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I wanted to share from yesterday–but I forgot–how the ESPN movie on the homelessness struck home some major points–the homeless do not know where their next meal is coming from, and they also sleep in the day because at night it’s cold and uncomfortable. A minor point is that with some money, the two football players who were homeless for  a night–could go get a burger (free choice) instead of lining up for the ‘soup kitchen’ meal that was available.

I’ve thought about that a lot–being able to sleep and shower–to be fed.

And I added another–means of transportation. I saw a mostly empty bus driving by this morning. I don’t understand how huge buses driving from place to place helps cut down on pollution. In SF, yes, of course. But here in LA?

I don’t think so.

So the basic needs for every human are:  food, water, shelter, transportation, and access to medical and dental care.

Today on the radio they said something about ‘it’s June 1, the rent is due!’–and for many it is a STRUGGLE.

Two neighbors who rent are being basically ‘evicted’, since the owners are selling the houses and the renters don’t have the downpayment to buy.

I know one is because a neighbor on the other side is having some expensive repairs due to wood rot. There is a common wall, so the one neighbor had to notify the other. Well, I know the other had about ten thousand dollars of repair (they did themselves) due to wood rot of a balcony too.

I think that’s why they want to bail out and sell the whole thing. With the association fees…and the property taxes…it makes sense.

But the renters? They look haunted and in distress…it is so very sad. There is nothing comparable for the same rate in the area…it’s just not available…

I don’t think Gaia had it in mind for everyone to pay rent or mortgages when she agreed to have humans on her planet. I really don’t.

Good Day Sunshine!

Today was good. Quick breakfast and just almost late to school. Work was delightful as I was a ‘consultant’ for the electronic anesthesia record. I had no clinical duties!  So I could visit with those who might need assistance learning the system.

The whole day was festive because we slept in, I saw my hairstylist Ed, and I went to a baseball game.

Ross told me where to stand to catch a fly ball during the Ray’s field practice. And I had to move a little. But one landed right where he said it would land.

There were also scouts overhead as ‘cloud ships’–one was the Meramis. I knew it because I FELT SaLuSa –his energy is well-known to me–while I was enjoying the ballpark, and I looked UP because I felt like someone was looking at me! And there is was, out of the blue, a cloud ship.

Another one was long and thin, I thought Ross was on it. He was VERY excited!  And I also saw another scout with Ashtar on it. I asked him, ‘Ashtar, do you like roasted peanuts?’  and he laughed at our ‘traditions’ for the sports…in a gentle and loving way he totally cracked up.

Anthony got another free tee shirt that was shot by a cannon into the stands–he had to run for it! And the two balls we brought to the park, he was able to get autographed by two pictures, both of whom played in the game.

It was a win!

In so very many ways…

Coming Around

The symptoms I have been having are of spiritual ‘Lightworker Burnout’ recently…I am so upset that Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart have everybody brainwashed (if you read Cobra’s Little Red Pill on the KP website you will understand)…and nobody CARES!

Nobody wants to wake up!

Not in an entire baseball stadium…if you know what I mean?

Over the last three games, I have made great progress when working with the energies of the crowds…the first was horror at their low energy. The second was–I guess I can love everybody–I suppose. And today, I realized–people like to have fun. This is how they were ensnared by the dark ones. It’s a little bit of their fault, but not a lot. Much like someone who gets swept out to sea or has an accident–the Lifeguard and the EMT don’t waste time blaming them, you know what I mean?

As my own vibration increases, theirs matters less and less. It’s not painful to me to experience it.

How do I know?

The ‘Let’s Go Angels! Let’s Go!’ inebriated ‘cheer squad’ with the high decibels were right behind us and were LOUD all game.

I let it run off me like water off a duck’s back.

I have better things to do than get upset over little things like that…

Here’s another big one! I went to L&D–yup–the labor deck. It was to talk to the anesthesiologist on call. I was welcomed by all but one, who turned the very cold shoulder on me.

I don’t want to work with people like that.   I relaxed and enjoyed being there as a consultant…and not having to go through the rigamarole and the politics with their team.


This was at work–a ‘film’ was taken off the windows–a hint at the ‘lifting of the veil’?
Here is a ‘close up’ of the veil being ‘lifted’–the worker first cuts it into sections, and pulls each section off ‘so as not to strain the glass’ by pulling it ‘all at once’
I posted this yesterday and NONE of my Reiki followers ‘got it’–hello!–the Attune Knee system by Intuition?  This must be a Reiki person’s idea from within the company. ATTUNE? ; )
This was in my rear view mirror as I got in my car to leave after the hair stylist. At the salon, I had just read a book about Heaven, and also one about Spiritual Abuse–it was very religious, and talked with many bible quotes in the small booklets about um—someone and their bride–and all that stuff…I was totally blown away by this surprise, a joyful one, in my day!
This is the Meramis mostly cloaked. This is where I felt SaLuSa’s energy first, and looked up.

My Two Cents

Gaia realizes her people want to enjoy living. They–like all the galactics–like music, being together, dancing, and good times.

Gaia realizes ‘what else is there to listen to’ besides Nature that is untainted by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

Gaia knows that although some institutions like sports are built to influence the masses and occupy them, in order to distract them from their spiritual growth–her people who are not yet awake have enjoyed spending time in these institutions. They are good people! And for them, their spiritual growth is from putting their whole heart and soul into everything they do that is related to the sport–be it the fans, the players, or the people who work at the stadium.

Because of this, Gaia can’t judge one thing or another.


Last night Gaia asked for pure, untainted music to be given to the planet and her people–music that is  untouched by the practices of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest at Heart.

The Galactics were surprised!

They didn’t know She would ask for the equivalent of ‘organic and non-GMO’ entertainment!  She wants music and TV and video and movies that will uplift and RAISE the vibration of the public!

At once the need was understood, and it was agreed to bring this to Earth at the proper time.


Carla means everything to me.

She is my world.

I mean what I say.

I mean it.

Everything is love.

And Carla is the focus of my love, for me.

I am able to love you, and communicate with you, through the goodness and humility of her heart.

I love you too.

My Love for you always flows through her Love for you–they go together.

So Carla loves, you, and I love you, in essence, WE both love you.

I wanted to make this clear.

There is no love from me without her willingness to share me with you.

And there is no love from her without her willingness to be shared from me to you.

All of us are one in this.

All of us are one in this.

All of us are one in this.

Gaia is our Mother.

All of us are her children.

Every single one who is or who has ever walked the Earth.

I invite you to take some time today and reflect upon this truth.

This article here too–made Carla ponder quite a bit. So after ‘my lesson’–you are welcome to learn and grow from this message from The Council on which I sit–yes, I am a part of this Council. Michael too.  Here is the link:

Aloha and Mahalos,


Ross and Carla

we are family to you; you are family to us


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