Gaia News Brief 22 June 2015 by Reiki Doc

My Day Free–de Temps Libre
Ross wants me to write this. Right now. It’s a beautiful day, and the time is 11:01 PDT here in California. The birds are singing, my new fountain is flowing…and I’m going to write something that may not appeal to you! LOL!
It’s ‘exposure’ of a sort. For those of you who believe ‘spiritual writing’ is meant to be ‘uplifting’ around the clock, you may wish to wait until another day to read this blog.
Let me begin…
‘Recently’ I worked.  With my ‘new eyes’ I saw things I never in a million years would have ‘seen’–life contracts in action! In my class on Saturday, Anne Reith, PhD–my Reiki teacher–spoke about our Primary Guides, who are very highly trained, and their job is to make sure we accomplish all of the activities we wrote IN to our Pre Birth Life Contracts…even IF it is something unpleasant and designed to pay back some Karma.
In short, no matter how much you play the lottery, you’re not going to win, unless it’s written into your Life Contract–get it?
  1. This one was experiencing the effects of poor life choices. The weight was considerably above ‘normal and healthy’. It was the second serious infection in a diabetic. The first had led to replacement of a heart valve. Breathing was impaired. It was sleep apnea (I can tell by examination of the neck and mouth in most cases, this one was diagnosed).  This person didn’t want to use treatment (CPAP) and slept on their side. In the past, cardiopulmonary arrest was experienced immediately following non-cardiac surgery, due to this breathing condition. Except this person was claustrophobic, and didn’t want ‘the mask’.  Anesthesia was risky; I had to make the tough decision to be ‘safe’ and therefore use minimal narcotic, which would cause buildup of carbon dioxide, apnea, and possible cardiac arrest. This is because the ‘trigger’ to breathe in the brain of a sleep apnea patient–treated or not–is highly sensitive to the respiratory depression effect of narcotics and anesthesia.  What I saw was extreme lack of insight and ability for this individual to interpret the messages their teacher–their own body–was giving.  What was taking place was a slow suicide, and I knew another incarnation or possibly more would be needed to ‘sort this one out’ –with what is ‘going on in their head’.  I could see in the future, upon Transition, saying, ‘What was I THINKING?’ to themselves. And I knew in my bones that some serious karma was being paid out by this soul in this lifetime…I respected it, and did my best to hold my vibration throughout the experience of working with this individual. It wasn’t easy.
  2. A shooter of methamphetamine had serious abscesses of both arms. This one ‘wasn’t anywhere near reaching the point to even consider asking for help’ the soon-to-retire RN commented.  Introp I was hit with the sudden realization this was a reincarnation or aspect of a certain Dr. Leary, who encouraged experimentation with chemical substances when I was very young.  Instead of expansive, spiritual, mind-altering fame, as he once represented in the past, this time he is trapped by addiction, at the prime of his life, with nothing more than tattoos to show for it. This soul was experiencing the result of his former lifetime’s ‘recommendations’ first-hand. I took this opportunity as a healer to send healing to everyone affected by addiction, in any way, in all timelines and dimensions.
  3. End of life lessons…this one was clearly a once vibrant and successful adult who had entered his senior years. I liked this one. Mentally sharp, friendly, engaging. There was a lot of disease, lethal one, that’s slow. I sensed this one is ‘doing it right’–navigating the Life Lesson–and gave healing again in all directions, all timelines, and dimensions, as well as guidance for a smooth Transition too.  A life ‘with the flow’ even at the end is very smooth, and doesn’t drain my energy as a clinician. It was fascinating in my position to witness this, not only a ‘life well lived’ but one that is doing so ‘Here and Now’.
  4. ‘The Hard Headed One’  I like to talk with my patients. This one clearly had multiple surgical procedures and was comfortable with the process. I had wondered why an ostomy ‘takedown’ which is usually an elective case was booked after hours as am emergency? Was anything broken or ischemic?  Once I spoke with the surgeon, I put two and two together–patient demanded the takedown weeks before the original anastomosis could heal. (it is common to protect ‘new plumbing connection’ with the bowel with an ostomy to relieve back pressure). This in itself is a risk of complication. This patient is a survivor of gunshot wound in the past. The description of the incident is chilling. Alone in a laundry facility, with a ‘funny feeling’ but not listening to it, I could just ‘see’ with my mind’s eye the guardian angel/primary guide stepping her through the situation (if one is put off it will be presented again and again until it happens–this is the guide’s job).  Someone wanting to join a gang had to kill in order to join it. The victim lived to tell this tale, and has the bullet lodged inside them to this very day.  This was another in the soul category like number 1, above–many many lessons to learn, not sure about how much progress, but in the grand scheme of things, everything happens at the perfect timing, doesn’t it?  I gave thanks because this one gave me access to the timelines of gangs, and I sent much healing through these timelines. Gangs are one area I had ‘missed’ in my earlier healings of timelines through my patients. (I can do this because it is my ‘job description’ as Ross calls it. No Reiki person has to do anything like this–unless it is in their soul script to do it…Ross doesn’t want you to get ideas or feel pressure that you have to do what I do.)
  5. ‘The Soulless Eyes’  This one had been tortured for years with an easily correctible medical condition (iatrogenic).  Tortured patients are usually the result of the ‘darker’ attachments, who enjoy/thrive off the energy when their hosts suffer. I liked this patient,and at the same time, I knew what was ‘up’ with the ‘hitchhikers’. These entities do NOT want my presence, and even do NOT want me to go ‘in’ and ‘get them out’.  The OR table broke–a new one had to come in and the patient awake scoot over. The EKG broke. I spent the majority of the case adjusting and testing it, and it had been fine in the same room all day! Once I got into my healing work, I immediately knew I was in over my head. I called my ‘backup’, the Guides of Compassionate Healing–who trained me in this work–and they had a total ’roundup rodeo’ and I could hear them like cowboys doing their work. I couldn’t see it, but I felt it. And this patient would be free from attachments from here on out.
  6. ‘Follow up to the colon patient’–earlier a patient had a prolapsed segment of colon. Although anal sex was suspected and told ‘happened just once’–the anus was completely stretched out.  The anxiety and drug seeking of the one reminded me of the behavior of some of the women who are products of the ‘training’ of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart. (I gave healing, lots of it, in this case).  When I asked a surgeon–a lady one–about the likelihood of the colon falling out ‘just one time with anal sex’? I learned that a patient who had a similar ‘accident’ with a repair ended up ‘tearing’ it two weeks after the emergency surgery, needing more surgery again.  She also had the completely stretched out anus that was as big as an orange, just like the other patient I had seen. The surgeon, who is very blunt and –no bullshit–‘in your face’ with her patients, called the patient on it, it turned out that the patient was a high class ‘call girl’  whose SPECIALTY was ‘the back door’.  Tests were run, and there was HPV in the anus, a pre-cancerous condition.  All PAP smears were negative for this virus.  The surgeon had a heart to heart with her patient, and said, ‘you need to find a new line of work’ or ‘it will be the end of you’…This brings up two questions–are the men affected like this too, who are the receptive partner in similar activity? And what kind of assault on the Divine Feminine is the field of pornography, who makes ‘the back door’ so ‘attractive’ these days that even in the movie The Kingsmen, the Princess gives the hero more than a kiss for ‘saving the world’, but also ‘to do it in the asshole’?  Long story short–it’s no ‘accident’ either that society is moving in this direction.
  7. I learned that in the upscale community I won’t mention because relatives live there–not only are the adults ‘swingers’ who have parties where people ‘hook up’ by putting all of their car keys in a bowl and going with whoever’s keys they pick….the adolescents have something called ‘cock parties’. The boys line up in a row, and the girls go down the line giving blow jobs to each one. Prescription drugs are also rampant.  The leaders of tomorrow, the privileged ones, are doing THIS in their spare time!! The spiritual gift of sexuality has been twisted this much into pleasure which has been separated from the heart and soul;  surely THIS is ‘no accident’ too.  
In the Pistis Sophia, the reason for the predecessors of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart, the ‘archons’ to trick her and trap her and abuse her, is to take away her Light. They seek to destroy her, and to become powerful in the process of ‘sucking dry’ all the natural spiritual power she embodies.
This parallels what is happening in all of Surface Gaia–both to Her delicate ecosystems, and to Her People.
The Christos is the one who wins this one–hands down–through his brilliance and the writing of the names of the Dark Ones on his glowing cloak.  They all bow down to the Christos. He also takes away forty percent of their power, so their ‘spells won’t work’ and he imposes confusion on them.  The Christos also saves Pistis Sophia from the Chaos.
This is in the first volume. There are four more, and I am reading it with interest.
If steps one through seven above, concern you, for the ‘Big Picture’–it’s all said and done.  What needs to happen now, is for us to open our eyes, to awaken, and to make the choice in our hearts whose ‘side’ we are on, and live it in everything we do, 24/7, 365, year in and year out.


All that in forty one minutes!  (he chuckles–ed)

When Carla talks I have to wait my turn! (he really laughs in a nice way–ed)

So what have I to say at this point?


For Carla was working by my side as she wrote everything above. I was guiding her, and helping with her word choices. Divine Mother was too. And Archangel Raphael.

Almost everything Carla writes has our Divine Assistance. (smiles and chuckles–ed)

Are you surprised by this?

We are on the same team. All of us. Me and you.  Carla and Divine Mother. Archangel Raphael and us…

What is encoded in the words which you have read, in Carla’s part, and the key codes and activation sequences to most of you who are Indigo children ‘out there’. The Rainbows will receive it too.

Allow it to percolate, for some time.

When you are ‘called to act’ you will feel it, and you will know what is your task to do, when you are called up.

You won’t be able to rest, it will ‘nag’ you and ‘insist’ for you to get it done.

It could be a website. It could be to take some ‘higher education’ such as a Reiki Class. It could be to get a reading, or buy a spiritual aid such as a necklace or a crystal…

Stay close to us with your meditations.  Spend time outdoors.

And you will know, without a doubt in your hearts and minds, exactly what you have been sent here to do.

(he bows with his hands pressed together, and steps back–ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla