Gaia News Brief 18 May 2015 by Reiki Doc

The Good Fight

I am spiritually exhausted. Although I am post-call, it wasn’t the work that caused the fatigue. It was a triple series of attacks from the darkness. I’m not one to talk about ‘being attacked’ and in fact perhaps it was just very powerful ‘lessons’…

Let me explain…

On Saturday I was on back-up call from my work, but I didn’t need to be called in. We were going to spend time at my mom’s house for my first call on Sunday. So Saturday, I caught up with the chores and bills around the house.

We went to my mom’s house around five p.m.  I had notified my sister and invited her of our going to the childhood steakhouse where we grew up, my treat.  At the last minute my sister said she couldn’t make it.

Right now I am reading Abraham Hicks, a conversation with Wayne Dyer–the part about the rapidly spinning ‘disc’ of your vibration:  you LIVE on it, and you don’t let anyone’s lower vibration take you off. You STAY there. This is the basis of successful co-creation–being able to stay on the highest ‘disc vibration’ day-in and day-out.  I actually live here, for some time now, and have the words to describe it. I didn’t read this until AFTER the first major attack…

At the steakhouse, mother decompensated. Anthony soon followed. They were hungry. It was crowded. And the service was slow.  Last week we celebrated mother’s day with JOY as we drove past and saw this place was still in business!  We were here to celebrate it’s being ‘back’, and ‘happy times spent’ before… Mom said the reason we stopped going is because the service took one hour once and the kids were starving. She said, ‘Never on a Saturday night!’ and ‘We will come for lunch on Tuesdays they say it’s less crowded’.  (Anthony is in school and I work full-time LOL–bless her).

I stood firm in my good mood. I let their panic (where’s my order? where’s my glass of milk?) glance off me. And I said, like a broken record, repeating myself–I’m happy we are here! The place hasn’t changed! Isn’t it a miracle?

At the end, Anthony asked, with amazement, ‘how can a little restaurant like this in the middle of nowhere have such great food?’  Everyone was happy.

Round Two:  mom doesn’t drive. Her caregiver had to leave early, and they missed taking her to the store. I finished work early, and offered to buy Taco Bell. Anthony was clever, and had looked up an Italian restaurant that delivers. They had just placed their order. So I offered to pick up some things at the store.  At the store, I was moved how mom can’t drive. I don’t want her to go hungry. So I bought the old standard cans–Hungry Man Sirloin Soup, Tomato Soup, Vegetarian Chili, and little cans of tuna–just in case. It’s what we grew up on. I saw a small set of plastic storage containers, and bought that too. I bought organic butter, eggs, fruit, and materials for angel food strawberry shortcake. And Ramune soda for Anthony. I told the lady at the register I was buying for my mom–and she shared that her mom lives with her…we smiled.

I came in the house with the gifts, and mom FREAKED OUT. She refused EVERYTHING. She said ‘I am just fine thank you’. I pointed to the left over artichoke stored in an empty plastic bin from the produce, cooked and uncovered–and said, ‘Mom? This is going to make you sick’.

She wouldn’t hear of it!  She said she has clutter and is getting rid of it. She doesn’t want anything.

She was VICIOUS and ATTACKING to me.

I paused.

I thought of Ross.

And I turned the other cheek.

Humbly, I said, ‘I will put it in the car.’

I was very deeply hurt. My vibration had been so filled with love and joy and gratitude to her.

In my turning the other cheek, I saw three things:

  • this was her pattern–throughout my life
  • our relationship was unequal, with her being in the power position
  • it’s not my fault and there wasn’t anything I could do from birth until now to change it.
She changed her mind. I told her, gently, that it’s too late.  I also said, with emotion, that I have lived ALONE longer than she ever has or ever will, and I only wanted to help her make it a little easier for her now that dad is gone.
I truly forgave her, but I was shaken.
Then she started with the–‘if you want to help you can get me a dress like this’ and ‘I need long matches’ (for her votive candles).  
Then she weakly started praising the things she did accept–the bananas, the strawberries…the whipped cream for the shortcake.
It only made her look worse.
Anthony witnessed the whole thing, and was silently supportive.
Mom explained how she and dad once bought a nice TV for my Nannu Filippo, her father, for the bedroom.
The gift was refused by my Nannu!
Father was crushed. It was expensive and he worked hard to buy it. It was given with love.
Nannu Filippo said, ‘I didn’t ASK for a TV!’
I had the insight now to why father and Nannu Filippo were never close.  Early in the marriage dad tried to learn Italian and Nannu Filippo made fun of him. Dad never spoke it again. Nannu Filippo and mom were very close. He was close to me, too. But never to my dad, who was blonde with blue eyes, and educated. Nannu Filippo was THREATENED…and I let it go.
(In the morning, mom apologized, and she accepted everything, which I gave her with an open heart. She said, ‘I was wrong and I made a mistake’.)
Round Three:
  • The last episode of America’s Funniest Home Videos hosted by Tom Bergeron was filmed at Disneyland for their ‘Diamond Sixtieth Birthday’ of the park. (if you know this blog you will understand what is being communicated by this–on every level).  We watched it Anthony, Mom, and me.
  • I didn’t want to watch the Billboard Awards, but those two had looked forward to it all day. So I watched the entire ‘ceremony’ and I ‘caught’ all the ‘symbolism’ of ‘ritual’ until I got past Mariah Carey and couldn’t watch any more. They saw Wiz Khalifa, and went to bed. (I am an immediate past-life witness to the ways of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart, and I’ve studied it in this life. If you want to know what I know, here is an idea–up until the Fire and Brimstone around the fifteen minute mark–  I do not support the concept of Fire and Brimstone either).
  • ‘Energy goes where Attention Flows’–this is why Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart have all these ‘awards shows’–to direct the energy of our attention to their ’cause’…I smiled inwardly, because I know the strongest vibration wins, and frankly, I am sick of that ‘ritual worship’ and want it off Gaia once and for all. And I asked God for this while I watched. I asked with my whole heart, for the whole ‘team’ to be taken ‘somewhere else’ and ‘not here’.
Oddly enough, Spirit supported me in buying some beads on sale at Gem Mountain after my last case at work, and it was that joy of having good equipment due to arrive to create new bracelets that helped me to stay strong through rounds two and three…next time something WONDERFUL happens you might have another test around the corner, if you know what I mean…LOL ; )
Mom was at her ‘limit’ on accepting ‘Abundance and Light’–and she ‘kinked off’ the flow of Love from my heart to her.
This is VERY normal in the lower vibration beings.
Mom is able to handle ‘Yogi Cameron’–and she NEEDS someone to guide her through the early awakening process. My joy overwhelmed her–in a vibrational way–and I backed off. I KNOW in my heart the strongest vibration wins. And it did.
(Mom said she can’t fall asleep without the news. She ‘likes to know what is going on’.  According to Abraham-Hicks the last few minutes before sleep are where we set the goals for the next day’s creation. The NEWS BUSINESS has hijacked our birthright of Co-Creation by broadcasting at this time, and having OUR ability to Co-Create focus on THEIR agenda of doom and gloom and car chases…   Mom also said this morning that when Nannu Filippo first passed, he said ‘we are like actors playing a role’ in this life–and that what you think TODAY will show up in your ‘play’ TOMORROW’)
The Visitor
Right before I awoke, a tall, horned, and shadowy figure came into my consciousness. I thought they had all gone away off planet, but apparently not.  I invited him to leave Gaia.
Behind me to my left was Ross, and to my right, was Michael.
The thing didn’t want to go, and instead, a whole mess of ‘his people’ were amassing behind him.
Michael told me to tell him if he takes the door to my right (I gestured)–he would be able to dominate and oppress others as much as he likes, but soon the vibration here would be incompatible with his, and it was time for him to go.
He went willingly.  Then he paused, looked over his shoulder, and said, ‘I want a second chance! I want to come back!’
I said no, this would not be possible, for many chances have been given, with no inch of change attempted, and besides, he would be so much happier in the next realm compared to here. He understood, and walked with head up and shoulders back out the door.
The others, in single file, followed.
Ashtar was on the other side of that door, and his team, to handle them.
After the last one, Ross said, ‘You are FREE!’
I breathed a sigh of relief…but like those movies, I wanted to make sure every last one of ‘them’ was ‘gone’ for good.
There were a few in hiding. The teams came in, put a dome on them, and I saw an explosion of Light for each one. Perhaps about five or so I saw, but I knew this would be taking place over the next several days her on Gaia surface.
I stood up, in spirit, no longer wobbly on my legs.
Ross said it was due to the removals of those lower energy-creatures.
Divine Father
I asked Him  a favor today. I asked, ‘When mom is gone, will you take care of me? (so I won’t be too sad)’
He was very kind and listened…
I explained how I am sad for me, but brave, and very happy for both of them to be together at last. And I could handle it.  I asked if he would help me handle it when the time arrives?
He said yes, and asked me to write about how I feel.  I feel like even though I don’t understand it, I will be able to communicate in some way with Her. And I know my time will come next, whenever that is, So I will take hope in the movement forward. I will feel sad and lonely, because there are few with vibration compatible to my own here incarnate–but I wouldn’t slow things down because of these feelings I have. I will instead enjoy what I have and have been given, very much…
The lines are drawn.
Everything is in place.
(he smiles, makes a rocket sound, and lifts his hand fingers wiggling UP and looks with his eyes and upturned face as the hand reaches higher and higher–ed)
That is enough for today.
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla
P.S.   This came through, right as I was starting to write this. It’s secondary confirmation for my mom and me–
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