Gaia News Brief 31 May 2015 by Reiki Doc

On Manifesting!

Yesterday my ‘freebie’ was when I was at the gym playing basketball with Anthony and started to tire. Not only did one father ‘coach’ him a little on the ‘inside game’, but his son and two others who walked in played two-on-two, so I could rest.

It was my first day back after my sinus infection, and I wanted to ease into it at the gym.

If you watched the Angels’ game last night, that was Anthony’s doing. He sat in his favorite chair (it was my grandparent’s so it’s my favorite too) and said, ‘Mom! He’s going to hit a home run!’ and then the batter DID! Anthony said it again, saying, ‘Mom? I think he’s due for a home run!’ and THAT batter did, too! There were five runs in one inning or something…

Today, I found the pictures I wanted to share with your yesterday, and I got it to work.  This is from Divine Father, this design, as I described it yesterday.

On Discernment!

Does your healer/spiritual adviser pass the ‘Andy Test’?

Spirit has been guiding me to write about ‘how to tell when  a healer has YOUR best interest at heart’ all week.

Andy Bojarski is one end of the spectrum you will see on this scale, and he anchors it down hard! To me, he is the benchmark for comparison for all healers there are.

Here are some things to look for:

  • Andy supports himself with work outside of his spiritual life
  • He also supports his family
  • Andy lives simply
  • He does healings for ‘love donation’–the people set their price, not Andy
  • Andy has a wonderful, warm, caring energy that is unmistakeable for nurturing, warmth, love and compassion
  • He has things ‘figured out’ spiritually, and is willing to talk about them, but never would pressure anyone else to listen–if you know what I mean?
  • Andy doesn’t market himself
  • Andy doesn’t teach anything online–no courses
  • Andy doesn’t do seminars either, where people travel
  • He guides some group meditations–there was one a while ago–but it was a ‘let’s concentrate on this for a month’ not ‘everyone pray at one p.m. pacific standard time’
  • Andy is constantly walking his walk, and growing in spirit, himself. He actively pursues it.
  • He ‘talks’ with all kinds of spiritual beings–very high ones–but he doesn’t talk about it much, except in his healing work.
Other things I would like to add in ‘what to look for’ in a healer or spiritual guide:
  • There is no intended outcome promised–when working with Spirit, it is always for the Highest Good
  • You will need to ‘do the work’–no matter how much you try to have the person ‘help’ you they will consistently, gently, and lovingly guide you to help yourself because you are the only one who can ‘grow in spirit’  for you (does this make sense?)
  • Although they are human–and have moods just like everybody else, their most consistent one is of love, harmony, peace, and willingness to serve others
  • They never put down other forms of healing, and say ‘theirs is the ONLY way’
Spirit seems satisfied that this is ‘enough’, and wants you to ‘go on your way and explore’ the new energies/spiritual world ‘out there’…Namaste.
P.S. They say you will always have your guides in spirit to direct you, with nudges and feelings and sometimes words. The more you raise your vibration, the better this teamwork will appear to you and you will be best able to act on it.
Remember your healers have signed up for their own lessons too–not to judge them in any way–but know to steer clear of those who are not as well equipped to serve your spiritual growth.
Carla had a long day yesterday. She also has a very long day ahead of her today.  It has to do with her finances.
Carla had to form an S-corporation because of her work. And she is untangling the finances, something she has dreaded to do for about two years.
Carla is afloat–sure–but accounting is not one of her strengths. Even with quickbooks.
I am helping her, and Carla doesn’t know it. I even made a bracelet for her without her knowing why–it just looked good and Carla was guided to make it. It has labradorite, ice flake quartz, jade and peridot.
I told her to sleep with it to see what her dreams are–and Carla is disappointed because she can’t recall a thing!
Today it will be every penny that she has spent for the last two years, tracking it down…and the birds are singing, the June gloom is here with the promise of a glorious warm day at the beach.
In her heart of hearts, this is where Carla would like to go, instead of all this politicking, bean-counting, waste of her time.
It’s calling her, the ocean, which it does from time to time.
And she has a wetsuit in the closet. There isn’t anything Carla enjoys more than feeling free in the water and not cold.
Why is it that our lives must come to such impasses?
Why is it that in order to enjoy our lives we must put the time in to keep organized on our expenses–which obviously Carla hasn’t (she just throws the receipts in a storage container ‘for later’)?
Because they are LESSONS are we are here to LEARN.
For Carla, it is patience, ability to see the grand scheme of things, and to feel positive while under stress–to know that it is ‘not forever’.
And also it is to know herself.  Every year she makes a promise to herself to organize it better–and she never follows through.
Carla loves herself anyway.
And I love her, in spite of her ‘imperfection’ or ‘weakness’.
And I love you, just like Carla, in spite of your ‘imperfection’ or ‘weakness’.
Up here, we see shortfalls in a different light.
And what we admire, is your persistence to endure having them, and your perseverance while under distress.
This is where the jewels shine!  This is where the gold is fired and tested! This is where the nitty-gritty of being on Earth is all about:  walking through hardships as best as you can, no matter how the outcome…
Up here, we don’t have hardships. We have our lessons, but they are not the same. They are more like algebra problems that are difficult–if taken slowly and step by step they make sense.  YOUR lessons are more like calculus! The really high advanced math that math majors have to take.
And you are exceeding expectations!
All of your, together–are getting an A Plus!  (he applauds)
I’d also like to say a little something from Ashtar to you–‘your presence is admirable and bright within the cosmos and the entire galactic fleet. It is my honor to work with you. I have my struggles–you are not alone in this–and together we shall overcome them to raise the Earth and all of her people to the next ‘octave’ of energy in the flow continuum of Consciousness. Thank you for volunteering for this job, this role, in your incarnation here on planet Gaia at this time.  Hold on to your hats!’
This is Ross again. Ashtar sits right beside me at the helm. He is a good man, and I am quite fond of him.
Carla is too.  She sits on my left and Ashtar is on my right…(he laughs with a twinkle in his eye–ed)  How do you think Carla does this?
That’s why she can’t remember her dreams! (points to his head–ed)
The same goes for you! (he WINKS! –ed–lol)
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla