia’, which also means ‘joy’.

And the name, Gaia, also means ‘joy’.

My Test

The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on a Sunday.

They did this for a reason–our culture in America makes Sundays very family-based, very relaxed, and different from every day in the week.

I was so relaxed I slept through the earthquake that hit Los Angeles at 4:15 a.m. and was almost a four on the Richter scale.

I was happy.  I made my bracelet from Ross–it’s romantic, and has ruby in it.  There are two wolves facing each other, who have a shared heart. In Native American tradition, Wolf is Teacher…who also mates for life.  I cooked a nice leisurely breakfast…and I caught up online.

I saw it. Communication from someone new that put me on ‘alert’.  Communication from someone I trust about the someone new. I asked for assistance. It had to wait.  I used my pendulum–is this person from the Light?


It was a test from the Light, complicated by translations.  But I didn’t know this yet.

For both the feelings and the pendulum had to be addressed. Not just for one, but for two.

What came out of it was clarity about my assignment, and my contribution to the Light.  As well as clarification of the situation for all.

We passed our tests.

My Rejection

This weekend, I was looking forward to a second-chance in the O.R.  The surgeon, one who is excellent and also the subject of ‘Don’t Have A Cow’ blog post…someone I’ve known for almost twenty years, recently rejected me to work with him ‘for technical reasons’ I don’t understand.

I was told by my boss the surgeon gave him a written list of who was ‘okay’ and who wasn’t–for the BIG cases–and my name was not on that list.

Well, I was assigned to him for a small case.

Second chances are nice, you know? I was looking forward to possibly working together in the future, if all went well.

I got a call from my boss. Long story short–no matter how polite he made it sound with cases being cancelled and put back on the schedule and my not being called–first case Monday I go to another room.  This one, is the man who had me do the anesthesia for his wife when she needed surgery. This one is also a highly-skilled surgeon, and he likes me a lot.

It hurt.

I missed seeing my son get his certificate from his basketball coach for ‘most improved defensive player’ because I had to get up and take that call.

That part stung.

I thought about the situation so much during the festivities that another mom said, ‘you are lost in thought!’

I was.

Then a clarity hit me. I had written the Divine Healing Codes on the BIS stickers (a monitor on the forehead) on that surgeon’s patients. He had asked me or perhaps I had shared from my heart that it’s my hope that energy medicine will one day replace conventional medicine, which is so invasive.  I also have done things to irritate him, I think. The vibrate on my phone (I get a lot of texts–for many reasons, usually child care), the stapling of my billing sheets, the talking during the case, all to relieve the monotony. And on our last long case, I was starving, and also had to pee, several times.  This was like six hours of a really long case all through lunch. I got hypoglycemic.

His rejection of me is a gift.

I smile and send unconditional Love in every interaction I have with this man outside the OR–in the hallways–because of two things:

  • Love Is The Solution For Everything (especially fear-based attitudes in others)
  • It gives me a chance to ‘turn the other cheek’ and let him reject me again.
In a world where miracles like above happen, and tests and challenges like above happen too–humility is a way to create balance.  It helps me keep my feet on the ground, and stay focused.  We may be near the end of the journey but it’s not over yet. It’s no time to get complacent…
I also know that one day, this one who rejects will rejoice when he discovers the truth…about everything…and that gives me the greatest joy of all.  To be understood at last by someone I enjoy and appreciate very much, who is having a ‘hard time’ at the moment with everything about me.
Gaia’s First Request
She would like Roundup type herbicides to be removed from Her surface, starting from the top (Higher Management–Divine Creator–and Heaven) using angelic technology.
For those on Her surface, she asks simply to stop using such chemicals, to dispose of them safely, and if possible, not support industrial agriculture which uses this as a technique in their specialty.
I am delighted beyond belief! In everything. And in YOU.
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla
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