Gaia News Brief 11 May 2015 by Reiki Doc

Go Backwards

Ross wants me to give a run-down of today and yesterday’s activities and linked increases in awareness, starting from just now and back in time:

  • I just tucked in Anthony. I let him stay up to watch his Clippers team win. He can do his homework in the morning, before he goes to school.
  • I put a load in the laundry. Anthony goes through all his shorts in about a week. This will prevent pandemonium tomorrow in the morning.
  • Ross gave me the sweetest bracelet for mother’s day. It has a sequence of three very small peridot beads and one tanzanite rondelle, made with a toggle of a heart ‘lock and key’ that is made in Israel. Peridot is said to regulate the cycles of ones life, and to provide a physical protection shield around the body. Tanzanite is a ‘stone of magic’, producing the perfect symmetry of personal power and actualization. It brings about the ‘will’ to the aid of manifestation, and enhances both the beginning and the end.
  • Ross told me not to cook, to get pizza or go out for something simple. Anthony wanted Panda Express. Near there is a place where you can buy flowers. Ross guided me to a dozen multicolored rose bouquet in a ‘vortex’ swirl vase, with a bow. The cashier said, ‘Very Nice!’ when he saw it, and ‘You have done well! at the checkout register.
  • Ross wrote a letter to me. He does that sometimes. And it said to enjoy tonight like it was my ‘last one in existence’. He told me he has been preparing everything for when I arrive to him.  Earlier he had given a similar message, about the timing. And tonight’s fortune cookie also pointed towards the same.
  • I realize that the completion of Ascension is a being able to give up all things, and to progress to the new. I am looking at life as one in the final stages of ‘this life’ and preparing in all of my ‘bodies’–mental, emotional, physical–for ‘what’s next’.
  • Divine Father took me in meditation to a new world. It was beautiful and clean, with no pollution whatsoever. I loved it! And he said, ‘oh…this is just Agartha! Look UP!’  I did and I saw the most beautiful, glowing, HEALTHY surface of Gaia I’ve ever seen!!! I squealed with delight, and started running and jumping and splashing. I was able to fly–if you read these blogs faithfully this will be no surprise to you how–and I zoomed to Ross and thanked him and back to Divine Father and was so happy that nothing else mattered any more.  You know how you see a light at the end of the tunnel? Right before you get out of the tunnel? We are THAT close!
  • Celebrating Mom–my mother LOVES ‘a burger’. She is a meat-eater, and took us to Mc Donald’s ‘thousands of times’ growing up. Today, I took her and Anthony to the world’s oldest operating Mc Donald’s. It’s on Florence and Lakewood Boulevard in Downey.  Mom was excited. I was too. Anthony couldn’t believe how it looked! One of my happiest memories was as a child at McDonald’s feeding the little sparrows almost all of my french fries. They were so hungry and it gave me such joy to share.  Mom said today I would only eat about three or four when I was little, and I would give the birds the rest. Today, Anthony remembered. And we all fed the birds, outside, and I felt the same magic again that I did when I was a kid. They have a nice museum there, too.
  • On the way home from the hotel, I saw the name of the street, Magnolia Avenue. My dad’s parent’s had a house there. I was overcome with longing to see it. So we drove an alternate way to mom’s from the hotel, on the side streets. I gave me such joy to see it again. It hadn’t changed much. But on the way to mom’s house, I almost started crying! Everyone I knew who I ever celebrated mother’s day with–grandma, nana, all my aunties–are dead! I was so thankful that my mom is still with us.  I shared this with mom at the table at Mc Donald’s when Anthony went to the bathroom. She told me, “If I die, I want you to remember how happy I was when I learned I was pregnant with you.’  Back then, they took some of your urine, and they injected it into a rabbit. The test took two weeks. And if the rabbit died, you were pregnant. They didn’t tell you over the phone. You had to go to the doctor with the father to get the results. She confessed she was also terrified–she wasn’t sure she would know what to do–but she was happy in every way when she learned she would have me.
  • I also mentioned to Anthony how back when I was his age, my world consisted of both grandparent’s homes, and my house, and school. I never went anywhere. And the neighborhood was very stark, and urban, and flat. He has been everywhere, already, at such a young age! He has a bright future ahead of him.
  • At the hotel, we had room service for breakfast, and watched a ‘trick pool shots’ competition.
  • Earlier, I had the first of my, ‘wow, I sure had that one wrong!’ for the day.  Sportscaster Ernie on TNT for basketball has had cancer, is a legacy in the business, and adopted a special needs child.  He is one of ‘us’ who entered the field of sports broadcasting to help raise the awareness and Light of us all.  I love watching Shaq, Ernie, Kenny and Charles…
  • On ESPN they showed how long some famous players had to wait for to learn they were picked in the draft.  Aaron Rodgers was like four hours!  But even though it was really hard on the players, they all said, ‘The joy of being picked makes you forget everything else including the suffering of the waiting.’
  • Last night I had ANOTHER ‘wow, I sure had that one wrong!’ moment about my cousins who got my sister and niece involved into NCL. Their daughter Lindsay–who I barely know–flew in from Pittsburgh and pulled an all-nighter to arrive to surprise my niece, Lauren, at her special event. It meant the world to Lauren, and her family, that Lindsay could be there. My cousin had been the first working mom to go through this charity league…she is the one who suggested the thrift shop be opened on Sundays so the working moms could put in their hours. Back then, ten years ago, it was like my cousin had three heads–most of the moms were stay-at-home and well-to-do. Now the charity has more working moms, and my cousin was just ‘ahead of her time’.  Tracy is like Ernie!  She entered the charity to raise the awareness and Light of the members of the charity…
Here is the Big One
Again, I am told by Ross to tell the story ‘backwards’:
  • My sister offered to return Anthony’s tuxedo with the others from her husband and son. Anthony ran to their room to drop it off. She gave him my Mother’s Day present. I forgot I still had hers. So I sent him upstairs again. The event cost two hundred dollars a person last night. I wrote a check for both Anthony and me. Only eleven girls were in my niece’s class, so the cost for the band, the venue, the food, and the hors d’oerves was more than if it had been a bigger class.
  • Anthony danced with my niece Lauren all night, until the event closed. Lauren danced with groups too, and we also did a conga line with me leading it. I remarked to Laurent, ‘I didn’t know you liked to dance!’ on the dance floor. She laughed and said, ‘Neither did I!’
  • I saw God’s work in action, and I was humbled humbled humbled at what mastery He does (and She!)…At the actual presentation, Lauren stood onstage in her white dress, and they spoke about her favorites and what she wants to do in her future. She and I started crying as they described how she’s had ‘more than her share of medical and health issues’ but she ‘keeps on moving ahead’–getting good grades even though when she was thirteen she had a living-related donor kidney transplant ‘Kenny the kidney’ from her father. She wants to be a doctor. She loves pizza, autumn, and has traveled extensively through Canada, the United States and Europe. Lauren has done over one thousand hours of volunteering in service to the community…the whole room was silent…as Lauren’s ‘tale’–was an order of magnitude more ‘deep’ than the rest of the girls who are also extremely accomplished and talented.
  • Lauren, and the rest of our family, had always wondered why my sister was so intent on joining this mother-daughter organization. They were exhausted most of the time from planning and doing the events. The other mothers and daughters didn’t really include them in the ‘clique’. What were they trying to prove? we asked. Even as family we went to support them in a lot of events…Clearly, they were doing what was for the Highest Good, taking six long years, and a lot of expenses associated with being in this organization, to achieve that moment I described one dot above…in God’s time, not ‘ours’… : )
  • As a child, at two, Lauren had a kitchen set. As you know, my mother loves hamburgers. And one day I saw Lauren ‘making burgers’ for ‘granny’. There was something about that moment that struck me, and I never forgot it.  It was two bites of a bad hamburger that made Lauren get E coli O157, hemorrhagic colitis, hemolytic uremic syndrome, coagulopathic, renal failure, and on a ventilator at age four and one half…
  • Lauren, her brother, and my son are all my grandparents reincarnated. Lauren and her brother lived in that house on Magnolia–they bought it.  My son was my Nannu Filippo.  Nannu used to make fun of grandma Lucille for being cheap, and called her ‘Lu vecchia’ (the old cow) behind her back. When I saw them dancing together, and having fun, I saw karma being replayed, in a nice way.
  • Lucille, absolutely LOVED dancing, more than anyone in the family, and even at her fiftieth wedding anniversary danced a solo for the crowd at the reception. Lauren would have no knowledge of this, but her soul, before my eyes, ‘remembered’.
  • When Lucille died, I saw her soul, and helped guide it to Blessed Mother. Before that, I don’t know why, but I did a ‘Life Review’ with her. She was very happy to have gotten rid of ‘that body’ because it had hurt and broken down at the end. She was glad to be ‘done with it’. I had to call her on it. Gently, and with no judgement whatsoever,  I showed her how she treated others, and asked her what she though about her choices? She was really, really sad and embarrassed by how she had lived. I asked her what she thought about if she would be given another chance?  She promised me she ‘would make a better showing in her body’ if she was given one the next time. I told her I believed in her and knew she would too.
  • My Grandma Lucille died in the Spring on 1996.  By June 1996 my sister was not drinking alcohol at my medical school graduation reception. And in July 1996 they told me I would be an auntie.
  • I had picked a black rosary from Grandma Lucille to hold in her coffin. I picked her clothes for her burial because my Aunt Edna was neutropenic from chemo for breast cancer. Dad and I made all the arrangements for the funeral. (They had discontinued her casket she had picked and pre-paid for! It was a big thing for us to find something ‘close’) When I went to Tim Braun, grandma Lucille and Aunt Edna came to talk to me. And grandma told me how she had gotten a lot of comfort from that rosary in Life, and she was glad I had her hold it when she was buried.
The Rabbit
This isn’t like the Eagle. I have been getting ‘rabbit’ messages for the past week. I wasn’t sure because rabbit in Native American Lore is ‘watch what you think’ because if you are afraid then bad stuff will happen.
We have had Anthony telling me there’s a rabbit in the back yard, one of my troll beads is a rabbit, Anthony’s bedtime story about The Hunter and the Crocodile shows that rabbit is the most clever of the animals–even at the panda express tonight I saw this–and yes mom’s rabbit with my pregnancy…
I should ask Thumper, Ming’s old pet who watches over both of us (she is so kind to share, Ming–she shares Doremus, her dragon with me too)…to send me dream so I can understand.
It is time for Carla to go to sleep. I will rest tonight, and send more messages the next time.
I love her.
And I love you.
Carla passed a test regarding me last night and early this morning. She passed with flying colors and got a big ‘check’ on her Ascension check off list.
I told her not to respond to a private message on FB that was not of the Light. This is the second of a well-intentioned Lightworker being ‘hijacked’ by those in our ‘bandwidth’ who can access the ‘receiver’ while not actually being ‘on our team’. The last one was suggestion of healing codes for burns after Carla had turned the ‘self-cleaning oven’ mode on herself as Lady Gaia Sophia, to cleanse out ‘Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart’…she had ‘closed the escape routes’ several days prior…and the Dark Ones were getting singed in the etheric planes of Gaia pretty bad…
The Divine Healing Codes can be used by the non-physical as well as the physical to heal both spiritual and physical (in their reality) wounds.
So the Dark Ones had ‘hijacked’ this worker, without their knowledge of the events, and innocently this ‘idea’ came through, with a code, that if published could have been used to regenerate their forces and heal their wounds…
That was the first.
The second was involving me.
Both said, ‘they were working with Raphael’…as a means of introduction.
Carla has passed her test.
And Raphael, is with Carla 24/7 as her friend and guide.  She always is free to double-check with him, and with Divine Mother and Divine Father, and with her Twin–yours truly–whenever there is need to establish what is Light and what isn’t.  It’s often very deceptive work, and meant to trigger feelings of lack of self-worth.
So next time someone ‘tries to pull a number’ on your heart, and you find your heart sinking and your self-worth in a tail spin–why not ask for help?  How do you know what is said is true in the first place?
I will help you. All of the Ascended Masters and Archangels will assist. Just ask…always ask…I want you happy, loved, and free from fear (those are the rabbits in the messages).
You are what you think…make it  ‘you’re worth it’ kind of thoughts.  Even if you are on your last dime–there are fortunes to be made–to prove or just to create like an inventor or actor who works as a waiter while trying to make that big break…
(he smiles–ed)
Aloha and mahalos,
Ross and Carla
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