Gaia News Brief 25 May 2015 by Reiki Doc

Pushing Forth

Yesterday I asked a group of readers and healers, ‘what do YOU do when you are sick?’

One person uses everything but the kitchen sink–from all healing paradigms.  Another relies on healers they know to take care of them. The responses are varied…which makes sense because no two healers are the same.

In my understanding, illness is a warning from my body, to me, as its ‘student’ who is living with it–illness is a warning to my body that ‘IMBALANCE’ is present!  Something has been imbalanced long enough in the energy field to manifest itself as physical illness.

Fortunately, my body gives a warning for ‘too much stress’ with my ‘sinuses’ and if I ignore it long enough it gets to my lungs.

When my work schedule permits, I slow down to a standstill.

I work with my body–and fluids and medicines and this time with crystals (which helped the most)–to recover.

Yesterday Anthony’s father was sick, when he dropped him off. And he had to go to work anyway…

Later Anthony had a stomach ache all day.  He went to sleep with the lights on and a bucket next to his bed…Ross and Raphael told me they would watch over him while I slept.

This morning all of us feel much better!

We are going to take it easy on the stomach with a very light breakfast…

Pushing Forth in Spirit

I have been pushing myself very hard to cleanse myself within. This process of Ascension as a planet and its people is taking forever!

I knew this in my bones in 2012, when we missed the window in December, and I cried bitterly…the next ‘window’ would be 2015 or later–I forget, please forgive me–and here we are still dealing with the same old things.

That being said, I want MY insides and my soul clean as can be. No baggage, no old crap, no old ways of thinking, and along with it, no old hopes and dreams.

I am a blank slate who lives in the moment with little to no expectation.

I can go at any time.

There was a time I hung onto every WORD I could get from certain places:

  • Komurosan (The Galactic Federation of Light and channeled messages)
  • KP
  • Monty Keen
  • Matthew
  • Cobra
I must have checked and checked to see for new postings from all of the above so MANY times!
Now I am different. I have matured in spirit. For the first, I go directly to the sources–most often at the Galactic Channelings in English, instead of listening to them on video as in Komurosan on YouTube.
I also have learned there are some who work ‘both sides’ and if you look carefully, there is a ‘whopper’ hidden in–consciously or unconsciously–the message.  If you are a long-time reader, you will know who I listen to now because I share it. And who I don’t because I don’t share it.
There are a LOT of other websites that to me blow smoke ‘rainbows’ up the wazoo of their readers.
I don’t post any of them either. I don’t even read them. All I have to say is if it goes LONG and is difficult to follow–and definitely NOT applicable to your daily life–you might want to skip it.
Here are my sources:
I am working with a team to help them learn how to ‘get’ their own ‘guidance’ directly from Source. That’s what I do. I weight my inner guidance a lot more than anything I read. I also share it, just in case, someone else might find it important.
For those of you who are working on discernment, I will ‘dissect’ analytically, the latest from one on my ‘not so cool’ list–so you will see a pattern:
  • Bringing up a horrifying international event with much bloodshed and death with an ‘explanation’ of why it happened. (this is sucking us in to the problem–look to an ‘answer’–give up your power dynamic with the media as we have been conditioned to do).
  • Explaining the ‘playing field’ between the Light and Dark, and that ‘everything is not set’–it IS set! Heaven wins. It is inevitable!
  • Explaining how the Illuminati works.
  • Sharing how even before the Illuminati, ‘power and ego’ were at play  (hello? The Anunaki have taken many groups but been guiding the Dark for a long long time–no matter what name it is)
  • ‘Gaia is weary of her planetary body being a merry go round from all the karma’–NO! Gaia would have died a long time ago had it not been for the wise and caring intervention of the Galactics.  Gaia is on her last breath. She isn’t ‘weary’ and it’s FAR beyond ‘boys being boys’ at this point
  • There is a very confusing example of ‘what is love’–you feel it in your bones, you KNOW without saying a word what is LOVE–it feels like nurturing, warmth, love and compassion…as babies we all know it, and it feels like HOME.
I hope this gives you a ‘benchmark’ so you can gauge your own ‘process’ in the ‘Awakening Department’. No two people are the same, but hopefully you will see a pattern of your own ‘feelings and intuition’ taking a larger role in your spiritual journey, and your looking to others a little ‘less’…
Carla thought she had it all figured out once she made her first communion. She was going to do what her family had done before her.
Little did she know her entire BAPTISM was based on untruth!
Her parents, who had eloped to Las Vegas and gotten married in the Little White Church–lied and said they had been married in the Catholic Church on the form so that Carla could get baptized at three weeks of age at St Peter’s Church–the Italian Church–in Los Angeles!
Carla made it through confirmation, and really, the church would have been very nice ‘be all and end all’ for her.  She would have loved saying ‘matins’ and ‘doing good works’ and being very heavily involved in the Church.
It wasn’t until she met Barbara Matthias, and started seeing Mother Mary personally, that Carla began to evolve on her own; this is in ‘geologic’ time frames.
Carla started both visiting the local ‘spiritual’ stores–for help with her broken marriage–these things, these medicine cards and tarot cards and runes–somehow made her FEEL better and have a sense of ‘direction’.
She also started journaling her messages from Mary every day, all the while still saying her daily rosary and going every week to Mass.
Carla saw angels, and talked to them. It wasn’t scary like in the movie, ‘The Sixth Sense’.
But like the children in Fatima, and Lourdes, and Medjugorge–who deeply influenced her–Carla sought a ‘confessor’–a protector and guide priest from within the church.
Well…Carla went to one Church, at All Hallow’s–in La Jolla. And she was turned away as if she was insane.
It hurt.
Thinking fast on his feet, the priest told her to go ‘to the University Catholic church’…which she did.
That priest there was afraid of her. He told he she ‘was the devil’. He almost threw her out! He told her she needed to speak to a psychiatrist.
It wasn’t until Carla met a friend who really loved her, a surgeon, who knew that Carla had ‘a gift’…up until then, talking to dead people, helping them cross to the Light, and seeing Blessed Mother had been a ‘curse’–making it difficult if not impossible to ‘fit in’ with the ‘ordinary life’, and making Carla doubt why God had created Her just the way she is…and DENIED her an opportunity to life ‘a religious life’ in the church!
Once Carla hit Rock Bottom–metaphysically–single parenthood was a huge part of this–Carla went to Tim, who ‘saw’ her gift, and directed her to psychic development classes with Anne Reith.
Carla went to the Learning Light Center in Anaheim–for her SURVIVAL! Carla had to find out who she is, why she was made like this, and moreover to be around Like Minded People!!!
Can you imagine that?
Carla the Ugly Duckling has found her Swans!
Now where does that put me?  Am I one of her Guardian Angels who has been with her for all time?
Am I only a heartbeat away? (I gave Carla a ‘chest bump’ yesterday just to prove it–all Twins are eternally connected whether they are incarnate or not).
So HOW did I let Carla go THROUGH all this mess?
Why didn’t I SPEAK UP?
Because Carla had to go through her own learning process in order to guide YOU effectively.  Carla had to know the ‘ins and outs’ of the ‘business’ in order to make Life more effective for you, in YOUR awakening.
And for you it is the same.
And after you shall be the others.
And after this everyone shall be awake.
So LOOK AROUND! You can’t get hurt. There is nothing to lose! Go ahead and EXPLORE what is happening.
Try not to give your power up to anybody–try not to enroll in courses indefinitely. Once you have the skills that you need, and you are ready or like with Carla ‘spirit kicks you out’ (I still haven’t finished my certification–ed)–walk on your own two feet.  With your ‘head in the clouds’ if you will (with me!)
I hope this gives you an understanding you never thought possible.
Everywhere in this spectrum, is every soul on this earth.
All of them will awaken.
Even those who hide with their head in the sand.
The horn of Jericho will seem like a bullhorn to them, but God shall blow it!  Once it is time.
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla
the Reiki Doc Twins
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