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When you are presented with a challenging situation, look at all angles. Chances are, your

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Trusting in God works!

Jesus through John

Jesus Audio Blog for TuesdayJune 30th
Today is a new day. Of course every day is a new day, but people often forget that as they plod through their daily chores earning their living. But enormous changes can occur in one day, or in an instant. You are free to make choices in every moment, and you do, but they are very often the same choices that you have been making for years, in almost complete unawareness. Become aware of your choices, each and every one of them, and then decide if you would like to maintain them or change them – from which shoe you put on first in the morning to whether you really want another cup of coffee or tea, to whether you want to change jobs, careers, or relationships. So many of your choices have become automatic, and yet your choices determine how adequately or inadequately…

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Gaia News Brief 29 June 2015 by Reiki Doc

Ross’s News

It is at his request I share with you this story first. Ross likes stories, and this is a good one from all three of us:

(Anthony and I are at the grocery store picking up a few supplies for dinner tonight. We pass an enormous display of toilet paper, with the brand we use, which is hard to find. It is the kind with aloe in it.)

C:  Anthony! Want to hear something funny?  Ross has me on restriction for this! He says because I have so many packages at home I am not allowed to buy any more until I am down to two packages!

A:  Then I will buy it mom! I will buy it with your money. Ross hasn’t said anything to me! This stuff is good!

C:  Okay then, buy five packages. How many are there?  (Anthony starts loading them into the cart)

A:  Look mom–there are six. But there’s only ONE left in the whole display of our kind (the regular kind was mixed in).  Let take the whole thing!

C:  Okay, okay, But I bet soon Ross will be putting restriction on you too!

(Ross told Anthony later that ‘you take after your mother in the toilet paper department’ with a smile. Ross also said that both of us have a ‘thing’ about running out–and he thinks it’s funny.)

Once we got home and stored it where the rest was, everything fit perfectly, and Anthony was surprised just how many packages I already had at home.  He said, ‘Mom! we must have over ninety nine rolls!’  and was super happy.


Ross had told me to bake the ham for dinner. I have a tiny little cut one, and Anthony enjoys it.
But at the store, Anthony spied the warm, roasted chickens. He asked, ‘Mom? Can we have this for dinner please?’

I said yes.

Our dinner was very simple. A banana (for dessert and for potassium replacement–it’s be very warm and we exercised a lot today), sliced tomatoes (for more potassium), chicken (for protein–Anthony needs LOTS of it), and fresh sourdough bread.

We bring home fresh ice from the store, and keep it in a cooler/dispenser. It’s really cold, and tastes much better than the ice maker in the freezer.

That was our meal. It was delicious. And Anthony was so full he didn’t have any room for the bread.

One thing I have learned much about — both as a parent, and as a spiritual person on my journey through life–is that it is the EXPECTATION which needs the most ‘adjustment’. The more flexible the expectation can be, the more room there is for happiness.

Here is an example of very difficult time with expectation from my son yesterday–I offered, since he’s just over the flu and getting his appetite back–to go to the local pizza parlor to have root beer, pizza, and watch the ball game.

Well, on the way to the pizza parlor we pass a local bowling alley.

Anthony wanted to bowl.

I had done all the laundry and folded it, and then done a lot of cleaning in the house. I was exhausted. We had played catch twice, and I had to run fast to keep the ball from rolling into the storm drain at the gutter when I missed it.

I stalled on the decision when asked about a hundred times, ‘Mom? Can we bowl?’

It’s expensive to bowl. We had gone out for breakfast and dinner. I was beat.

So I told him, after listening to my heart, ‘No. I don’t want to bowl today, we are not going to go. Walking is good for me. Let’s walk to the store at the end of the shopping center and look around.’

You would be AMAZED at how many angelic messages popped out to me from the merchandise at this store that were on-target for me–‘follow your heart’ and the like. ‘You are loved by the angels’ too. Actual WORDS, not numbers, like 444…

On the way back towards the pizza place, he was STILL asking for bowling.

This is not a trait from my side of the family, but apparently it must be on his dad’s, because they are very hard on Anthony, all the time–and tell me to be hard on him. I have learned the value of what my father called, ‘Vitamin No’ and have been using the therapists advice to say, ‘That sounds like fun and (validate the request, the emotions) but we are not going to do this today.’

It was a storm for me, a single-mom with a kid as big as her physically but not emotionally, wearing her down.

I held my own through the storm. And today was much better. We bowled for ninety minutes, and enjoyed our time together very much.


I worked late on Friday. And I work late again this week, twice.

Spirit found a way for Anthony to go and have fun with his father’s side of the family–cousins have flown out from the east coast, nice people, and they have rented a large house about one hour away.

I’m usually on call on different days, but Spirit had me covered, and I am thankful.

Work is easier. I just can’t explain it, but it has so much more to do with my attitude than anything else.

We actually had to ‘slow it down’ a little, as the inspectors wanted to change the way we do anesthesia.

Now everyone has to do it like I always have done. And instead of ‘dragging my feet’ as they have accused me of, for wanting to be thorough and not cut corners–I am walking two inches taller knowing I have done it ‘right’ the whole time. Now they get to work like me. : )))

Our computer anesthesia record will go live in two weeks.  I may or may not be as visible online until it’s done. It is an extra assignment for me to be the ‘point person’ for the anesthesia group…and of course we are sending Reiki ahead in time so that everything will turn out in the best possible way.


It gives me great joy to work with the bracelets. I feel confident in the stones and in the variety of crystal beads I have to work with.

It’s such a blessing to be able to express myself in the physical, by creating harmony of spirit and healing together in one action.  I learn as I work with the energies of the people who request the healing bracelets.

I do this out of love for my team.

I hope it shows.


Carla is going to bed. She had a long day. She tried going to sleep but got up and remembered there was something she had to do on a special project with her team, so she did it.

I am proud of her, and always willing to help.

What I want to call your attention to–with my ‘test model’ or ‘guinea pig’ of sorts–my wife and her almost ‘I Love Lucy’ ways with us up here–is Carla’s model of PERSISTENCE.

Earlier today–‘Ross? I want to be with you, like my Higher Self is. I want to know all the things she knows about you, and to be able to enjoy you. For whatever reason I am here, to do what I am sent to do, think of how much time I could have been with you–and I’m not. I think this is SAD.’

I didn’t budge. I and Carla’s Higher Self are just as strict with her, possibly more so, than Carla is with Anthony.

Again, at dinner, Carla was, ‘Ross? Where are YOU?  I want to have my meals with you. I want to be at your side.’

And tonight, just as Carla was falling asleep, ‘Ross, I want to BE more like my Higher Self so I can be WITH you on a more regular basis. I don’t like this falling asleep and then coming back to where I am and I don’t even know why I am here or what I am meant to do. I seem to be making an impact on a bunch of readers–yet I don’t really understand why or how this is happening, although it most definitely IS.  Ross, I want to start thinking MORE like HER, my Higher Self, so at least I will one day get closer…’

Then with THAT Carla did the move that surprised all of us on board ship!

Carla stuck her foot in the door!

And CARLA was NOT going to let that foot come out!

Those of us up here did not know such a move was possible.  For everyone here incarnate, you will know with that small move of her body, with her foot in the door, that Carla, non-verbally, was not taking ‘NO!’ for an answer.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, Carla, does it?

Anthony does it with you. And with me–on the toilet paper.

He gets that all from you.

It’s not OF your Higher Self.

Not in one bit.

It is pure and simple YOU–your energy in the form as Carla–who is a fighter through and through.

You are teaching everyone this, with fearlessness of spirit, and with heart, in perfect balance and ease and delight…Anthony is learning too…and so are all of us up here (tap tap–he taps the seat next to him–ed)

One day we will all be as One.

I am sorry you are not permitted to understand more at this difficult time, where you are having changes to your expectations on account of me and my actions (the disappearing, the knowing changes are due ahead, without having any input or consent).

Try to have more lakes honey. And less ‘whine’.  (he pinches my cheek–ed)

I love you.

Your lesson will touch the hearts of many tonight, Carla.

And both of us know you will find your way on board ship, and find that way to get that door open.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins

Gaia News Brief 28 June 2015 by Reiki Doc

Vacation Is A Schedule Change

I’ve been thinking a great deal about the island in Greece where a man cured himself of lung cancer.  The people there wake up when they feel like it, work in the garden, eat light, and stay up late enjoying time with their friends.

Yesterday I was stressed out. This is because the basketball game was early in the morning. I had to work to get us rushed out of the house, just like on a weekday.

If I went to church on Sundays (I used to prefer the 7:30 am mass to start my day) I would have had that same ‘rush’ too!

Rest is important. So is taking care of yourself, and your home.

I realized the reason why my home looks like a bomb hit it, and that the sink is always filled with dirty dishes…is because I’m always on the go!

When I’m home, I’m sleepy.

I realized my home is sending a message to me, like a mirror of my internal life, every single day.

Today I am listening to it, and not judging myself. And today, we cleaned a little bit, to tidy up.

I have a cleaning service every week. Our floors and carpets are clean. Our bathrooms too.

But the HOUSE?

I’m on a little schedule–change the rat cage and the fish water once a week. And it’s helping. Today, I killed five black widows. And caught a mom with her eggs under the rat cage.

I actually sang a little song, like when I was in kindergarten on the swingset before school, to the tune of London Bridge–‘no black widows in my house! in my house! in my house! no black widows in my house! NO BLACK WIDOWS!’

This is a sign that deep internal changes are taking place. I am going from victim to observer to champion of my own home.

I have hope that in time, things will get better…with Anthony’s help, I am sure it will, bit by bit. It’s like a fog is lifting.

Now it’s time for fun–bowling.

One Last Thing

Last night we played monopoly. We really enjoyed each other. I used to be the banker–now I let Anthony have that task. I used to play to win. I didn’t. I let Anthony slide when he was out of cash. And in return he let me.

I could see what a brainwasher into ‘the system’ that game is. All to ‘win’ which is ridiculous because how can you ‘win’ against those you love?

Deep down, I felt a connection reestablish with my boy, heart to heart. I realized what a tragedy it is for me–to coparent, to go to work, and to not enjoy him every day.

My heart had closed somewhat against the constant attack of ‘loss’ which is through the Illusion.  It’s not true. My boy is my heart no matter where either one of us go!

Society is having a multi-generational assault against women, and the Divine Feminine. It separates the children from the mom–to the point of having the kid in the back seat, which is ridiculous to parent.

I am so tired of all the ‘safe for you’ changes to our lives, which actually, harm the emotional bond between parents and their children. Everyone looks at the ‘good for you’–but they think ‘it’s worth it’.

Gradually we have gone from a nomadic existence, to an agrarian one, to a very industrialized, compartmentalized ‘mess’…if you ask me.

I hope one day these trends reverse.

Now on to burritos, and bowling!


This is my family. Carla hasn’t ‘felt me around’ because I have been limited in my ability to contact with her. It is part of her Lesson.

She even pushed the button round her neck to have me come, and for the first time, although I’ve promised to always come, I didn’t.

Carla knew and noticed  that it was in fact a test! Carla didn’t get angry, or upset. She just through it was stupid for us to go and run a test.

She knows it will pass.

Today while she was cleaning, and shredding files, I told her I am proud of her.

My princess does the dishes, just like everyone else. Even when they pile up.

Carla is human, in every way.

There is great value in this.

And so it is for all of you.

You are royalty, back home. Right now you are ‘just camping’ or ‘roughing it’.

Soon you will rediscover the truth…and awaken.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Gaia News Brief 27 June 2015 by Reiki Doc


Yesterday was the first time I was troubled with a situation and I sought out Ross for advice. I just didn’t understand an interaction with another person, and wanted to know ‘the skinny’ on it with no judgement or need for emotional support. I wanted it explained.  This was for my soul to rest.

Ross said to write. So I got my journal I keep just for our conversations.

He explained everything from his perspective, and it made sense. My soul instantly calmed.

He also said, sincerely, ‘I am glad you came to me for this.’

I am too.

In the past I would have gone to a friend, and the reply–although filled with Love for me–would be given through the lens of my friend’s perception.

Ross and your guides will be available to help you with this too. Any time. Just ‘ring them up’ and someone of equal or higher caliber will be sent.

My Galactic Home

Energetically I am adjusting and accepting the relationships with those I am close to Back Home. For example, I had a request and Merlin showed up. I asked him, ‘Merlin? How can I have more fun? I work so very much, I can’t even think of what to do…’ (my birthday is coming up. I have the day off. And I have no idea how to spend it.)

He is working on it.

Divine Father popped up next. He asked me what two things would I like erased from my experience forever?I thought deeply about it. I came up with two. And Father ‘erased’ them.

Then He asked me what I would like as my reward for all I have been through, my gift from Him, from Love, to help me feel better?

I argued with him.

I didn’t want any thing or any surprise! I only want to be with HIM and to know HIM, just like before I came here.

I enjoy his company.

So I asked, with my whole soul, ‘Daddy? If you have a hobby, I would love to spend some time doing your hobby with you, to enjoy your company. That would be my dearest prize, and it would please me very much, to do an activity that is father and daughter…and help me learn a little bit more about you.’

I admitted he is Very Busy, and perhaps does not Have The Time, but ‘whenever’ it would be possible, I would Wait, and it would still be my most prized ‘present’ to look forward to…if I could?

Father had tears in his eyes.  He didn’t know what to say. He had expected me perhaps to say gold or riches or diamonds.

My words touched him deeply, and he gazed at me with surprise and interest. He had been gazing at me before, for some time, because he was puzzled at how I think–how the Human Life Experience has affected me. He had asked me some other questions before, and I forget them. He was highly pleased with my response to him too.

He paused, and said, ‘I am very good at Backgammon.’

I asked, ‘Did you invent it?’

Actually, someone else had invented it, but since He is All That Is, I could see the connection. However, this invention pleases Father very much.  I confided I once got a set for my sixteenth birthday, and enjoyed playing the game very much, but I had completely forgotten how to play!  I delighted in that He knows how to use the doubling ball thing with the numbers on it.  I look forward to perhaps one day soon playing Backgammon with Divine Father, and getting to enjoy our bond.


If you have an iPhone–

  • go to Settings
  • go to Privacy
  • go to Location Services
  • go to System Services
  • go to Frequent Locations
Now you know how there is capability to track your movements without your knowledge.
If you have an Android–one of my colleagues says it can pinpoint your location within five feet. So if you wife is in the other room and you are in a different one, and both have your cell phones on your, your locations within your own house will show up.
Even if you turn these location services ‘off’–the capability to collect the Data still exists, and it might be collected somewhere else with no notification to you.
Your calls and website visits could similarly be collected because the technology is there.
There is a program called ‘Life 360’ where movements can track family members who subscribe, too. All over the globe, if their cell phone is there you can see it on a map.
The reason I bring this up is not to scare you. It is to let you awaken to the truth of what our Technology is capable of monitoring.
And to comfort you in that Galactic Technology is even far more advanced, and THEY are very much ‘on top of things’ for our ‘team’…
Carla wanted to know about her bracelet. Why it doesn’t beep when I am with her?  It has only beeped once to her awareness, and the other times Carla has been fast asleep or busy with her patients.
Yesterday was a long day at work. It was more than fourteen hours in length.  The surgeons were pleasant and everyone had their cases go off without a hitch.
I was with her.
A part of me is always with her, and it’s not like in the songs you hear by the group Chicago ‘you’ll take away the greatest part of me’…Carla is on my ‘map’ (taps a screen) and I can always follow her with my eyes as well as by the feelings I have in my heart (our Golden cord which connects us–ed).
Carla is adapting to Galactic Life.
And everything it gets easier.
She is talking with us, taking it at Face Value–and giving us the respect we automatically give her.
Carla wasn’t always respectful of us or our commitment to her! Carla would complain and curse and swear, ‘WHY AREN’T YOU DOING ANYTHING FOR US???’ to her whole Council!
Carla? Look at what we have accomplished! (with you–ed)
Carla:  (I smile and blush–they have beaten me at my own ‘game’ LOL)
Ross:  Carla tell them what I did for you this morning?
Carla:  I feel like I am coming down with something. Anthony was sick all yesterday with the flu. And I hit the alarm off because of this terrible sleepiness. I set the timer for forty five minutes. Well, Anthony has an early basketball game today (he feels much better) and I would have over slept.  The Galactics woke me up to a nightmare of my being late to the ballgame!! I was in a deep sleep, and it took me a while to ‘come to’ and realize I still had time to make it.
Ross:  I saved your butt, didn’t I?
Carla:  (I smile and blush again)  Yes, Ross, you did. Thank you.
Ross:  (smiles and is tickled that I added the gratitude to it–ed) Very well done Carla. Very well done! Now go and make some breakfast. The pancakes are a good choice for Anthony’s stomach, I agree…and HAVE FUN!
Carla:  (I smile and blush again, truly enjoying Ross’ presence and his Love–it’s like an oasis in the desert of 3D, and I am enjoying it very much.)
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins
P.S.  Please if you are not bored by us, please see the response to this comment on this blog post–it is a troll–making the comment–a paid internet worker to discredit the Light. We want you to watch the vibration both of the comment, and of our combined response even though Carla only signed it. This is a template for you in your Light work–never engage, be friendly, and when confronted keep the vibration (Ross puts his hand at his eye level to show height–ed) THIS high!   So–whenever you see the elements of ridicule, exclusion, and non-unity, especially when something engages the mind and not the heart–those are the signposts of the work of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.
There is no need to make comments in Carla’s defense!  Just ‘let it be’ for now, as it is, and LEARN!

Gaia News Brief 26 June 2015 by Reiki Doc

All’s Well On The Western Front!

The Local Reiki Post Office

I went to mail a couple of bracelets at the Post Office. I have a PO Box, and I showed them earlier how things addressed to Doctors With Reiki–with checks in them!–have been returned back to the senders. (I had a check that was sent twice with both envelopes to show them.) Well, between the money order for the new bracelet request (I cash them at the post office), and my frequent trips to go mail things, and my gift of a Merlin Bracelet to the Vietnamese lady (who happened to be helping me today)–the following conversation happened:

  • Clerk at next window, talking to woman about the PO Box names–‘My mother-in-law knows Reiki’
  • Me to clerk at my window, the owner of the new Merlin bracelet gift who I told her it’s worth eighty dollars–I pointed to the Money Order and said, ‘See?! THIS is how much for a new bracelet!’ And she SMILED because like most Vietnamese I know, they have a unique appreciation for designer anything LOL.  I explained it is very ‘high energy work’ I do, and that’s the value.
  • Clerk in next window, who has moved over to the other side of my window, says, ‘Actually, I am Reiki 2’  I exclaimed with delight, walked to him and said, ‘High five!’ We did a high five right then and there for Reiki!
  • I asked, ‘would you like to know how many hits I have on my blog?’  (they nodded and said yes)…’seven hundred fifty thousand! And I have over five thousand ‘likes’ on my FB and almost half that much on Twitter’.
  • Everyone realized who I am, more than a person who hangs out at the post office often, I am ‘known’ for my healing work—and the subsequent healing ‘movement’.  The clerk who is Reiki 2 said, ‘I am going to have my mother-in-law check you out on Facebook’…
Building Bracelets
The Commander Bracelets–I have in front of me a set of ‘Twin Flame’ bracelets I made for a couple. In it is the pair plus a set of Angels Beer Insulators, one sparkly for Her and one regular for him. It was an ‘extra’. Well, Spirit sent it back! All the way from out of state. Undeliverable…And I ‘sensed’ this couple had a huge breakthrough in their energy. Simply put, the old bracelets ‘didn’t fit’ their new energy any more after the upgrade. Spirit said, ‘Do it over!’ and I kept getting BLANKS while trying to read their energy. Well, I confided to the male in the couple, what was going on, and I apologized.
Instantly I knew, that the Tektites that arrived yesterday were important, right as the words of apology came out of my lips. Soon I knew the other stones. And today, they almost built themselves, there was THAT much Spirit behind the making of them. I was going along for the ride! THESE are the Commanders Bracelets.
This pair has a purpose, a message, for the owner couple. And furthermore, the ‘same old same old’ according to Spirit is NOT okay. So I will hold the bracelets for another couple Spirit says is in need of them. And the beer cooler things?  I don’t know what to do so I will wait for that message too.
Another Request
Here is a message to me from a reader:  Your previous bracelet with its high energy was such a help to me. But I don’t know if I’ve ‘outgrown’ it or what. I’m receiving energy upgrades, which are stressful.  When I asked my Heart what I needed to do, I was told to ask Carla for another bracelet.
This is ENTIRELY correct! I experience this myself, both with the Healing Bracelets for me, as well as for my crystals and my remedies I buy from Alexandra Meadors. We ‘outgrow’ them. Anthony does too with his bracelets, and simply asks for a new one. I always make it for him that same day when he asks.
Today I took a nap, and my upgrades were bizarre–whole body tingling in a pattern I’ve never experienced, like lots of painless lasers over every inch of my skin all at once. There’s a rubber band ‘snap’ feel to a laser treatment, and it was not painful but for me this afternoon it was like thousands of them going off at once at the same time.
If you are having difficulty with energy downloads and upgrades, the original Ross and Carla Reiki Scholarship Bracelet is very helpful to ‘smooth things out’. My cousin has gifted one for his wife as an anniversary present.   She is not ‘open’–yet!–and is his Twin who is very blocked by ‘organized religion’ because her father is a pastor. It’s working MIRACLES! The healing in this is very gentle and slow, and compatible for both men and women. My mom won’t take hers off.
Please look at the tab for the original–it’s up at the top of the blog on the Reiki Scholarship.
If you are VERY high energy, like the one who sent the letter, your energy requirements are going to need something with a little more ‘oomph’ in the energy department. I order beads, chips, and nuggets of the highest quality and vibration, make the bracelet with Spirit custom for you, and then I charge the whole thing with my energy.  The goal is to make something that will feel like it is going to blast your arm off with an energy adjustment, and slowly you will adapt to it, thus smoothing out all the energy upgrades…
We ARE almost home! You can make it! And if my healing services can help–please be sure to use it!  The daily Reiki and Divine Peace Healings are free, and available to everyone in the group. The bracelets are available too, but I have to pay for the materials which are not cheap.  Although I get a company discount from my supplier–good materials can be pricey. I can easily spend more than seventy dollars on one strand of fine rondelles with a little bit of a shine to them. Tanzanite, Goshenite, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond are expensive, even for the chips. I am not saying everyone will get something made with these traditional gemstones. But as building blocks of energy I create and work with, I need everything from Iolite to Swarovski crystals…I work with light, energy, color and patterns to create the healing bracelets for you.
I recall the day when Isabel showed me on Skype how to string beads. I could sense that all the team s–both hers and mine ‘up there’-were watching us, on the edge of their seats. I asked Isabel, ‘What in the world could interest them in a couple of ladies trying to pass the time waiting to go home by making bracelets? What are they THINKING? What could be more boring than this, Isabel, for them to watch?’
Ross, Ashtar and our teams knew.
They must have known in advance we were healers remembering our specialty.
They also must have known how many people we would be helping with our skills and gifts too.
Isabel also taught me how to make earrings. I knew NOTHING before that day, except designing with Linda Dunn on the original bracelet…
See what Creator can do?

Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom (sung to tune of Two and One half Men)

I’d been thinking about mom, but busy, and on the way to my meeting finally gave her a call. She’d been thinking of me, too.

She paused, and said, ‘I need the number for that Tim Braun (medium)’…if you don’t think I’m crazy I’ll tell you why…here is what she said:

When Nana died and I held her, I felt her last breath, and I think I breathed it. I think Nana is in ME! I feel her with me EVERYWHERE, like it’s inside!

I told her, ‘Mom, I was with Nana when she died. Nana went to Heaven. She might pay you a visit but she is definitely NOT you. You are YOU.’

Mom felt her energy all around her, all the time, and tells Nana to go sit in the chair like she did in life.

I asked, ‘How does it feel? Is she like a blanket?’

“YES! That’s exactly it! When Nana is with me she feels like a blanket all over my body!’

I mentioned how perhaps she could thank Nana for her presence, and then ask gently if she could have a few hours to herself to pay attention to some tasks, and invite her to come back later?

Also we shared about Cousin Frances’ dream. Aunt Theresa was making lunch for Nana. But Aunt Theresa told Frances, in private, ‘Angelina isn’t very nice to me even though I am being really nice to her.’

I laughed. I told mom Theresa, who was cruel in life to Nana, has a very low vibration. Nana probably can’t even feel her!

So even though mom thought Nana was ‘getting even’ by ‘snubbing’ Theresa, I smiled and said, ‘Mom! It’s not like that at all up there. It’s just that a difference in level of energy of one rank between two people is very uncomfortable, and Nana probably doesn’t like the feel of Theresa’s energy.’

Thank You Council!

I just read this…

The Study Hall Update

Our group has made forward progress. We worked together through the ten healing steps, and this month are working through Past Lives and the Akashic Records. We also are growing.  I am filled with love and gratitude for those who are making an extra effort in their Spiritual Growth.  These students WANT to learn, and it is most gratifying to work with the ‘really making the most of the opportunity that is given’ class…

I will let people know when Spirit says it is time to open the group, and we will be accepting applications to the Lady Gaia Sophia Study Hall.


Two blog posts in one day? Carla! I am so pleased.  Now–go and eat some dinner!
Anthony is due home any time now!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

P.S.  Carla:  I just clicked ‘publish’ and the key was in the lock. Anthony was home with Gigi. He ‘knew’ I wouldn’t eat dinner, and had a club sandwich for me. (It was his leftover) They had gone to a local ice cream birthday place to celebrate Gigi’s birthday today! I had no clue.

And the funniest thing is that earlier today, I had thought to go there for lunch–I just wanted their food and ice cream very much.  I offered to make a bracelet for Gigi. She saw the new one on my arm, from my Cousin, who worked with a recently deceased friend and Ross to make this bracelet for the widow. It’s called ‘Effervescence’–and Gigi liked the green and wanted one ‘just like that’!

Top to Bottom:  Gigi bracelet, Gigi’s OWN bracelet I used for ‘size’ and gave back,  Effervescence, Merlinite, and the White Topaz from my Higher Self
Gigi’s birthday bracelet includes peridot, green tiger eye, aventurine, pearl, Swarovski crystal, and Russian Serpentine. It is made with elastic, and is seven and one-half inches in circumference.